First U.S. prepaid iPhone with Cricket Wireless

iPhone Rumors writes: Back when the iPhone first launched on AT&T you had no option but to go with that carrier, although in the years following other options have opened up, although you could never get a fully prepaid iPhone in the United States, until now that is thanks to Cricket Wireless.

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danswayuk2092d ago

A lot of money for an iPhone when paying upfront, although the $55 a month deal with Cricket is pretty impressive.

ricky3602092d ago

This is too much money for an iPhone.

Tratious2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

and looking at other websites....

16GB Models

NewEgg: $679.99 $558.59
Expansys: $699.99

Speed-Racer2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

@Ricky - Clearly you don't know anything about the pricing structure of mobile phones in a pre-paid market.

tr00p3r2092d ago

Nice to see other options available at last.

iliimaster2092d ago

"thats too much for an iphone" lol yeah hell yeah it is until u realize im paying 20 $ just for 2/3GB of data stream somenetflix watch some youtube download some apps and its gone... another 20 $ for unlimited texts? not to mention your crappy minuet plan ? factor all of that in and cricket is going to be a major player for a very long time

DeFFeR2091d ago

I wouldn't go "major player" with Cricket just yet - they have severe network issues. Drops, weak signal, low data speeds, sketchy customer service - that isn't going to change just because of an iPhone being available.

iliimaster2091d ago

herein cali ive had em before and experienced none of what you listed but im just one person so im sure like all major cell carriers have crappy customer service

LOL_WUT2092d ago

Wow Apple is on a roll keep it up.

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The story is too old to be commented.