What If Facebook Started Charging Facebook Users?

gizmodo writes:

Have you seen Facebook stock lately? It's no where near where it IPO'd at. And since that means Facebook isn't worth as much, the hilarious folks at Jest realized that means Facebook needs to start earning some cash moneys... by charging for Facebook.

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Speed-Racer1954d ago

More reason to leave. If I didn't have to manage a few fan pages, I would have closed my account already.

Soldierone1953d ago

I would leave. I see absolutely nothing worth paying for on their site, and almost all of my friends wouldn't bother paying either. So it becomes even more useless.

If they charged AND still kept tracking your every move, along with shoving adds in your face, then I see them literally falling off the face of the earth.

SnakeCQC1953d ago

id have my account deleted permanently

Kurylo3d1953d ago

yea its pretty much a no brainer. facebook would be dead.

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