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Ashley Madison attack prompts spam link deluge

16h ago - BBC: The hack attack on the Ashley Madison site has prompted spammers to capitalise on interest i... | Web

Telecoms lobbyists rail against 'arbitrary and capricious' net neutrality rules

16h ago - The Guardian: Brief filed as part of lawsuit demands court vacate Federal Communications Commisio... | Industry

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Google Rejects French Watchdog Demand For Global Privacy Delistings

16h ago - TechCrunch: Google said “non.” In a blog post, Global Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer explained w... | Web

U.S. Decides to Retaliate Against China’s Hacking

16h ago - The New York Times: The Obama administration has determined that it must retaliate against China... | Web

Facebook launches Aquila solar-powered drone for internet access

1d 6h ago - The Guardian: Social media company plans to start testing the craft, which is intended to provide... | Industry

MtGox bitcoin chief Mark Karpeles arrested in Japan

1d 13h ago - BBC: Japanese police have arrested the CEO of the failed company MtGox, which was once the world'... | Industry

Mozilla Trips Over Edge Browser in Windows 10, Chastises Microsoft

2d ago - Maximum PC: Though the initial reviews for Windows 10 (read ours here) have been mostly positive,... | Web

Google Search is now displaying the busiest times for local businesses

4d ago - Google is always going far and beyond when it comes to making your life easier. Whether it be tra... | Web

Amazon will throw you $10 for buying a $30 Google Chromecast

4d ago - If you ever needed a good reason to go out and spend $30 on one of the best Android accessories o... | Gadgets

White House Pshaws Online Petition to Pardon Edward Snowden

5d ago - Maximum PC: The Obama administration is not going to pardon Edward Snowden, the former National S... | Industry

Twitter using copyright law to delete stolen jokes

6d ago - Techspot: Twitter is cracking down on users who tweet stolen jokes passed off as their own. The m... | Industry

Google Set up ‘Digital Garage’ in Europe’s Largest Public Library

8d ago - TechDaring: "Birmingham is home the largest public library in Europe, and it’s currently Google’s... | Web

Amazon now bigger than Walmart after surge in profits

9d ago - techspot: Amazon published its second quarter financials late on Thursday, and the unexpected res... | Industry

Twitch Begins Phasing Out Flash Player for HTML5

10d ago - Maximum PC: I think it's safe to say that a lot of us are dreaming of the day when Adobe Flash be... | Industry

Affair website Ashley Madison in hot water after Hacking

12d ago - Privacy on online dating platforms got a serious knock after the data breach of extramarital dati... | Web

Online Cheating Site AshleyMadison Hacked

13d ago - KrebsOnSecurity: Large caches of data stolen from online cheating site AshleyMadison.com have bee... | Web

Online pirates could face 10 years in jail

14d ago - Online pirates could face jail terms of up to 10 years under plans being considered by the govern... | Culture

Internet of Bins: Wi-Fi to come to New York trash cans

15d ago - The struggle is real. Out and about and the 4G isn’t cutting it. People used to cheekily pop into... | Culture

Email Spam Level Plummets to 12-Year Low

16d ago - Maximum PC: First of all, award yourself 1,000 geek cred points if you got the "spam spam spam hu... | Web

Google's 'Safe Browsing' alerts to increase as detection technology improves

16d ago - TechSpot: Google has announced that it plans to roll out a number of improvements to its Safe Bro... | Web

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Google's YouTube growth allays fears over Facebook threat

16d ago - Google Inc's (GOOGL.O) strong growth in mobile advertising revenue allayed concerns the company's... | Industry

Facebook testing online shops integrated into business pages

16d ago - TechSpot: social networking giant Facebook is testing a feature that allows users to buy items di... | Web

Malware And Hacking Forum Darkode Is Shut Down; Dozens Arrested

17d ago - Announcing an international takedown of a malware marketplace, federal officials say that the for... | Web

United Airlines awards hackers millions of miles for revealing risks

17d ago - United Continental Holdings Inc has awarded millions of frequent flier miles to hackers who have... | Industry

Google's Planning Free Broadband Internet Service to Low Income Homes

18d ago - Maximum PC: We tend to freak out as if the world is ending when our Internet service goes down. H... | Web
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