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Email Is The New Generation Gap

8h ago - Gizmodo Two weeks ago, we surveyed 3,670 people online about how they communicate. We discover... | Web

Li-Fi Probably Won’t Be The New Wi-Fi For Most People

9h ago - TC: Long restricted to the academic domain, Li-Fi, a light-based data delivery method is sudde... | Web

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Five free tools for building websites

6d ago - With the help of these apps, you can build a topnotch website without spending a dime. And they a... | Web

Ad blocking is a reality, but is it unethical?

6d ago - MWEB writes: "If there’s one place to debate just about anything with a stranger you’ve never met... | Culture

8 tech deals before, during and after Black Friday: GoPro, Tronsmart, Samsung and more

6d ago - "I’m scared and appalled about Black Friday at the same time, but the shopping spree is inevitabl... | Gadgets

Why Mobile Apps Are the Next Website

10d ago - When WideNet first opened its doors in 2005 as a website design firm, people still hadn't totally... | Industry

I Turned Off JavaScript for a Whole Week and It Was Glorious | Wired

11d ago - There’s another web out there, a better web hiding just below the surface of the one we surf from... | Culture

Google Must Take Blame For Spreading Bizarre Piracy News

12d ago - If Google is to blame for piracy sites appearing in its search results, it must also be held to a... | Culture

Apple Firewall Breached: Iphones Are Now More Vulnerable Than Android

13d ago - Mainly apple is well known for its security and that's why most folks prefer it than andriod, the... | Web

After Paris, What We're Getting Wrong In 'Privacy vs. Security' Debate

13d ago - On Nov. 15, Michael Morell, the former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, said o... | Web

Facebook Is the Best Place to Say You’re OK During a Crisis. Is It the Right Place?

13d ago - With Paris in crisis on Friday evening, people were scrambling for news, not just about what was... | Web

Encryption is not the enemy: A 21st century response to terror

13d ago - Whenever terrorists strike, governments respond. It is in the quality and wisdom of those respons... | Web

YouTube Red Subscriptions Just Might Mean a Better YouTube for Everyone

15d ago - When YouTube revealed YouTube Red, the long-awaited ad-free subscription version of its popular I... | Web

Facebook should allow users to create their own ‘Causes’ filter

16d ago - TheNextWeb: Following an update that allowed users to add a French flag filter to show support... | Web

Facebook misfires: Weird apps and experiments that never took off

17d ago - Today, Facebook launched Notify, an iPhone app that sends news alerts to your phone's homescreen.... | Web

The Snooper’s Charter would devastate computer security research in the UK

18d ago - Any law that forbids citizens from revealing what the government gets up to, or from speaking out... | Web

Gmail, We Need To Talk

19d ago - Justin Khoo: "Dear Gmail: Two years ago, you launched an ambitious endeavor with to br... | Web

PC Webcam: Buyer’s Guide

19d ago - TechDaring: "This is a list of the 3 best PC webcams in 3 different price ranges in order to help... | Culture

YTS Reaches MPAA Deal But Dotcom Faces Decades in Jail?

20d ago - How does YTS, one of the most organized and notorious public torrent sites, strike a deal with Ho... | Culture

The geek distrust of telemetry risks making software dumber

21d ago - The development of today's leading programs, apps, websites and - with Windows 10 - operating sys... | Industry

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Mankind's Biggest Machine

26d ago - What we choose to create says a lot about who we are and what we value. And we're in the midst of... | Web

Jack Dorsey has an impossible task: to make Twitter better

27d ago - Jemima Kiss: "Will 140-characters rule be axed as new CEO aims to make Twitter fly?" | Industry

With Popcorn Time Faltering, Stremio Eyes the Top Spot

27d ago - For more than a year, variants of the all-conquering Popcorn Time have made dozens of headlines a... | Web

How are traditional businesses coping in the internet age

28d ago - The fact that the web is playing an increasingly important role in the way modern small businesse... | Web

Pirate Sites and Their Users Are Suffering a Trademark Crisis

29d ago - Anti-piracy activities often get plenty of negative press and when they’re overreaching and cynic... | Web
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