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Amazon Redesigns Its Login Page For The First Time In Decades

1d 4h ago - Amazon has built its brand around consistency-it rarely follows popular user interface trends, an... | Web

Google X: Project Wing to use drones to make deliveries

1d 5h ago - "Project Wing from Google X laboratories aims at same-day delivery service, trumping Amazon’s dro... | Gadgets

Samsung Announces UHD Ecosystem Expansion with Leading Content Partners in Advance of IFA 2014

2d ago - Samsung Blog - Samsung expanded its UHD ecosystem by working with global content partners, includ... | Video

TechTagger reunites lost electronics with it's owners

2d ago - Would you return a valuable item of tech if you found it with a sticker on it reading 'For good k... | Culture

Follow TechSpy on Twitter

Now - You can now follow TechSpy on twitter and get the hottest news of the day as well as early contest announcements. | Promoted post

Mexico is undergoing a streaming music revolution

2d ago - Music Week: Revenues generated by streaming music services in Mexico have exploded in the past 12... | Software

Samsung’s new smartwatch, the Gear S, can make calls and go online without a smartphone

2d ago - Samsung took the wraps off the Gear S today, its next-generation smartwatch that comes with 3G co... | Gadgets

Heritage bank power suit the new way of payment

3d ago - Recently Heritage Bank in Australia comes up with Japanese clothing manufacturer MJ Bale to do so... | Industry

Unofficial Windows XP Service Pack 4 coming soon

4d ago - A software developer from Greece who goes by the handle “harkaz” has been working hard to build a... | Industry

How to pick a lock with a 3D printed bump key

4d ago - 3D printing allows us to make anything our imagination can offer. Most of the time it’s being use... | Culture

Is It the Right Time for HubSpot's $100M IPO?

4d ago - The Cambridge, Mass.-based marketing automation provider filed for an IPO late today hoping to ra... | Services

Facebook Tackles Clickbait, Reels In Rockin' Headlines

4d ago - Facebook could be the ultimate social media party pooper. Earlier this month it shut the gates on... | Services

Dropbox Keeps It Simple, Consolidates Pro Plans to a Single $10 Per Month Tier

4d ago - Maximum PC: Dropbox helped popularize the concept of cloud storage, and in effort to remain relev... | Web

Ozark Schools Building Tech Skills For The Future

4d ago - Younger grades aren't left out. While they're not distributed on a one-to-one basis, iPads are pl... | Services

Facebook Needs A Real Mute Button

4d ago - Sick of seeing all the ice bucket challenge videos on Facebook? Too bad, my friend, you're stuck... | Web

YouTube will soon give you the option to import your Google+ videos

5d ago - Google will soon give YouTube users the ability to import videos from their Google+ account.From... | Services

RoboBrain marks the dawn of cloud robotics

5d ago - "RoboBrain is the new attempt of artificial intelligence researchers to create a cloud-based data... | Hi-tech

The 10 worst Apple products ever

5d ago - Apple is known for the hit products it has released in the last decade: iPod, iPhone and most rec... | Services

15 Twitter hacks that will turn you into a tweeting ninja

6d ago - Admit it. Sometimes, your Twitter life is messy. You follow hundreds of people — maybe thousands.... | Web

Backup Service Kicks Customer Over “Infringing” Torrent Files

7d ago - Cloud storage and backup service Zoolz has terminated the account of a customer who stored a few... | Web

Peggo online DVR puts YouTube and SoundCloud on your desktop

7d ago - It’s safe to say that most people have favorite YouTube audio or video content that they’d like t... | Industry

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Two Countries, Two Vastly Different Phone Bills

7d ago - NY Times - If your monthly cellphone bill seems high, that may be because American cellphone serv... | Services

Sony is finally bulldozing its decrepit, abandoned PlayStation Home in Japan

7d ago - VB - PlayStation Home is coming to an end — at least in Japan. Sony announced today that it wi... | Services

Microsoft Research Shows Off “DeLorean,” Its Tech For Building A Lag-Free Cloud Gaming Service

7d ago - TechCrunch - When looking to the future of gaming, few concepts get people as excited as the myth... | Services

Microsoft Mobile to launch Miracast Dongle HD-10. Passes certifications at FCC & WiFi Org

7d ago - NPU - It seems Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 mayn’t be the only devices to be launched at IFA 2014 in B... | Software

Why Microsoft Azure could have the last laugh in the cloud wars

8d ago - Venture capitalist Brad Feld recently wrote an interesting post predicting the end of Amazon's do... | Services
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