Angry man destroys T-Mobile store

The Future Post: An angry T-Mobile customer went ballistic after he was refused a refund, destroying posters and headset stands in the store's Manchester outlet.

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KingPin2350d ago

totally know the feeling.

congrats to the raging lunatic - you are my hero.

Speed-Racer2350d ago

Heh the kind of service you get sometimes, you can't blame these guys for going ballistic... maybe it was one of those extremely fine print clauses that they skim over during purchase.

Soldierone2350d ago

I remember replacing my Droid for the 6th time. The lady at Verizon goes as I'm walking out the door "you just want a new phone" I look at her and she smiles and walks away.

And? I was willing to shell out 300 dollars for a new phone, but they wouldn't do it. The Droid I had was literally falling apart, and all they did was reset it and call it good. That and "its you downloading too many apps!" Really? I downloaded two apps, the rest were your pre-installed crap.

searchbuzz2350d ago

Well, thats one way to not get an upgrade.

shadow27972350d ago

Have you seen how much T-Mobile is charging for the US Galaxy S3? I'd destroy the store too.

Mottsy2350d ago

My favorite part was when he found the fire extinguisher.

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The story is too old to be commented.