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Ugh, Apples uploaded a U2 album to your iPhone

9d ago - Music fans from all over are upset that a U2 album was uploaded into their iCloud by Apple. Even... | Culture

DWNLD lets you convert your Websites into native apps for free

10d ago - TechFrag - "If you are a web publisher, then this is the easiest way to convert website to an app." | Web

5 million Gmail passwords leaked to Russian Bitcoin forum

10d ago - Much of the information is old and potentially out-of-date, Google representatives told Russian m... | Web

F-Secure Threat Report Notes Rising Trend in Ransomware, Including on Mobile

10d ago - F-Secure: Security outfit F-Secure released its Threat Report for the first half of 2014, and in... | Industry

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Telcos unite to starve out online pirates

10d ago - The online piracy debate in Australia is quickly turning into a war of attrition between internet... | Industry

Australians pay up to 431% more for TV shows online

10d ago - Australian consumers are being forced to pay staggeringly high premiums for access to TV series w... | Culture

Shy people use Facebook longer but share less

10d ago - It's not the person posting back to back pictures who's the big-time facebook user, instead it's... | Web

Here are the latest global digital statistics for September

10d ago - Wonder how many people are connected to the internet this month? Wondering how many people are on... | Culture

Reddit Raising a Big Round, and Some Y Combinator Players Are in the Mix

11d ago - Reddit, the social news site with a big Web footprint, is raising a big funding round — with help... | Web

Oh No! Web Sheriff Targets ‘Pirating’ Reddit Users

11d ago - Reddit users beware, the Web Sheriff is back in town, and he's coming after your submissions. In... | Web

Google silent on support for group opposing net neutrality and muni broadband

11d ago - Common Cause and more than 50 other advocacy groups this week called on Google to end its affilia... | Industry

3 Alternative web browsers you never heard of

11d ago - There's a lot of web browsers out there, but the most common ones use are Chrome, Firefox, Safari... | Web

Reddit bans groups behind sharing of leaked celebrity photos

11d ago - The social news platform Reddit has banned pages which allowed users to view, post and share stol... | Web

Two Cities With Blazing Internet Speed Search for a Killer App

11d ago - A team of computer programmers here set out to learn how many cute kitten photos can be downloade... | Web

Facebook Sees 1 Billion Daily Video Views, New Features Coming Soon

12d ago - Maximum PC: The world's largest social playground is also becoming a popular hangout to watch vid... | Web

Meet the unashamed 33-year-old who brought the stolen celebrity nudes to the masses

12d ago - Johnsmcjohn, as he’s called on Reddit, sounds utterly unashamed of the key role he played in brin... | Web

Fake links to nude celebrities crash New Zealand Internet

12d ago - New Zealanders keen to view hacked photos of naked celebrities are being blamed for a nationwide... | Culture

Amazon's retail practices in India come under scrutiny: WSJ

12d ago - Regulators in India are investigating whether Amazon.com may have circumvented restrictions place... | Industry

Malware Can Bypasses Chrome Extension Security Feature Easily

12d ago - Researchers have uncovered a new social engineering trick that leads users to a malicious extensi... | Web

Pornhub and Redtube to join go-slow protest over US threat to net neutrality

13d ago - Two of the world’s biggest porn sites have promised “in-your-face” support for next week’s “battl... | Web

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Andrew Kay, Pioneer in Computing, Dies at 95

13d ago - Andrew Kay, the designer of an early portable computer, the Kaypro II, that became a smash hit in... | Web

The FBI Finally Says How It ‘Legally’ Pinpointed Silk Road’s Server

13d ago - As the trial of alleged Silk Road drug market creator Ross Ulbricht approaches, the defense has h... | Industry

Twitpic Is Shutting Down, Blames Twitter

14d ago - In early 2009, Janis Krums tweeted a remarkable picture of a US Airways plane partly submerged in... | Web

4chan adopts DMCA policy after nude celebrity photo postings

14d ago - In the wake of the release of stolen, intimate photos from a number of celebrities’ cell phones t... | Web

Message Board Linked to Celebrity Photo Hackers Is Down

14d ago - In the latest bizarre twist in the celebrity photo hack, the anonymous message board, believed to... | Web