Is Apple’s newest MacBook Pro the “least repairable laptop” ever?

What's Hawt: It seems that Apple really wants their customers to sign up for its Apple Care plan by making its newest Mac Book Pro very difficult to repair. A break down by iFixit shows how difficult a simple repair job could be.

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Speed-Racer2228d ago

Pretty sure this isn't going to stop fanboys from lining up to buy it. Opening up your laptop? What's that voodoo about?

Wikkid6662227d ago

Doesn't even slow them down... Apple is training them to buy a new product every year so there is no need for repairs or upgrades.

ProjectVulcan2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Form before function. Apple's favourite phrase.

KingPin2228d ago

so now they wanna make it impossible to fix it yourself no matter how simple the job so they can charge you instead.

yeahhhhhh.....Apple really is for the people.

and people say microsoft and sony are evil.

bahabeast2228d ago


mamotte2228d ago

So the camera broke? Well, you just have to buy a new Mac. We'll give you a 5% of the price if you give us your 0,2% damaged old obsolet one.

Qbanj692228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

So I just got a sweet 3rd gen i7 2.6Ghz/1080p/NVidia 650M/blu-ray writer/lit keyboard/hd cam/8GB ram/1TB HDD Laptop

and all for.... less than $1000. No thank you Apple.

n4f2227d ago

yeah but you could get a much better laptop by apple.
i7 2.0ghz
dvd reader
nice simple keybord with back light
500g hdd
4gb of ram
for only 2300$
and you can get accessory pretty cheap too.
like an accessory for hdmi!!

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The story is too old to be commented.