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Most internet anonymity software leaks users' details

6h ago - Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are legal and increasingly popular for individuals wanting to cir... | Web

Anti-Piracy Outfits Boost Numbers With Bogus Takedown Notices

6h ago - Every day Google processes more than a million takedown requests, sent in by dozens of specialize... | Industry

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Jurassic World with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Court Orders Namecheap to Identify Pirate Site Operator

6h ago - Domain name registrar Namecheap has been ordered to hand over the personal and financial details... | Culture

Oculus Fighting for OculusRift.com Domain, Report Suggests

14h ago - VRFocus reports on the news that Oculus VR is allegedly fighting for control of the OculusRift.co... | Web

Facebook opens African HQ in Johannesburg

1d 19h ago - With the aim of getting its next billion users from Africa the social networking site Facebook, r... | Web

Russia Blocks The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine Over A Single Page

4d ago - Over the last few years, Russia has really been ramping up its efforts to censor the internet to... | Culture

Internet access “not a necessity or human right,” says FCC Republican

4d ago - Federal Communications Commission member Michael O’Rielly yesterday argued that "Internet access... | Culture

US spy chief James Clapper says China lead suspect in cyber hack

4d ago - BBC: China is the "leading suspect" in the massive hack of a US government agency holding the... | Web

Electrical engineers break power and distance barriers for fiber optic communication

5d ago - Photonics researchers have increased the maximum power -- and therefore distance -- at which opti... | Web

UK Authorities Launch Facebook Piracy Crackdown

5d ago - Trading standards officers and police are carrying out a crackdown across England, Wales and Nort... | Culture

US government log-ins and passwords leaked online

6d ago - BBC: A security intelligence company has found the stolen log-in credentials for up to 47 US g... | Web

ISPs Dump VPN After Legal Threats From Big Media

6d ago - Providers who defied TV company demands to switch off their VPN services have caved in following... | Industry

You can now watch Periscope replays on the web

6d ago - Since live streams began taking over Twitter feeds earlier this year, a common complaint has been... | Web

Music Player for Reddit creates playlists from 280+ subreddits

6d ago - Reddit is a great source for curated user-selected songs organised under dedicated music genre su... | Web

Not OK, Google: Chromium voice extension pulled after spying concerns

6d ago - Ars Technica: Google has removed an extension from Chromium, the open source sibling to the Ch... | Web

Libgen Goes Down As Legal Pressure Mounts

7d ago - Libgen, the largest online repository of free books and academic articles, has pretty much vanish... | Web

GCHQ has legal immunity to reverse-engineer Kaspersky antivirus, crypto

7d ago - Ars Technica: Newly-published documents from the Snowden trove show GCHQ asking for and obtain... | Industry

Adobe issues emergency Flash Player fix

7d ago - BBC: Adobe has released an emergency software patch for Flash after it found a serious vulnera... | Web

'Pregnancy wi-fi' router causes controversy in China

8d ago - BBC: Two Chinese tech firms have clashed over a new wireless router with a special setting fo... | Web

Gmail permanently adds "Undo Send" feature

8d ago - It's 2015 and Google has finally made its "undo send" feature a permanent fixture in Gmail. | Web

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Islamic State web accounts to be blocked by new police team

8d ago - A Europe-wide police team is being formed to track and block social media accounts linked to Isla... | Culture

Australia Passes ‘Pirate’ Site Blocking Law

8d ago - Australia has passed a controversial new legislation which allows for overseas 'pirate' sites to... | Culture

New UK broadband switching rules come into effect

8d ago - BBC: Britons can now start the process of switching broadband supplier with one phone call. Th... | Web

Virgin begins £3B expansion in the UK: 152Mbps Internet to 4 million more homes

9d ago - Ars Technica: Virgin Media's expansion project, which will bring cable Internet to 4 million m... | Web

Taylor Swift Shocked By Apple Music Free Trial

9d ago - Taylor Swift has made it clear she doesn't support the business practices of current music stream... | Industry
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