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Broken links

11d ago - When no ancient chat or post is beyond the grasp of Google, what matters more: the right to forge... | Culture

Alphabet's Google should disclose enterprise cloud run rate

11d ago - Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and IBM provide various levels of disclosure about their enterpris... | Web

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Why the Cloud Has a Security Problem

12d ago - The list of high-profile security breach victims reads like a Who's Who of famous companies: Targ... | Web

Facing complex challenges, Twitter should focus on its strengths

12d ago - CEO Jack Dorsey’s turnaround effort has seen the social networking firm’s shares fall 41% since O... | Web

How Microsoft briefly ran Azure from an undersea datacenter

12d ago - Microsoft thinks its Project Natick submarine datacenters could be the answer to cleaner, low lat... | Web

Tech Valuations In 2016: The End Of The Line For Sloppy Growth

13d ago - What’s going on in technology investing right now? Is this another 2001, when tech imploded? Anot... | Industry

4 Lies About Password Safety

14d ago - TechDaring: "Here are some lies that people with weak passwords tell themselves." | Web

How to Monitor your Network Usage in Windows

15d ago - TechTeria: How to Monitor your Internet Bandwidth Usage in Windows with the use of these effectiv... | Web

3 Internet of Things devices that will make your life easier

16d ago - Internet of Things is truly a great concept and we are yet to see its true power. CES 2016 gave u... | Web

Me and the Internet: A ❤ Story

18d ago - Like a lot of kids born in the mid-1980s, I grew up with the Internet. What draws a line between... | Web

Is Twitter doomed?

18d ago - The Verge: On Sunday night, following reports by Verge's sister publication Recode, Twitter confi... | Industry

The farmer who uses Facebook is more than just a trope

18d ago - When Mark Zuckerberg is singing the praises of Free Basics, Facebook’s controversial, restricted-... | Web

Enter The Grief Police

20d ago - The Atlantic The first World War transformed, along with so much else, the way people mourn. T... | Web

The Best Password Managers And How To Use Them

20d ago - Wired It's an interconnected world out there, and while it might be more convenient if one com... | Web

Facebook friends are almost entirely fake, study finds

20d ago - You can only count on about four of your friends, and most don’t even care if anything bad happen... | Web

My Favorite Thing about the Internet? Definitely the Sarcasm

22d ago - MIT Technology Review One thing digital communications doesn’t seem to have diminished is ever... | Web

How We Use Digital Media Is Drastically Changing Our Lives

22d ago - Ever feel helpless and anxious without your mobile? You're in good company: millions of consumers... | Culture

What's The Difference Between 'Mass Surveillance' And 'Bulk Collection'? Does It Matter?

22d ago - As numerous Techdirt stories make clear, the particular words used to describe something can make... | Web

Skype helps users avoid harassment by hiding IP addresses

22d ago - Microsoft is finally making IP addresses hidden by default on Skype. Reports surfaced around four... | Web

Numbers don’t lie—it’s time to build your own router

23d ago - Ars Technica: I've noticed a trend lately. Rather than replacing a router when it literally stops... | Web

Why mobile devices outrun PCs

23d ago - There was an era when I used to have fun and nonstop enjoyment playing Jewel Star 2 on my Pentium... | Industry

Computer Vision Has Its Sights On Disrupting Search

23d ago - You do two things when you type a query in a search engine: you provide the search engine with ob... | Web

Kickstarter Needs Better Ways To Sanity-Check Complex Hardware Projects, Says Zano Review

23d ago - At the back end of last year, it emerged that crowdfunding platform Kickstarter had commissioned... | Web

Here’s a nifty little trick to unlock Netflix’s world of hidden categories

23d ago - These secret Netflix codes will unlock a world of hidden categories you may have never known exis... | Web

KnowMe Is A New App For Making Better Videos On Your Phone

23d ago - After more than a year in development, KnowMe, a new video creation and sharing platform, is laun... | Industry