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Study shows older people are more susceptible to malware attacks

15h ago - When it comes to being exposed to malware and viruses, who do you think is more likely to fall vi... | Web

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: "The Internet Will Disappear"

3d ago - The Hollywood Reporter: Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt on Thursday predicted the end of t... | Industry

Twitch.TV is Bringing Back Music to Broadcasters

5d ago - Allowing streamers to finally get some music back into their streams and VODs, Twitch.TV is chang... | Web

WhatsApp Messaging Service Coming To The Web

6d ago - It appears that the hugely popular WhatsApp mobile instant messaging service is going to be made... | Web

Follow TechSpy on Twitter

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Batman and Superman Infiltrate List of 25 Worst Passwords

7d ago - Maximum PC: Dark Helmit warned viewers way back in 1987 that 1-2-3-4-5 is the kind of combination... | Web

Oculus Changes Share Release Schedule

7d ago - VRFocus- For the past few years Oculus VR has provided one of the best platforms to discover and... | Web

Outlook grim - Chinese authorities attack Microsoft

7d ago - Greatfire.org: On January 17, we received reports that Microsoft’s email system, Outlook (which w... | Web

Facebook Messenger Tests Google Voice-Style Transcriptions For Sound Clips

8d ago - TheVerge Voicemail is one of the least efficient ways of communicating, and yet a form of it s... | Web

Google Domains public beta now available in United States

11d ago - Following an invite-only rollout last June, Google Domains on Tuesday became available as a publi... | Industry

Marriott Decides Against Jamming Personal Wi-Fi Devices

11d ago - Maximum PC: The Marriott hotel chain issued a statement saying it has decided not to block guests... | Industry

Obama to push for cheaper, speedier broadband in the US

13d ago - President Obama today outlined an upcoming executive action to increase US broadband speeds and r... | Industry

Spotify Survives Taylor Swift's Departure, Climbs to 15 Million Subscribers

13d ago - Maximum PC: Can a streaming music service survive without the likes of Taylor Swift and her lates... | Web

Sling TV Release Expected Shortly. Dish World Subscribers Already Have Access.

14d ago - Cord Cutters News: We can confirm from multiple subscribers that Dish World users have had access... | Industry

Following the Sling TV Announcement, NimbleTV Is Suspending Service On January 12th

17d ago - Cord Cutters News: NimbleTV is letting their users now that their service will be shut down start... | Industry

FCC To Define Broadband As Minimun 25Mbps

18d ago - ZDNet The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing to raise the mini... | Web

Google wants to make wireless networks that will free you from AT&T and Verizon’s data caps

20d ago - You aren’t the only one who hates the prospect of getting hit with overage fees if you exceed you... | Industry

The Channel 13 Facebook Hoax. Your Data Is Never Private

22d ago - NRM: "So many of you have probably seen long Facebook statuses talking about 'Channel 13,' procla... | Web

RBI to e-wallet firms: Display company name in products

23d ago - Reserve Bank has directed entities offering services such as e-wallets, smart cards and White Lab... | Industry

Code update crashes Yahoo, Microsoft Bing search: Source

23d ago - SAN FRANCISCO: Yahoo Inc and Microsoft Corp search engines temporarily went dark on Friday after... | Web

Details Unveiled For Twitter’s Native Video Player To Rival YouTube?

23d ago - Back in November 2014, Twitter announced that it would be launching a native video service in the... | Web

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Leaked NSA Documents Reveal How To Hide From The NSA

24d ago - If you want a truly anonymous life, then maybe it's time you learned about Tor, CSpace and ZRTP. | Web

Government of India Unblocks Most of the 32 Banned Websites

24d ago - The biggest news of 2014 was, of course, about the brutal group ISIS or ISIL or simply Islamic St... | Industry

Sony pulled out its ancient BlackBerry phones to get work done during hack

24d ago - Sony made it through a massive hack this December and ended 2014 on a high note, as The Interview... | Gadgets

Karma bites The Lizard Squad; youths arrested

24d ago - The hackers that claimed to be responsible for the attacks on Xbox Live and the Playstation Netwo... | Industry

Why two major label bosses disagree over free Spotify… 5 years apart

25d ago - Interestingly, the third biggest major label, Warner Music Group, has just reassured its investor... | Industry
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