The most realistic iPhone 5 design concept we've seen yet

iPhuture writes: We've seen a lot of unrealistic iPhone 5 concepts of late, but this one is actually something we'd expect from Apple.

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mp12891930d ago

Looks exactly the same

theseeder1930d ago

exactly lol, Apple's next iPhone won't be a massive overhaul - but the subtle differences seen in this concept are likely

Speed-Racer1930d ago

I honestly hate Apple concept art because they never ever seem to be like the final products.

theseeder1930d ago

I see where you are coming from, but it's been so long since a iPhone redesign in terms of aesthetics we're getting desperate to see something

Speed-Racer1930d ago

Concepts don't help. Gotta wait for the actual presentation day.

BryanBegins1930d ago

Well this holographic keyboard for the Iphone 4s was real... right? lol

sandman2241930d ago

iPhone is starting to get real old. I'm sick of apple. Hello S3.

ThePundit1929d ago

I'm sick of S3, there are better droids out there.