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10 questions banned from Google interviews

2h ago - Sometimes the hiring practices of even the biggest and most successful companies can be outright... | Industry

Illegal downloading: four strikes and then... nothing

2h ago - Households could receive up to four warning letters per year if they are caught illegally downloa... | Web

Hey Pirate! The Government Are Sending You Emails!

6h ago - The UK government are cracking down on piracy with a big weapon: emails, Gadgets And Khajiits rep... | Culture

10,000-developer survey: 2% of coders split staggering 54% of all app revenue

21h ago - A new 10,000-developer survey by Developer Economics says that 50 percent of iOS developers and 4... | Web

Follow TechSpy on Twitter

Now - You can now follow TechSpy on twitter and get the hottest news of the day as well as early contest announcements. | Promoted post

Facebook introduces 'Save' feature

21h ago - Facebook rolled out a new feature Monday that allows users to save pages that interest them for l... | Web

Facebook’s new app is only for Celebrities

21h ago - TechFrag - "Facebook’s new app, Mentions, is made only for celebrities. The app is available on A... | Web

Verizon Cranks FiOS Upload Speed to Keep Pace with Downloads

1d 8h ago - Maximum PC: Depending on where you live and what Internet service provider (ISP) you're subscribe... | Web

Google Analytics App : Finally on Iphone

1d 21h ago - Google finally released the app on Thursday for ios devices. The ios version of Google Analyti... | Gadgets

Pirate Bay traffic doubles despite ISP blockades

1d 21h ago - In recent years the entertainment industries have pushed hard to get The Pirate Bay blocked in va... | Web

China’s Baidu takes on Google with new localized search engine in Brazil

1d 21h ago - Chinese internet giant Baidu has expanded its search empire to Brazil after it launched local-lan... | Industry

British charities to get £3.2m Google windfall

1d 21h ago - Ten British charities have been selected to receive a £200,000 grant to develop innovative ideas... | Industry

Twitter will soon give you access to your entire DM history via the iOS and Android apps

2d ago - With more and more people using Twitter’s DM (Direct Messages) feature as a chat service, the com... | Web

Appcelerator gears up for the business world

3d ago - System administrators take note: That mobile employee expense app you’re building should be every... | Industry

Google Maps for Android improves navigation for cyclists and drivers

3d ago - Google has started to roll out Google Maps for Android 8.2, focusing its attention of cyclists wi... | Web

Europe: Apple couldn't care less about kids' in-app spending sprees

3d ago - The European Commission has put Apple on the naughty step over its failure to propose a solution... | Web

Chrome's been eating your laptop's battery for years, but Google promises to fix it

3d ago - Google is just now responding to a bug in Chrome for Windows that may have been sapping users' ba... | Gadgets

Russian government edits Wikipedia on flight MH17

3d ago - A political battle has broken out on Wikipedia over an entry relating to the crash of Malaysian A... | Web

Edward Snowden Wants You To Ditch Dropbox For This Service

3d ago - NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden dropped his two cents on file storage security in an interview w... | Industry

Dell now accepts bitcoin

3d ago - Through a partnership with coinbase dell now accept coinbase, dell now accepts bitcoin payment fo... | Industry

Nest Hackers Will Offer Tool To Keep The Google-Owned Company From Getting Users' Data

4d ago - Those with Nests in their nests have a smart thermostat that learns about their behavior over tim... | Industry

Google rolls out newest Chrome update

4d ago - Google recently rolled out update number 36 for the Chrome Internet browser. With minor bug fixes... | Web

Bots editing information on Wikipedia

4d ago - If you find some writings on Wikipedia a bit pompous or awkward because they read too formal, do... | Web

Apple reports Google to the FTC over Kids’ In-App Purchases

4d ago - TechFrag - "Apple dropped a hint to US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stating that Google allows... | Web

Nissan CEO Ghosn says some car makers wary of losing product control to Google

4d ago - Nissan Motor chief executive Carlos Ghosn said some car makers remain reticent about working with... | Web

Facebook Begins Testing a Buy Button

4d ago - Facebook just introduced a new feature that businesses will like. Facebook announced on Thursday... | Web
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