Engadget - Samsung announces 75-inch ES9000 smart TV (Eyes-On)

Engadget - Anyone looking to fill half of their lounge with Samsung LCD just got a new size to choose. The 75-inch ES9000 is the bigger brother of the ES8000 that we saw earlier this year and ahead of the official launch in Korea, we managed to get an early eyes-on at a Samsung event held yesterday in London. In short, if you loved the LED-backlit display of the 55-inch model, you're going to adore the ES9000, which features the same smart TV brains alongside a retractable webcam unit housed on the top edge. The picture was pleasingly rich and sharp -- presumably due to the aforementioned backlighting and the ES series' edge-to-edge design.

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BeastOrange2353d ago

Anything than a Mitsubishi...74 inches, 3 years and 5 bulbs later at 100 dollars a pop, its time to move on and get a real TV. This one at least would make me a breakfast recipe lmao

searchbuzz2352d ago

That sure is a nice big TV!

Soldierone2352d ago

Hurry up and invent full wall TV's already lol