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BlackBerry Passport, Classic will arrive in US this month

13d ago - BlackBerry addicts in the US will be happy to know that on February 20, AT&T will begin selling t... | Phones

Facebook Is Working on Virtual-Reality Apps (That It Thinks Beyoncé Will Use)

13d ago - Turns out that some of Facebook’s plans for VR may involve content produced by its own users — as... | Hi-tech

Uber For Massage Startup Soothe Raises $1.7 Million To Deliver Massage Therapists To Your Door

13d ago - As the entire world moves on-demand, it’s not a huge surprise that professional services like mas... | Services

AT&T To Match Google Fiber Speeds, Prices In Kansas City And Suburbs

13d ago - The fiber wars — competition that could make Kansas City a rare American market offering home cus... | Industry

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How to turn off those pesky new chirping sounds in Facebook

13d ago - Facebook just rolled out an update to its mobile app that adds chirping sounds anytime you tap a... | Audio

The Next Internet Is TV

13d ago - Websites are unnecessary vestiges of a time before there were better ways to find things to look... | Services

Could Nvidia Win Big With A GRID Game Streaming Box?

14d ago - Nvidia has a streaming game service called GRID, which it debuted last year via its Shield dedica... | PC hardware

Add 100GB to your OneDrive for FREE

14d ago - Microsoft recently extended a promotion for an extra 100GB of storage space for their OneDrive se... | Services

FAA unveils drone rules; Obama orders policy for agencies

14d ago - The Federal Aviation Administration has released its long awaited proposals for operating small c... | Gadgets

What Size Battery Would You Need to Power Your House?

15d ago - It seems like Tesla might be making a battery for your house. Would that be cool? I think so. But... | Services

If phones can be unlocked in the US, why not in the UK?

17d ago - Which? - "All mobile operators in the US will now have to unlock mobile phones or tablets at the... | Industry

Japan Has More Car Chargers Than Gas Stations

17d ago - There are more electric-car charging points in Japan than there are gas stations. That surpris... | Industry

Top cable lobbyist: ‘Customer service right now is completely unacceptable.’

17d ago - Here's something you probably didn't expect the cable industry to admit: "Customer service right... | Industry

The Pirate Bay is up and running after temporary outage

17d ago - Luckily for torrenters, the problem boiled down to a hosting problem, which has since been resolv... | Web

Sprint says U.S. telecoms will invest despite stronger net neutrality

17d ago - With its surprise endorsement of a stricter U.S. regulatory regime for Internet service providers... | Industry

Why Tesla's battery for your home should terrify utilities

17d ago - Earlier this week, during a disappointing Tesla earnings call, Elon Musk mentioned in passing tha... | Services

CoPatient is a Boston startup helping you fight back against high medical bills

18d ago - When is the last time you looked at one of your recent medical bills? If you're not keeping a vig... | Culture

Native Americans Say Facebook Is Accusing Them of Using Fake Names

18d ago - Dana Lone Hill tried logging on to Facebook last Monday only to be locked out because the social... | Culture

Tesla plans a home battery pack to help keep the lights on

18d ago - Tesla's crusade against fossil fuels could soon hit home with a battery-powered energy pack. The... | Gadgets

How one bad line of code shut down UK air traffic for an hour

18d ago - Shortly before the Christmas vacation break got under way, a single line of bad code at the UK's... | Software

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What Happnes To Your Facebook When You Die?

18d ago - Now you can give someone power of attorney over your digital life. Today Facebook began letting u... | Web

Google adds medical & health info to its search results

18d ago - Starting in the next days, when you ask Google about common health conditions, you’ll start getti... | Services

NoFlyZone Lets You Establish A No-Fly Zone Over Your Property

18d ago - If your first reaction to a drone flying over your house is getting out your M16 for some target... | Gadgets

Box EKM Gives Customers Their Own Set of Encryption Keys

18d ago - Maximum PC: Cloud storage provider Box is experimenting with a new security solution called Enter... | Web

KickassTorrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure

20d ago - KickassTorrents has lost access to its domain name and is currently offline. The Somal... | Web