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What changes will the social network Facebook have in the next period?

4h ago - The online social network Facebook give the public more information about the type of things that... | Industry

Google Wants To Speed Up The Web With Its QUIC Protocol

23h ago - You may have never heard of it, but if you are a Chrome users, chances are you’ve used Google’s Q... | Web

Fighting the next generation of cyberattacks

1d 19h ago - Computer scientists are developing software to detect so-called algorithmic attacks, an emerging... | Web

The Darkside of the Deepweb: The Blackmarket

3d ago - Total and anonymous freedom such as that seen with the Darknet comes with some problems. The most... | Culture

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Over 5 million applications for the Android system are vulnerable to hacker attacks!

4d ago - Over 5 million downloaded apps for the Android system users are vulnerable to hacker attacks that... | Web

Verizon trots out analyst to say unlimited data is bad for customers

4d ago - Got a data cap on your smartphone? You should be grateful, according to an opinion piece that Ver... | Web

Future Technology – What is it preparing for us?

5d ago - What is the future technology preparing for us? This is indeed a good question that we have to as... | Industry

Facebook will begin testing WiFi drones very soon!

5d ago - Whether in balloons, drones or satellites, many companies strive to connect the entire world to t... | Industry

This West Virginia Town Has Gone Radio Silent

6d ago - The town of Green Bank, West Virginia, sits at the heart of the National Radio Quiet Zone, where... | Culture

Here’s What Scientists Learned In The Largest Systematic Study Of Email Habits

6d ago - You probably get a lot of emails. Heck, maybe someone even sent you this article in an email. And... | Web

How ‘top 10’ lists trick the mind

6d ago - The internet is awash with information that’s been sliced and diced into bite-sized chunks. But w... | Culture

Twitter, YouTube, Instagram work on stealth advertising

7d ago - The quandary for those who run social media networks is how to make money on them without antagon... | Web

How to enable the new Youtube design layout

8d ago - It's just a few steps and you can easily enable the new experimental Youtube player which will su... | Web

How To Monitor WhatsApp Messages - Guide to Remote Monitoring

8d ago - I know how parents show a laid back attitude with technology these days. Very few parents would a... | Web

As encryption spreads, U.S. grapples with clash between privacy, security

9d ago - For months, federal law enforcement agencies and industry have been deadlocked on a highly conten... | Industry

New experiment tracks credit card data as it travels through the criminal web

12d ago - What happens to a credit card number once it leaks onto the web? It's an important question, as d... | Culture

How do we protect our digital legacy after death?

13d ago - Physical things which could be passed on in a will. But now, in our online lives our memories - o... | Culture

China blasts Google security move as 'unacceptable'

14d ago - A Chinese cyberspace bureau on Thursday denounced Google for deciding not to recognise the agency... | Culture

Research: Piracy Increases Literacy and Access to Knowledge

14d ago - New research published by the African Governance and Development Institute shows that piracy incr... | Culture

The Pro's and Cons of Ebooks

15d ago - Ebooks are a relatively new invention. But are they as great as companies tout them to be? | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

The 5 biggest hacks of all time

17d ago - Jane McCallion of PC Pro writes: "Hacking and hackers are the stuff of mythology, film, and often... | Culture

Most Of The Web Is Invisible To Google. Here's What It Contains

18d ago - You thought you knew the Internet. But sites such as Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram are just the... | Web

How the Outernet is connecting schools in Kenya

19d ago - Around two-thirds of the world's population still has no internet access - so how can the poorer... | Web

The end of the inbox: Companies that banned email

21d ago - Imagine it: banning email at the office. | Web

The truth about how Spyware affects you

25d ago - Do you access the internet through your computer or smartphone? If you do, you are vulnerable to... | Web
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