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Cable companies hike broadband prices while losing subscribers

16d ago - Cable companies appear to have found the perfect antidote to cord-cutters — jack up the price of... | Services

Lyft Accuses Former COO Of Stealing Confidential Documents Before Joining Uber

16d ago - On-demand rides startup Lyft is taking its former COO Travis VanderZanden to court for breach of... | Industry

Review: ShareFile from Citrix is going to give Microsoft & Dropbox a run for their money - UPI

17d ago - On the surface, it is easy to look at Citrix ShareFile as simply another cloud file sharing servi... | Industry

Netflix Is Coming To Australia In 2015

17d ago - Cord Cutters News: Netfix has announced that it will be launching in Australia sometime in 2015.... | Industry


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Wiper Messaging App Lets You Erase Your Messages from Other's Phones

17d ago - Does the world really need another messaging app, probably not, but at least Wiper is doing some... | Culture

Microsoft will bring other cloud saving options to Office 365 & will off Google Docs in the process

17d ago - Two days ago, Microsoft dropped a bomb on the cloud industry by announcing that they were partner... | Industry

Uber charges man $539 for 18-mile Halloween ride

17d ago - GOLDEN, Colo. — A Denver man got a very unpleasant surprise when he realized how much he had been... | Culture

RC Plane equipped with turbine Jet engine reaches speeds of 440 MPH

18d ago - What happens when you equip an RC Plane with a turbine engine? The Need for Speed. | Culture

Next Wave of Apple Pay Bank Launches Begins With Navy Federal, USAA, US Bank, PNC

18d ago - Apple's October 20 debut for Apple Pay included support from many of the biggest banks in the Uni... | Industry

26-Year-Old Successfully Crowd Funds To Pay For Her $362 Halloween Uber Ride

18d ago - A woman named Gabi woke up on her 26th birthday and discovered the 20-minute Uber ride she took t... | Services

Time Warner Cable Still Feebly Argues Caps Offer 'Value'

19d ago - When asked this week by an analyst whether over the top video services would ultimately drive Tim... | Services

Facebook CEO Fielding Community Questions This Week

20d ago - VRFocus - Along with unprecedented publicity, excitement and money, a lot of questions were raise... | Services

Apple Pay Vs. Google Wallet

20d ago - When Apple Pay debuted on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, a media frenzy erupted and many declared the w... | Services

Google fined $2,250 for showing woman’s boobs on Street View

20d ago - The incredible technology behind and extreme usefulness of Google’s Street View service has helpe... | Services

Google's Copresence Looks Like A Contactless, Cross-Platform Version Of Android Beam

20d ago - Several months ago, we discussed something called Nearby, a project that - at the time - seemed t... | Services

Google Calendar Gets an Overhaul

20d ago - If you've been complaining about Google Calendar, those day may be over. Google just recently gav... | Web

Selling Netflix Accounts Is Big Money

20d ago - Cord Cutters News: Stealing Netflix logins and selling them is turning into the next big money ma... | Industry

Spotify is a much better place after T. Swift pulls entire catalog from streaming service

20d ago - The internet is in a uproar after the news of Taylor Swift removing her entire catalog from Spotify. | Culture

This is the sexiest smartwatch ever

22d ago - With all the different kinds of smartwatches on the market, this MB Chronowing set's its self apart. | Gadgets

I tried the Taco Bell app and I hate myself for it

23d ago - Have you tried the new Taco Bell app? I did, and my experience may help you avoid it or run to yo... | Culture

Get paid to review products

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130° is the easiest way to send a personalized message to friends

25d ago - I think I may have found the easiest way to flip someone the bird on internet using this new mess... | Culture

Futuristic Windowless Plane Will Give Passengers The Real Joy Of Air Travel

25d ago - The possibilities are endless with modern technology. The next generation of commercial aircraft... | Culture

CurrentC Hacked

25d ago - In a continuing to develop story of CurrentC vs Apple Pay, CurrentC has just taken a blow with it... | Services

This Interactive Will Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

25d ago - There's a lot of tips out there on how to improve your smartphone battery, but we collected them... | Culture

Are you ready for Android 5.0 lollipop ?

25d ago - The largest and most ambitious release for Android yet! This release is packed with new features... | Industry