The Skype call that could land you 15 years jail time

What's Hawt: The Ethiopian government has passed legislation making it illegal to make voice over IP (voIP) calls.

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Speed-Racer2194d ago

Talk about moving into the future. /s

snipermk02193d ago

This is just sad. Greedy governments and corporations trying to frighten their citizens with prolonged jail time and hefty punishments. Who knows what happens in their jails? You'd prolly not make it out alive, and that too over a stupid skype call.

Davoh2193d ago ShowReplies(2)
stuna12193d ago

Freedom of speech and, choice out the window!

kingPoS2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

That's not how you move a country forward, that's how you start a revolt.
What's next on their agenda, banning mobile phones & GPS based devices?

Legion2193d ago

Nothing new... South Korea basically did the same thing. Making sure that they could control the phone services in their country.