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TheVerge - Alienware M17x R4 review

TheVerge - Everything ultimately comes back to that price tag. My inner miser shudders at the thought of spending $2,600 on a laptop. “Think of all the money you could save,” it says, sending images of desktops with dual-displays, capable mid-range GPUs, and a pantry stocked with vittles that aren’t instant noodles. But I’ll always be something of a curmudgeon. I won’t say the M17x-R4 is worth every penny, but I will say that it’s a powerful desktop replacement — the fastest notebook we’ve reviewed to date — that will likely be sailing through hardware-intensive games long after you’ve finally paid it off.

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bwazy2363d ago

Don't matter how good it is. It's over priced and the only thing it has going for it is the Design. If for some ungodly reason you truly need a (quite heavy) gaming laptop to carry around, go with Sager/Clevo.

Or heck just suck it up and buy a gaming desktop thats 3x better for 1/2 the price.

kevnb2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

the 17x as configured isn't for everyone, but its not overpriced at all for what you actually get. They also always pick the completely 100% pimped out version for the price... these things start at 1499. Among laptops, alienware are some of the best you can get if you don't mind them being a bit heavy. Personally Ill take a few extra pounds, longer lasting, and with some half decent graphical performance over cheap disposable crap.

bwazy2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

You do know that Sager/Clevo are the distributor or parts/wholesalers of Alienware right?

LMFAO, you make me laugh man, you make me laugh.

pandehz2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Yep its worth it, the 3 yr warranty will save your ass many times. I love the laptops and have barely had any issues. Great performance, looks great and one super clear screen.

I had a custom desktop but trust me once u get into work where u need ur comp day in day out u need a proper warranty system which is fast. Dell do it in 2 days max. My mutilmedia touch panel started glitching after 1n half yrs and they changed it along with a new mother board to make sure lmao.

Now im always looking for a good brand, I will customize when i dont need it for work. But trust me when u need it fo rwork and are commited to deadlines u need a working warranty. U cant go getting warranty for every single part and self communicating with every vendor lol.

Also many ppl dont understand the requirement of performance heavy laptops. I need to take mine to clients and show them 3d/video promos n such almost every week. Also its easier to move around the house and also when working freelance and moving house time to time. Once you get fully pro. I would recommend a full fledged workstation but thats something else and another discussion.

kevnb2362d ago

I didn't mean sager was crap by the way, just making a general statement.

ZeeshanA2362d ago

I love my M17X R3.... Only had it a year come August and already a new model is on its way, well that's the technology market for you.
Apart from the new GPU I don't see any real reason why anyone would get it, I only carry mine around the house and most of the time it sits on my desk for uni work and gaming


wish I had one of those :(

Isis062362d ago

IBM ThinkPad FTW...
9.years, still counting.