The BlackBerry Is 99 Percent Dead

Slate: Research in Motion has been dying for so long that it feels cruel to dwell on its turn for the worse. But the earnings report that the company put out last week was so disastrous—so much more terrible than anyone expected—that it now looks like RIM has passed the point of no return. Shipments of BlackBerry smartphones declined by 41 percent since last year, RIM said. Wall Street analysts had been expecting the company to break even during the quarter; instead, it lost half a billion dollars

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Gondee2326d ago

This is a company that has had so many chances to survive, and could do so many things like enterprise android, and improve their hardware (they have the capability) that i don't even feel bad for them. They don't deserve continuation `

KingPin2326d ago

The BlackBerry Is 99 Percent Dead

come to south africa you wont be saying the same thing. BB outnumbers android and iphones together on a 10:1 basis <more or less>. its just more cost effective here. i mean it has flat rate internet which no other phone has. At R60pm for unlimited internet as opposed to R2p/megabyte you can clearly see why BB is so popular. yes, the hardware isnt great and the software feels dated but in this day and age where mobile internet access is a necessity rather than a novelty BB comes out trumps.