Latest Apple and Verizon ad vs. 1984 commercial

iPhone Rumors writes: The latest Apple and Verizon TV advertisement features celebrity John Malkovich and explains the convenience of the Siri voice assistant once more, and you can see this commercial compared to one in 1984.

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danswayuk2103d ago

Things have certainly changed.

mushroomwig2102d ago

Not for the better either, it's ironic that the 1984 ad is there because apparently everything you say to Siri is recorded and sent to Apple...1984 indeed.

thebudgetgamer2102d ago

By that logic everything you put into any phone is sent to the company, siri or not.


ricky3602102d ago

I like the new Apple ads, they are more funny now.

fatstarr2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

with Samuel L Jackson and Zooey D?

Bland and below average at best.

sorry to sound like a hater but I give apple credit for 1 set of ads and its Macs vs PC even tho its stretched truths and lies.

xVeZx2102d ago

didnt apple make fun of microsoft for using big name actors in advertisements? remember the jerry seinfeld commercials

fatstarr2102d ago

I love all the parodys of this.

everything apple was originally against is what it has become