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Twitter to bring pre-roll advertising to tweeted videos

3h ago - Twitter users will have to watch pre-roll advertising on videos in tweets, thanks to a new servic... | Web

Cash reward for Google.com takeover man

9h ago - A man who briefly bought and owned the Google.com web domain has been rewarded by the search giant. | Culture

Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Netgear router exploit detected

13h ago - A security researcher in the US has said his Netgear router was hacked after attackers exploited... | Web

RIAA and MPAA Report Notorious Piracy Sites to U.S. Government

4d ago - The RIAA and MPAA have submitted their lists of most "notorious" pirate sites to the U.S. Governm... | Culture

Chinese Hackers Breached LoopPay, Whose Tech Is Central to Samsung Pay

4d ago - Months before its technology became the centerpiece of Samsung’s new mobile payment system, LoopP... | Web

Amazon Shuts Down Its Music Importer Software, Points Users To Amazon Music App Instead

4d ago - Streaming has been eating away into digital and CD sales for years, as consumers turn to online s... | Web

Google Buys Domain Name That’s All 26 Letters Of The Alphabet

4d ago - What’s a technology giant to do when it can’t get its first choice of domain name? Go big: Alphab... | Web

Facebook Reveals New Set Of 6 Emoji “Reactions” To Go Along With The “Like” Button

4d ago - At long last, Facebook has removed the veil from its highly anticipated “Dislike” button — only i... | Culture

You can now upload videos to Twitter via the web

4d ago - Ladies and gentleman, it’s 2015 and Twitter now lets you upload videos on the web. What a time to... | Web

Verizon will use its mobile supercookies to share users' browsing habits with AOL's ad network

4d ago - Techspot: Verizon has updated its privacy policy to state that it now shares users’ unique inform... | Web

Digital dependence 'eroding human memory'

5d ago - An over-reliance on using computers and search engines is weakening people's memories, according... | Culture

Watch Microsoft Unveil Surface Pro 4 and Other Hardware on Tuesday

6d ago - Maximum PC: Microsoft is planning to unveil new hardware during a special press event tomorrow in... | Web

Anti-Piracy Activities Get VPNs Banned at Torrent Sites

6d ago - This week users of popular torrent sites found that they could no longer access them using their... | Web

Thousands of “Spies” Are Watching Trackerless Torrents

6d ago - BitTorrent is a very efficient way to share large files, but not a very private one. It's commonl... | Culture

Peeple sites 'disappear' from web after backlash over app

6d ago - The website and social media pages for controversial human-rating app Peeple have been taken offl... | Web

Time Warner Cable Admits Its Customer Service Stinks. Pinky Swears To Do Better

6d ago - Once again, a company is attempting the tactic of being honest about the public perception of its... | Culture

AT&T Gets The Go-Ahead From FCC To Enable WiFi Calling For iPhones

6d ago - After AT&T had to delay enabling WiFi calling on iPhones — a move it was expected to make, but di... | Industry

Where Google said 'don't be evil', Alphabet just wants employees to 'obey the law'

6d ago - Google is now Alphabet. Temporary Holding Company Number Two is now Google. And “don’t be evil” i... | Industry

Reddit 'to launch stand-alone news site: Upvoted'

6d ago - The aggregation site Reddit is to launch a stand-alone news website, according to reports. | Web

Facebook data transfers threatened by Safe Harbour ruling

7d ago - A pact that helped the tech giants and others send personal data from the EU to the US has been r... | Culture

Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post

Li-Fi technology from your light-bulb

7d ago - Wireless Li-Fi technology that will come through your LED bulb. | Web

Google Officially Becomes Alphabet

8d ago - Goodbye Google, and hello Alphabet. Well, sort of. In a post on its investor relations site today... | Industry

Torrent Sites Remove Millions of Links to Pirate Content

8d ago - Pirate Bay aside, pretty much all large torrent sites remove links to pirated content when they'r... | Culture

Comcast User Hit With 112 DMCA Notices in 48 Hours

8d ago - According to a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania this week, a Comcast user was sent a staggering 112... | Culture

Amazon bars the sale of Apple and Google TV devices

9d ago - Amazon is to stop selling video-streaming TV devices from Google and Apple because they don't "in... | Gadgets
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