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The Pirate Bay Goes Mobile With New Site

7d ago - People can complete all sorts of tasks with a smartphone now — order tickets, check the weather o... | Web

List of 13 new Microsoft retail stores across the US and Canada unveiled

7d ago - Ever since the first Microsoft store opened in 2009, the software giant has been on a steady roll... | Industry

The New Nigerian Email Swindle

8d ago - In the last three months, security researchers at Palo Alto Networks, the Silicon Valley-based se... | Web

Foursquare reveals a new logo and previews its overhauled discovery app

8d ago - Foursquare is preparing a major redesign of its original mobile app. After it pulled the traditio... | Web

Vi søker Interaksjons/Grafisk Designer

Now - Lyst å jobbe med utviklingen av nye N4G? Vi søker en person i Oslo med erfaring fra arbeid med webtjenester og mobilapplikasjoner. | Promoted post

YouTube star Michelle Phan sued over copyright breach

8d ago - A leading YouTube entrepreneur is facing legal action for alleged copyright infringement in her v... | Industry

Reddit Live is now official, lets anyone create their own breaking news live blog

8d ago - Today, Reddit officially launched its own live-blogging platform. The company calls it Reddit Liv... | Web

Government reminds Comcast and Verizon not to lie

8d ago - If you're like me, you've paid for a certain speed from you internet provider only to get a fract... | Industry

China to clean up porn on phone apps

9d ago - China has launched a campaign to clamp down on pornography circulated on smart phone applications... | Culture

Google must face U.S. privacy lawsuit over commingled user data

9d ago - A federal judge rejected Google Inc's bid to dismiss a privacy lawsuit claiming it commingled use... | Web

New Broadband Users Shun UK Porn Filters, Ofcom Finds

9d ago - BBC: The vast majority of new broadband customers in the UK are opting out of "child friendly"... | Culture

Was Google in talks to buy Spotify?

9d ago - Was Google considering buying Swedish music streaming service Spotify? It all depends on who you... | Web

Researchers achieve 10Gbps Li-Fi data transmission

9d ago - A Mexican software company has managed to transmit audio, video and internet across the spectrum... | Industry

Xiaomi Mi 3 goes out of stock as Flipkart crumbles

9d ago - Xiaomi's Mi 3 smartphone went out of stock on e-commerce retailer Flipkart, after just 39 minutes... | Web

Google Wants To Speed Up Websites With Smaller Images

10d ago - Google has identified large images as one of the reasons why your websites are taking too long to... | Web

Italy gives Google 18 months to change data use practices

10d ago - Italy's data protection regulator has given Google 18 months to change the way it treats and stor... | Industry

10 questions banned from Google interviews

10d ago - Sometimes the hiring practices of even the biggest and most successful companies can be outright... | Industry

Illegal downloading: four strikes and then... nothing

10d ago - Households could receive up to four warning letters per year if they are caught illegally downloa... | Web

Hey Pirate! The Government Are Sending You Emails!

10d ago - The UK government are cracking down on piracy with a big weapon: emails, Gadgets And Khajiits rep... | Culture

10,000-developer survey: 2% of coders split staggering 54% of all app revenue

11d ago - A new 10,000-developer survey by Developer Economics says that 50 percent of iOS developers and 4... | Web

Facebook introduces 'Save' feature

11d ago - Facebook rolled out a new feature Monday that allows users to save pages that interest them for l... | Web

Facebook’s new app is only for Celebrities

11d ago - TechFrag - "Facebook’s new app, Mentions, is made only for celebrities. The app is available on A... | Web

Verizon Cranks FiOS Upload Speed to Keep Pace with Downloads

11d ago - Maximum PC: Depending on where you live and what Internet service provider (ISP) you're subscribe... | Web

Google Analytics App : Finally on Iphone

12d ago - Google finally released the app on Thursday for ios devices. The ios version of Google Analyti... | Gadgets

Pirate Bay traffic doubles despite ISP blockades

12d ago - In recent years the entertainment industries have pushed hard to get The Pirate Bay blocked in va... | Web

China’s Baidu takes on Google with new localized search engine in Brazil

12d ago - Chinese internet giant Baidu has expanded its search empire to Brazil after it launched local-lan... | Industry