Nearly a third of teenagers have 'sexted' nude photos of themselves

dailymail: Teenagers are 'sexting' nude pictures of themselves far more than previously thought.
A study in American schools found that close to a third of teenagers had sent a nude picture of themselves, and 57% had been asked to.
Teenagers who engaged in 'sexting' were also more likely to have sex.

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sjaakiejj2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

"The alarming figures"

I really don't see anything "alarming" about these figures. Teenagers want to see naked people from the opposite gender? Teenagers want to have sex? REALLY?

Muffins12232352d ago

Yea we want to have sex but its fuckin stupid to seen a nude photo of yourself and that dude or female can share it with hes friends and show everyone

sjaakiejj2352d ago

Same happens to adults - it's stupid to do, but it happens regardless, hence why I think education in the subject is far more appropriate and useful than making it a taboo.

Kurylo3d2351d ago

I dont find it stupid at all, maybe some of them get turned on at the excitement that someone else may see them. Its only "alarming" to people who view sex as a sin.