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Twitter has suspended 125,000 ISIS accounts since mid-2015

12h ago - Twitter is coming clean about its efforts to fight terrorist-aligned accounts. In a new blog post... | Web

Twitter's timeline will soon show tweets out of order

12h ago - Ever since Twitter first launched, tweets have been organized in reverse chronological order. Tha... | Web

N4G Game of the Year Awards Nomination Contest

Now - Help us create our Game of the Year nominee list and you could win one of five $100 Amazon Gift Cards. | Promoted post

Comodo will fix major flaw in knock-off Chrome browser

18h ago - Comodo said it is planning to release on update on Wednesday that fixes a severe vulnerability in... | Web

Spotify gives Amazon Echo a dose of on-demand music

18h ago - Amazon Echo gets millions more songs with Spotify, but only with a $10 per month Premium subscrip... | Web

Hackers targeted 20 million Alibaba customer accounts

18h ago - Hackers tried to access over 20 million active accounts on the Taobao shopping site, Chinese stat... | Web

GPS error caused '12 hours of problems' for companies

18h ago - Several companies were hit by hours of system warnings after GPS satellites broadcasted the wrong... | Web

Ares Rights Gets EFF Lawyer Suspended From Twitter For Posting Mild Criticism

18h ago - Techdirt: We've written a few times now (including just recently) about the Spanish firm Ares Rig... | Culture

Publicity Rights For A Photobombing Horse? Owner Demands Cut Of Photo Prize

18h ago - We've written many, many words on the ridiculousness of publicity rights, and how they're frequen... | Culture

Key And Peele To Livestream An 'Upcoming Sports Game' That They Can't Name

18h ago - Every year about this time, it's become a running joke what the NFL tries to do in controlling wh... | Culture

Fansubbers Take Anti-Piracy Group BREIN to Court

18h ago - A group of fan-made subtitle creators are taking the Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group BREIN to... | Culture

Russia Blocks Another Archive Site Because It Might Contain Old Pages About Drugs

1d 5h ago - The Russian block party continues. The government agency in charge of censoring the internet is s... | Web

EU And US Come To 'Agreement' On Safe Harbor, But If It Doesn't Stop Mass Surveillance, It Won't Fly

1d 6h ago - Back in October, we noted that it was a really big deal that the European Court of Justice had sa... | Web

NSA merging anti-hacker team that fixes security holes with one that uses them

1d 7h ago - US spies will have to choose between keeping hackers out or acting like them to gather intelligen... | Industry

Google to show anti-radicalisation links on extremist-related search results

1d 7h ago - Google is going to try diverting "extremist searches" towards warnings about radicalisation. | Culture

Want to boost Twitter's stock price and make some money? Tweet about it

1d 7h ago - Investors could be taking advantage of spikes in Twitter’s stock price – driven by viral rumours... | Industry

Date site users regularly scammed

1d 7h ago - Research has suggested that nearly half of those using dating websites or apps have been scammed... | Web

Senators Ask Why Cable Companies Continue Charging Customers For Modems They Don't Have

1d 7h ago - We regularly hear from readers that their cable company -- often Comcast -- is charging them rent... | Web

Microsoft And GoPro Sign Patent Licensing Deal For File Storage Technology

1d 7h ago - Microsoft, though its Microsoft Licensing LLC, and GoPro today announced that they have signed a... | Web

UC Berkeley profs lambast new “black box” network monitoring hardware

1d 8h ago - University of California administration says it's just going after "bad actors." | Culture

New homes to get superfast broadband

1d 8h ago - The government has hammered out a deal between Openreach and housing developers to ensure new hom... | Web

PayPal blocks VPN, SmartDNS provider’s payments over copyright concerns

1d 8h ago - PayPal cuts off UnoTelly, which touts geo-blocking circumvention to customers. | Web

Twitter is testing a button that serves up ready-made GIFs for users

1d 10h ago - Twitter users may soon see more GIFs in their newsfeed, thanks to a dedicated GIF button the comp... | Web

Utah Politician Looking To Tackle Doxing, DoS Attacks & Swatting With Cybercrime Amendments

1d 10h ago - Three of the Four Horsemen of the Internet Apocalypse (*Revenge Porn not included) are being targ... | Web

Hackers and defenders continue cybersecurity game of cat and mouse

1d 10h ago - Europe's cybersecurity agency details the biggest threats. | Web

Google now blocking websites that show fake download buttons

2d ago - Google has now started blocking websites that use deceptive content or ads to make you do things... | Industry
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