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Why Google isn’t afraid to kill your favorite products

3d ago - In addition to explaining why Google actually needs the gorgeous new Material Design deployed on... | Industry

Simple - A fee free online banking system

5d ago - Simple is a great alternative to interest greedy banks, as it offers a fee free banking system to... | Web

11 Best Websites to Resize Your Images/Photos for Easier Online Sharing

5d ago - In this article I'm going to share some of the best websites that helps you to resize your photos... | Web

Microsoft’s layoffs are just cutting Balmer’s losses? Think Again

9d ago - It was not much of a surprise last week when Microsoft announced the deepest cuts in the history... | Gadgets

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

What’s up Microsoft?

9d ago - Big week of big news at Microsoft, huh? Restructuring, layoffs around the globe, a re-imaging of... | Industry

Top 5 must have Iphone apps

9d ago - Top 5 must have Iphone apps | Gadgets

Should Your Online Accounts Die When You Do?

10d ago - Should your emails, web albums and other online accounts die when you do? Or should you be able t... | Web

Top 5 Must Have Android Apps

11d ago - The best and free top 5 android apps for android.Get them now and enjoy. | Gadgets

Why Cutting 18,000 Jobs Was Likely Microsoft’s Plan All Along

11d ago - Microsoft will slash up to 18,000 jobs by the end of the year. That’s 14 percent of the company’s... | Industry

10 Best and Free Online Virus Scanner 2014

14d ago - In this opinion piece you will read about some of the best and free online virus scanneer for 2014 | Web

10 Best Free Online Video Chat Rooms 2014

14d ago - In this article you will read about some of the best and free online videos chat room in 2014. So... | Web

Too Hot for Google: Why The Internet Giant Is Scared of Porn

16d ago - Porn has gone from being that dirty little secret you kept to hushed chats to mainstream entertai... | Web

Is Chrome about to swing the knockout punch at Firefox?

16d ago - Jack Wallen ponders the fate of a Firefox browsing in a fight to the finish with Chrome. | Web

Robots Are Invading the News Business, and It’s Great for Journalists

17d ago - Earlier this week, one of my business-beat colleagues got assigned to recap the quarterly earning... | Web

It’s probably a trap: Star Wars fans can now fund new Death Star on Kickstarter

18d ago - Is this the death of crowsourcing? Nope. Only the death of the human race, it seems. A Manchunian... | Culture

5 Crazy Projects Google is currently working on

19d ago - Google of 2024 is going to be much more than just the debates over Android vs iOS. It will be too... | Industry

The TSA’s Instagram Feed Is Terrifying and Totally Awesome

20d ago - The Transportation Security Administration hasn’t endeared itself to the public by shuffling ever... | Industry

LG G Watch for $179 from AT&T

20d ago - Here's how you can get the all new LG G watch for just $179 from AT&T, instead of the regular pri... | Gadgets

Why Facebook is beating the FBI at facial recognition

21d ago - If you're worried about Big Brother and computerized facial recognition, this summer has given yo... | Web

I just installed a tool which shows how popular websites are spying on me.

21d ago - Is it still paranoia if everyone really is watching you? Most of us are likely aware at this poin... | Web

I declare independence from Google

24d ago - Fifth in a series. Two years ago today, I stepped away from Apple, following a boycott later aban... | Web

How e-commerce experts view looming threats to the Internet

26d ago - A report released today highlights threats facing the Internet over the next decade. And e-commer... | Industry

9 gadgets that scream ‘America!’

26d ago - Here are nine of the most patriotic, America-loving, Fourth of July-celebrating gizmos and gadget... | Culture

Facebook Inc (FB)’s LiveRail Acquisition A Smart Move

26d ago - Analysts from more than one firm think the LiveRail acquisition will give Facebook even more expe... | Industry

The NSA Does Something Right

26d ago - The National Security Agency has come in for a lot of criticism in the past year, some of it just... | Web
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