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United Airlines awards hackers millions of miles for revealing risks

18d ago - United Continental Holdings Inc has awarded millions of frequent flier miles to hackers who have... | Industry

Google's Planning Free Broadband Internet Service to Low Income Homes

19d ago - Maximum PC: We tend to freak out as if the world is ending when our Internet service goes down. H... | Web

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Google Map Maker to reopen in August after urinating-robot controversy

19d ago - The Guardian: Google is relaunching its Map Maker tool, which allows people to make edits to its... | Web

Mozilla Blocks Flash On Firefox

19d ago - Mozilla has blocked Flash from working automatically on Firefox following a series of zero day br... | Industry

Facebook and Twitter on the rise as sources of news in the US

19d ago - The Guardian: Pew Research Center study finds that 63% of each social network’s American users ar... | Culture

Comcast Stream: $15 to watch live TV, no cable package needed

19d ago - Comcast's live-TV-over-the-Internet only works on Comcast Internet connections. | Web

Comcast Reveals Pricing for Wallet Busting 2Gbps Internet Service

19d ago - Maximum PC: Comcast has gone and doubled the speed of Google Fiber and AT&T GigaPower, both of w... | Web

London woman has to change name by deed poll to log in to Facebook

19d ago - A woman has changed her name to a “stupid” pseudonym that she used on Facebook, in an attempt to... | Culture

Hacking Team orchestrated brazen BGP hack to hijack IPs it didn’t own

19d ago - Spyware service provider Hacking Team orchestrated the hijacking of IP addresses it didn't own to... | Culture

Pirate Bay Founders Acquitted in Criminal Copyright Case

19d ago - Four key Pirate Bay figures have a little something to celebrate this morning. After standing acc... | Culture

Chrome Blocks Major Torrent Sites Over “Harmful Programs”

19d ago - Starting today Google Chrome is blocking direct access to several large torrent sites including K... | Web

Twitter Removes Its Ads With Autoplay Videos After Epilepsy Group Calls The Promos “Irresponsible”

20d ago - Twitter has pulled two ads promoting its new music service after an epilepsy organization complai... | Culture

Survey Finds Majority of Internet Users are Sick of Passwords

20d ago - Maximum PC: It's a safe bet that part of the reason why so many people use easy-to-guess password... | Industry

Facebook redesigns its friend request button with feminist twist

20d ago - TORONTO – Facebook has made a very subtle – but big – change to its friend request button. The... | Web

Hacking Team boss: we sold to Ethiopia but ‘we’re the good guys’

20d ago - The Guardian: Attack that revealed data exposing deals with dictatorships was on a ‘governmental... | Web

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Steps Down Following User Backlash

22d ago - Interim CEO of Reddit Ellen Pao resigned today after a tough week of user backlash. | Web

Biggest beast in big data forest? One field's astonishing growth is 'genomical'

22d ago - Who's about to become the biggest beast in the big data forest? A group of computing experts have... | Culture

Enough, already! Why we all share the blame for notification overload

22d ago - From CNET Magazine: Might as well face it -- you're addicted to your smartphone's constant alerts... | Culture

20% of young adults steal passwords for OTT service, cost video industry $500M

22d ago - Putting a size on the security exposure for authenticated streaming video services, Parks Associa... | Web

MPAA Wants to Kill Domain Name Privacy, For Some

22d ago - The MPAA has submitted its comments in response to a new ICANN proposal that may expose website o... | Industry

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Bitcoin Bounties Aim to Turn Pirates Into Snitches

22d ago - Due to its decentralized nature, Bitcoin has often been mentioned in the same breath as BitTorren... | Culture

ClipMine Improves Videos With Crowdsourced Tagging And Annotations

22d ago - A new startup gets searchable videos, with a table of contents. It sits on top of players like Yo... | Industry

Over 22M Social Security numbers stolen in OPM hacks, agency says

22d ago - Up until now, the number of people affected by recent hacks of US government databases was a myst... | Culture

WhatsApp, Snapchat, iMessage may face UK ban within weeks

24d ago - Techspot: Popular instant messaging apps could soon be banned in the UK, owing to the strict laws... | Web

No support for silver light in Edge browser – Microsoft

24d ago - With Microsoft at last changing the age-old crime to net fashion which is Internet Explorer, a lo... | Web