Star of the 2012 MacBook Pro determined

Product-Reviews writes: If you have been keeping up with all of the frequent, but still alleged MacBook Pro 2012 specs, you’ll know that the system is gearing up to be something special, with Apple presumably loving all the attention that their next major refresh is getting.

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danswayuk1657d ago

While I think highly of the new Intel Ivy Bridge processors as well, for me it's the rumored SSD and Retina features that make me want to upgrade.

ricky3601657d ago

It's all about the screen, do bring on the Retina.

danswayuk1656d ago

Not forgetting SSD as well.

fatstarr1656d ago

Here we go, cya in the next 8 months for the next macbook.

thebudgetgamer1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Are you planing on buying one, or just whining about another Apple product.

bwazy1655d ago

And I'm sure the 600 different PC's being released in 8 months won't phase you at all.

LOL_WUT1656d ago

I might just have to upgrade.

bahabeast1655d ago

im still waitin to get myself a macbook after being teased soo much by my gf and my brother late 2012/2013 im definately getting one.