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Netflix still can’t stop VPN users, despite help from Paypal

3d ago - SlashGear: It has been nearly a month since Netflix told the world at large that they were coming... | Industry

Why mobile may supersede desktop operating systems in 2016

3d ago - Will mobile surpass desktop operating systems in 2016? The numbers are looking pretty good. | Web

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

How Apple Can Improve Its Watch And Boost Sales

5d ago - Apple isn’t releasing exact sales numbers, but some expert digging has led many to believe that s... | Gadgets

I'm not done with Twitter yet

6d ago - Kvetching over Twitter's fate follows a familiar cycle by now: will it survive? How will it get n... | Web

Android 7: what we want to see

6d ago - Every year we see a new version of Android, and 2016 should be no exception. Google is sure to an... | Industry

The internet is broken – could crowdsourcing be the solution?

6d ago - The internet is not fit for purpose. If it was designed today from nothing, would it use the clie... | Industry

10 reasons to ditch SMS for over-the-top messaging apps

8d ago - All the cool kids are using Line and WhatsApp. What’s your excuse? | Web

How to eliminate passwords? It can't be done

8d ago - At the enterprise level IAM and SAML mitigate the password problem. Out on the civilian Internet... | Web

How to make bad passwords better, and more hope for the future of authentication

8d ago - PC World: We know passwords are a pain. We're not expecting miracles. But these tips can keep you... | Web

7 Major Social Media Shakeups We'll See In 2016

8d ago - The social media world rarely stands still for long, and while 2015 was a big year for social pla... | Web

Technology Has Turned Us Into a Nation of Writers

9d ago - Personal technology has come a long way over the past 25 years. Computers aren't just for nerds a... | Web

Twitter vs. Facebook- Which is the Better Social Network?

9d ago - TechDaring: "Even for those who don’t have some sort of social media presence, both Facebook and... | Web

EU, U.S. data-transfer deal will never work

10d ago - And there’s no way the negotiators didn’t know that. | Web

Alphabet's Google should disclose enterprise cloud run rate

10d ago - Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and IBM provide various levels of disclosure about their enterpris... | Web

Why the Cloud Has a Security Problem

12d ago - The list of high-profile security breach victims reads like a Who's Who of famous companies: Targ... | Web

Facing complex challenges, Twitter should focus on its strengths

12d ago - CEO Jack Dorsey’s turnaround effort has seen the social networking firm’s shares fall 41% since O... | Web

4 Lies About Password Safety

14d ago - TechDaring: "Here are some lies that people with weak passwords tell themselves." | Web

Me and the Internet: A ❤ Story

17d ago - Like a lot of kids born in the mid-1980s, I grew up with the Internet. What draws a line between... | Web

Is Twitter doomed?

17d ago - The Verge: On Sunday night, following reports by Verge's sister publication Recode, Twitter confi... | Industry

The farmer who uses Facebook is more than just a trope

18d ago - When Mark Zuckerberg is singing the praises of Free Basics, Facebook’s controversial, restricted-... | Web

Enter The Grief Police

19d ago - The Atlantic The first World War transformed, along with so much else, the way people mourn. T... | Web

The Best Password Managers And How To Use Them

19d ago - Wired It's an interconnected world out there, and while it might be more convenient if one com... | Web

Facebook friends are almost entirely fake, study finds

20d ago - You can only count on about four of your friends, and most don’t even care if anything bad happen... | Web

My Favorite Thing about the Internet? Definitely the Sarcasm

22d ago - MIT Technology Review One thing digital communications doesn’t seem to have diminished is ever... | Web

How We Use Digital Media Is Drastically Changing Our Lives

22d ago - Ever feel helpless and anxious without your mobile? You're in good company: millions of consumers... | Culture
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