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Man Cries For 24 Hours After Losing Family Fortune On Apple Supplier

5m ago - When multi-million dollar companies file for bankruptcy, it's usually the small-time investors wh... | Culture

Internet Trolls In UK Could Face Two Years In Jail

7h ago - Internet trolls who post comments on social media could now see a jail sentence of 24-months. | Web

Twitter spices timelines with unasked-for tweets

18h ago - Twitter said on Friday it would start reconfiguring user's timelines with 'relevant' messages fro... | Web

Facebook Safety Check To Assist Users During Natural Disasters

1d 1h ago - Facebook has introduced a new tool, Safety Check, to assist users during natural disasters. Bidne... | Web

Get a Free Kindle Fire HD!

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Twitpic is saying goodbye, here’s how to save all your data

1d 1h ago - Twitpic, the popular image sharing service, is shutting down after all. The company had initially... | Web

South Korea Prepares for 10Gbps Broadband; Transfer 1GB File in 0.8 Seconds

1d 17h ago - While AT&T and Verizon argue over an FCC proposal that would set 10Mbps as America’s new minimum... | Web

Firefox Hello brings accountless video chat to browsers, future smartphones

2d ago - Firefox Beta 34 gets a WebRTC video calling feature, requiring no account or handle. | Web

Linksys Rolls Out a Pair of High End Wireless AC Routers

2d ago - Maximum PC: It's getting a bit difficult to keep up with the fast evolving wireless router market... | Web

HBO Will Offer Stand Alone Subscriptions in 2015

3d ago - Cord Cutters News: Richard Plepler, chairman and CEO, HBO, announced that the company will offer... | Industry

U2's Bono Apologizes for Automatic 'Songs of Innocence' Album Download

3d ago - In a Facebook interview where U2 band members answered questions asked by their fans, U2 frontman... | Industry

Google researchers reveal new Poodle bug, putting the web on alert

3d ago - A trio of Google researchers published a troubling bug today, sending much of the web into panic... | Web

Router that anonymises internet activity raises $300,000 on Kickstarter

4d ago - Anonabox, a device that re-routes data through the cloaking Tor network, is tool for freedom of i... | Gadgets

SSL 3.0 flawed: Vicious POODLE byte attack rips apart encrypted HTTPS

4d ago - As warned by The Register, security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in SSL 3.0 that a... | Web

Dropbox wasn’t hacked

4d ago - Recent news articles claiming that Dropbox was hacked aren’t true. Your stuff is safe. The userna... | Web

Internet can't be managed as private property: India tells UN

4d ago - Underscoring its commitment to the 'free growth' of the internet, India has told the UN general a... | Web

Verizon Now The Fastest Netflix ISP After Shutting Down Their Netflix Competitor

4d ago - Cord Cutter News: Verizon just official shut down their Netflix competitor Red Box Instant this m... | Industry

Oops! Dropbox Bug in Selective Sync Inadvertently Deletes Files

5d ago - Maximum PC: The reason we're constantly preaching the merits of maintaining multiple backups -- e... | Web

Get satellite images from Google in every new Chrome tab

5d ago - Taking a virtual tour through Google Earth and Street View is great and all, but sometimes you ju... | Web

Unofficial XBMC Custom Build Now Available In The Google Play Store

6d ago - Cord Cutters News: TVMC from TVAddons is a unofficial build of XBMC was released to Google Play t... | Industry

Fired Reddit employee ripped by CEO — on Reddit

6d ago - Here’s some unsolicited advice: If you get fired from a tech company, don’t use that company’s we... | Industry

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Chinese hacking prodigy Wang Zhengyang, 12, says he wants to help expose security flaws

6d ago - A 12-year-old Chinese ‘hacking prodigy’ broke into his school’s computer system and a shopping we... | Culture

Instagram Was Down, But Now It's Back

7d ago - Instagram was down this afternoon, but it's back up now! | Web

Google Fixes 159 Flaws in Chrome

7d ago - Google updates its Chrome browser on a very aggressive timeline, often a couple of times a month.... | Web

Google details how Europeans are wielding their 'right to be forgotten'

7d ago - It's no secret that plenty of people are using (and abusing) the European Union's "right to be fo... | Web

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg meets Indian PM Narendra Modi

7d ago - My Tech Update - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is on his maiden Indian trip called on Indian... | Web
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