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Twitter co-founder Evan Williams: 'I don't give a s***' if Instagram has more users

43d ago - In an interview, Evan Williams doesn’t mince words comparing Twitter to Facebook-owned Instagram. | Web

Machine learning makes its way into Office Online with “Insights for Office”

43d ago - Microsoft is big on Machine learning these days and have showed off some pretty neat things with... | Software

Sony Warns Netflix to Buckle Down

43d ago - This came to light because of the leakage of emails from Sony after their computers were hacked r... | Web

YouTube is now your one-stop shop for GIF creation

43d ago - YouTube has been rolling out some new features out this week and one of them is the ability to cr... | Web

Follow TechSpy on Twitter

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Facebook Doesn't "Like" The Dislike Button

44d ago - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg discussed the possibility of adding a 'dislike' button to Facebo... | Industry

T-Mobile becomes first mobile carrier to offer free in flight texting

46d ago - If you’re not already a T-Mobile customer, then their latest announcement may give you a reason t... | Services

Facebook did what they should have done ages ago

46d ago - Looks like Facebook finally did something useful by offering users the ability to search for spec... | Services

Amazon Instant Video Now Offers 4K Ultra HD Movies and TV Shows

46d ago - Cord Cutters News: In addition to all the great Ultra HD movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Inst... | Industry

Microsoft doesn’t care which boat you use, as long as your boat is in their ocean.

47d ago - Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 is set to be the most comprehensive platform ever as it will run... | PC hardware

YouTube pushes out new feature for copyrighted music

47d ago - Looks like YouTube is making things a bit easier for anyone looking to upload copyrighted music. | Services

Netflix is testing a “Tweet Me a Reminder” button on Twitter for new episodes

48d ago - Netflix and Twitter now want to make your life easier by tweeting you reminders. | Services

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul just released an app called Yo, Bitch

49d ago - The ouroboros of internet culture has found a way to eat itself all over. Aaron Paul, best known... | Services

Rabbit TV CEO Takes On Pluto TV "Just in terms of content, if they’re pluto, we’re the sun!"

50d ago - Cord Cutters News: The online TV wars are heating up with Rabbit TV CEO taking direct aim at Plut... | Industry

Get three months of Spotify premium for only 99 cents

50d ago - For a limited time only, Spotify premium is offering new users three months for only 99 cents. Ti... | Phones

How to enable Android’s new “Reader” mode in Chrome

51d ago - Android has a neat little feature that allows you to strip a compatible pages format so you get t... | Phones

Ghostery Privacy Browser Coming to Android

51d ago - Ghostery Privacy Browser is coming to Android. Ghostery is known for creating browser extensions... | Gadgets

NTT DoCoMo: LTE so fast, it will cook your shrimp

53d ago - If you have ever had the good fortune to spend any amount of time in Japan, you might have notice... | Industry

Amazon Employs Robot Army to Help Fulfill Holiday Sales

53d ago - Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year, and it follows on the heels of Black... | Industry

Tumblr overtakes Instagram as fastest-growing social platform

56d ago - With 1.35 billion monthly users, Facebook might be the world's largest social network but it seem... | Services

Bavaria plans free wifi for 'whole state'

56d ago - Finance minister Christian Söder wants to drag Bavaria online with an ambitious plan for far-rang... | Services

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Four-year-old comment security bug affects 86 percent of WordPress sites

57d ago - A Finnish IT company has uncovered a bug in WordPress 3 sites that could be used to launch a wide... | Web

Uber suspends operations in Nevada after ruling

57d ago - Uber suspended operations in Nevada late Wednesday, after a Washoe County District Court judge gr... | Industry

Social media told to simplify terms and conditions

57d ago - Social networking firms including Facebook and Twitter are being told to make it clearer to membe... | Web

Facebook’s Real Name Policy is Back

57d ago - Facebook have pushed ahead with the enforcement of their ‘real name’ policy, which requires users... | Services

Microsoft Appears To Pre-Announce Its Purchase Of Email Startup Acompli

57d ago - A short, unfinished blog listed as written by Microsoft corporate vice president Rajesh Jha hit t... | Web