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Remember When Google Was A Search Engine?

TechCrunch : The lineup of products announced at Google io last week was disorienting: JellyBean, Nexus 7, Nexus Q, Google Glass, an updated Google Maps, Google Now and so on. It was about as disorienting as reading and navigating through the entire Wikipedia entry for Google or getting stuck in that “YouTube” parody loop where you can’t find the thing you’re searching for because there are so many viral spoofs of it.

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sjaakiejj2354d ago

Google, most of all, has become a research and development company. They work on a large variety of ideas, and attempt to push the technological world forward - this is why you see 10 failed products for every succeeding product. Google doesn't put them out expecting they will do well, Google puts these products out to get an idea of market demand.

AgentWhite2354d ago

Google is trying to expand in every area .

technologist2354d ago

i thing it costs you in some areas when we try to expand in every area !!as we have seen facebook in stock market !! google also lost the popularity of orkut due to this !!

sjaakiejj2354d ago

Expanding a business is a step that every company takes. Did it have a negative effect when Virgin expanded into Trainlines? Gambling? Planes?

Facebook becoming an IPO is very different from expanding your business. IPO is an exit strategy for the founder, which in many cases devalues a company. Expansion does the opposite - it increases the value of the company.

AgentWhite2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

According to me expansion is unnecessary in the rapidly changing world . In order to survive you have to bring new things to attract users .Is google bringing NEW things? the answer is both YES and NO . The Web giants has extraordinary resources and can do whatever they want .

technologist2354d ago

If for you a social networking site coming into a IPO is not a expansion of business then may be you are thinking that Microsoft is expanding their business in many areas by launching windows 8 after windows 7. lolzz
There are always exceptions and virgin is one of them,most of the companies have got failed when they tried to do so.
Managing IPO is a different thing then running a social networking site !!

sjaakiejj2354d ago

Agent and Technologist

Expansion is critical to a business' survival. The entire reason for that is exactly what Agent said - we are living in a rapidly changing world. This means that a currently successful business may become obsolete from one day on another. On top of that, if a company is successful, cash flow in the business deteriorates, as big piles of cash are stacking up. Companies generally use this money to expand, and stabilise as a business, or in R&D.

I have no clue how you got the idea that floating on the stock market = expansion. In fact, I have an even lower comprehension on why you would say that Windows 7 to Windows 8 is "expansion", as it's releasing a new product. I advice you to read up on finance and business management, as you're sounding rather clueless.

Exceptions? Every major business went through significant expansions in its lifespan. Microsoft expanded into Video Games, Office Products and Hardware. Sony expanded into Film, Music, Software, Video Games, Hardware, MP3 Players, and much more. In fact, the only large company I can think of that hasn't expanded into other fields is Nintendo.

Walmart expanded, Gamestop expanded into publishing and flash game production, name any company and I'll tell you what they expanded into.

An IPO is a model of funding, and has absolutely nothing to do with the products they produce.

mushroomwig2354d ago

Guess what, it still is. Nobody is forcing you to use any of their other services.

AgentWhite2354d ago

When google comes up with something one can hate it but surely can't ignore it . One will definitely see it be that be only once .

technologist2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

whenever a company tries to expand in more areas then the services for which they are better known have negative effects !!

SkyGamer2354d ago

You are absolutely correct. Problem is spreading yourself too thin. google thinks that they are invincible. Problem is that they are not. They have lossed marketshare in their search and that is their bread and butter. Without that, they can't fund "other ventures". Yes while they dominate the search engine, they won't always dominate it. Now with the rapid net explosion and chinese ripoffs, you can't think that just name alone will sell.
Nintendo didn't take sony seriously while they dominated the gaming market. Well sony being a bigger company showed Nintedo up, didn't they. Same for google and their search engine. People will always find alternatives and that is a risk that google cannot afford at ANY cost. Without their ad and search, they're dead in the water. Stick with what you are good at. That goes for all companies including MS. droid is just an open source ripoff of ios. Nothing new...

Elvis2353d ago

God bless Google. I really don't know how my life would have been without them.

GuyThatPlaysGames2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Remember when N4G wasn't so fanboy-ish and full of stupid articles?

Speed-Racer2353d ago

Those were the ages when Gods ruled the earth. I read about it in the ancient books.

SilentNegotiator2353d ago

Remember when this site was techspy and not N4G?