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Here's how absurdly easy it is for attackers to destroy your website in just ten minutes

1d 14h ago - You might be amazed at how accessible hacking tools have become. Your site can be p0wn3d and an e... | Web

New Privacy Deal May Not Actually Stop U.S. Snooping

2d ago - An agreement to protect personal data sounds great, but critics say it may not mean much in pract... | Web

Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

How to screencast any window on your desktop using YouTube

2d ago - Did you know you could utilize YouTube to screencast any window on your desktop? Well, you can an... | Web

Phones Will Drive Internet Traffic Past the Zettabyte Mark This Year

2d ago - What's a zettabyte? Come on! It's a billion terabytes! It’s no real secret that the rise in the... | Web

IBM vs Microsoft and the battle for the corporate cloud business

3d ago - It's a year since Microsoft overtook IBM in revenue terms, and now the two companies are lining u... | Industry

Broken links

4d ago - When no ancient chat or post is beyond the grasp of Google, what matters more: the right to forge... | Culture

How Microsoft briefly ran Azure from an undersea datacenter

5d ago - Microsoft thinks its Project Natick submarine datacenters could be the answer to cleaner, low lat... | Web

Tech Valuations In 2016: The End Of The Line For Sloppy Growth

6d ago - What’s going on in technology investing right now? Is this another 2001, when tech imploded? Anot... | Industry

How to Monitor your Network Usage in Windows

8d ago - TechTeria: How to Monitor your Internet Bandwidth Usage in Windows with the use of these effectiv... | Web

3 Internet of Things devices that will make your life easier

9d ago - Internet of Things is truly a great concept and we are yet to see its true power. CES 2016 gave u... | Web

What's The Difference Between 'Mass Surveillance' And 'Bulk Collection'? Does It Matter?

15d ago - As numerous Techdirt stories make clear, the particular words used to describe something can make... | Web

Computer Vision Has Its Sights On Disrupting Search

16d ago - You do two things when you type a query in a search engine: you provide the search engine with ob... | Web

Here’s a nifty little trick to unlock Netflix’s world of hidden categories

16d ago - These secret Netflix codes will unlock a world of hidden categories you may have never known exis... | Web

Harnessing the Internet of Things for Global Development

17d ago - As world leaders gathered in late 2015 to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there w... | Web

What's the best web browser for the Mac? The benchmarks are in

17d ago - One Mac, four browsers, five benchmark tests. Which is the best web browser for the Mac? | Web

How secure are New York City's new Wi-Fi hubs?

17d ago - The first of New York City's public Wi-Fi hubs went live yesterday, offering free gigabit-fed Wi-... | Web

Cyber war isn't turning out quite how it was expected

17d ago - Who needs hackers when old-fashioned bolt cutters are more useful than cutting-edge digital weapo... | Web

6 free home-inventory apps that will help cover your assets

18d ago - Stuff happens. Catalog your household goods in case it does. | Web

How to build the ultimate free PC security suite

18d ago - PC World: If you have a PC, you’re a target. You need security software. That's as true today as... | Web

Folders and labels: The trick to organizing Gmail

18d ago - Moving to Gmail can be confusing, especially when it comes to organization. You need to understan... | Web

Torrent From The Cloud With Seedr

18d ago - Most people download torrents with desktop clients such as uTorrent but with a simple user interf... | Web

Is 2016 (finally) the year of IT disruption?

18d ago - Oracle's Chief Communications Officer wrote CIO and IT predictions for 2016. His points are valid... | Industry

Three things to remember when moving to the cloud in 2016

18d ago - Switching to cloud-based services can create flexibility -- but the move is not necessarily witho... | Web

Policing Meets Big Data: A Lesson In Sentiment Mining, Data Recency And Dashboards

18d ago - Almost 90% of all local police departments in the US now employ some form of surveillance technol... | Culture

An Apple a day?: HealthKit and the future of medical data

18d ago - UK citizens should be able to provide their own data to their personal health records in the next... | Web
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