Windows Phone 7 will not get Windows Phone 8 update

TechDeville: WP7 will not get WP8, will instead get a 7.8 update

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Revvin2365d ago

Apple and Google both ship free updates to heir software, this is yet another reason why not to get onboard with Microsoft an their mobile OS.

DivineHand1252365d ago

This is not the case of evil co-operations banding together to make more money. There is a good reason why existing Windows phone 7.5 devices are not compatible with Windows phone 8.

The very core of the OS is completely revamped to allow developers to easily port their applications between other windows 8 platforms to make like better for both them and the consumer and also other key features.

Microsoft did not abandon existing windows 7.5 user. Instead those users will be getting an update to 7.8 which includes some of the features that windows 8 has. Also Nokia will be adding a few additional features to their existing windows 7.5 phones starting next week.

Revvin2363d ago

In three paragraphs you still failed to come up with a valid reason. Apple and more so Google provide free updates for older devices which pose theIr own compatibility problems. Google supports a wide range of processors, screens etc and has undergone huge re-writes of its code base but still provide free updates. Fragmenting and alienating the user base over different versions so soon should be of some concern for those thinking of buying a Windows phone. It's business as usual for Microsoft and maybe some desperation by Nokia.

mcstorm2365d ago

I was mad at the start when I heard WP7 devices will not get the update but after MS and Nokia coming out and saying they will get an update and the reasons why they are not getting the update im more than happy with that.

One thing WP brags about is being smooth and fast and if they put WP8 on a WP7 spec phone then it will not be a smooth out come and the devices will start to lag and have other issues which we see on Android (low end devices) and the old Windows Mobile (due to specs)

I have a lumia 900 and im lucky as I can upgrade again in October so I will more than likely pick up a WP8 device once Ive seen what they all have to offer but having the new UI and added Nokia apps I think this is more than enough of a reason for people to carry on picking up a Lumia 800 and 900.

At the end of the day most people don't look at specs when it comes to phones its looks and feel more than anything its only geeks as such that care about power.

contra1572365d ago

The poor excuses are flooding in . I had a feeling wp7 was just a test subject for Microsoft . can you imagine having a iphone 4s(flagship) and the next update is not compatible. Microsoft's flagship is not upgradeable this is shocking to those who have windows phones excited about windows 8 what a joke. I called this move by Microsoft , shame the people who dont know Microsoft that well got duped . told you so.