The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable

"The Retina MacBook is the least repairable laptop we’ve ever taken apart: Unlike the previous model, the display is fused to the glass, which means replacing the LCD requires buying an expensive display assembly. The RAM is now soldered to the logic board — making future memory upgrades impossible. And the battery is glued to the case, requiring customers to mail their laptop to Apple every so often for a $200 replacement."

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crazytechfanatic2371d ago

iFixit says is true. Unfixable

KingPin2369d ago

camera breaks, hdd crashes.....replace them? NO!! coz Apple says so.

but if you trade it in we'll give you a 2% discount on a complete new one.

LOL_WUT2369d ago

Unhackable seems legit.

dilawer2369d ago

Unbuyable [That's not a word, right? I want to patent it!]