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GPS tracking down to the centimeter

16h ago - Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have developed a new, more computationally... | Services

Acer Agrees to Pre-Install Microsoft Products on Android Devices

16h ago - Maximum PC: Starting in the second half of 2016, Acer will start pre-installing select Microsoft... | Gadgets

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Chrome for Android can now talk to physical objects in the real world

21h ago - Google’s Physical Web allows phones to connect with devices around them, like bus stops or parkin... | Web

Google gives Forms a makeover with new notifications and insights

1d ago - Google Forms power users will have a lot to celebrate today, especially if they use the handy too... | Web

Vevo is now streaming on Apple TV and Android

1d ago - Today, the streaming service best known for hosting music videos is announcing its native Android... | Web

Microsoft will stop hiding what's inside Windows 10 updates

1d 11h ago - Microsoft's Windows 10 updates have been constant and regular since the operating system's releas... | Software

Netflix still can’t stop VPN users, despite help from Paypal

1d 18h ago - SlashGear: It has been nearly a month since Netflix told the world at large that they were coming... | Industry

“Huge” number of Mac apps vulnerable to hijacking, and a fix is elusive

1d 20h ago - Camtasia, uTorrent, and a large number of other Mac apps are susceptible to man-in-the-middle att... | Software

A call for more cloud computing transparency

3d ago - Monday Morning Opener: Cloud revenue from vendors is hard to take at face value, but there could... | Services

Twitter conversations now have their own pop-up window

3d ago - If you participate in Twitter conversations with multiple accounts, you know that once you get pa... | Web

Facebook wants 5 billion users by 2030

4d ago - The goal was put forth by CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a Facebook 12th anniversary celebration even... | Industry

Twitter 'leaving us in the dark' over state hacking claims, activists say

4d ago - More than 50 political activists say Twitter won’t answer critical questions about ‘state-sponsor... | Industry

Box makes it easier for businesses to control encryption of cloud data

4d ago - Box has made it easier for its customers to control how stored data is encrypted with an update a... | Web

Why It's Dumb to Use Smartphones to Make Card Payments

4d ago - An in-depth breakdown on NFC, MST, EMV, and why a phone's antenna, cloud-based, SaaS design, and... | Phones

Serious flaw discovered in Avast's security-focused SafeZone browser

4d ago - A Google security researcher found a serious vulnerability in the Avast SafeZone browser that doe... | Web

The 2016 Presidential Campaign – a News Event That’s Hard to Miss

4d ago - About nine-in-ten Americans learn about the election in a given week, but they are divided over t... | Web

Indian telcos fail to maintain quality of services: Report

4d ago - An audit report from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has dismissed claims by the govern... | Industry

Windows 10: Enterprise State Roaming will help you take your settings with you

4d ago - A new Windows 10 feature allows business users to sync data and settings across devices using the... | Services

4 Reasons Tribal Lands Lack Better Access To The Internet

4d ago - Both the FCC and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture independently run several programs intended to aid... | Culture

Congress Might Actually Be Moving Forward On Fixing Outdated Email Privacy Law

4d ago - TechDirt: We've been talking about and asking for ECPA reform for many, many years, and it might... | Web

How Facebook updated 'six degrees of separation' (it's now 3.57)

4d ago - If you pick any two Facebook users, it's been calculated there's an average of 3.57 "degrees of s... | Culture

Amazon Alexa Can Now Order An Uber From Your Echo Speaker Or Fire TV

5d ago - It’s been a big week for Amazon’s connected speaker Echo. First the company rolled out a way to o... | Gadgets

You Misunderstand Foursquare. It’s comScore, Not Instagram

5d ago - "Foursquare is not a consumer social app business, it’s a data company. And only when it admitted... | Software

Comodo will fix major flaw in knock-off Chrome browser

6d ago - Comodo said it is planning to release on update on Wednesday that fixes a severe vulnerability in... | Web

Spotify gives Amazon Echo a dose of on-demand music

6d ago - Amazon Echo gets millions more songs with Spotify, but only with a $10 per month Premium subscrip... | Web
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