Ideal for the lazy child... a Smart Bed that can make itself

Dailymail: The simple act of making a bed is, for most of us, the first chore of each day.
Now the relentless march of technology threatens to bring to an end even this most straightforward of domestic tasks.
Spanish firm OHEA has unveiled its Smart Bed, an electronic bed that makes itself.

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techie112380d ago

This is pretty cool.
Where can i get this???

iSpy2380d ago

Well!!! i like this as Apple.

Speed-Racer2379d ago

Let's leave Apple out of this.

Soldierone2380d ago

I absolutely love the idea. Personally see no need in making a bed when I just destroy it anyways lol, so i just throw the pillows up there and toss a blanket so it looks okay.

As for this though I see issues (it is a first run so no worries)

-It needs the blanket hooked to the corners so it can grab the blanket. Means you can't have the blanket all over the place.

-I normally move my pillows a ton, to a point of them falling on the ground.

-I have more than two pillows and a thicker bed lol

If they can get this to make my bed, i'd buy it in a heartbeat. just attach strings to everything or something lol

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The story is too old to be commented.