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Will Cortana, the Windows Phone assistant, come to other smartphone platforms?

11d ago - One of the more exciting aspects of Windows Phone 8.1 is the appearance of Cortana, a Siri-like v... | Software

Amazon Seeks FAA Permission to Test its Drones Outdoors

11d ago - Bloomberg Inc. (AMZN), which wants to deliver packages by drone, asked aviation reg... | Services

Verizon Working With Netflix to Improve Streaming Quality

11d ago - Bloomberg Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) said it’s “aggressively” working with Netflix Inc.... | Services

Airtel invites show cause notice from DoT for hiding caller identity

12d ago - Airtel invited the wrath of DoT (Department of Telecommunications) in Madhya Pradesh by hiding ca... | Services

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Amazon Goes After Box, Dropbox And Huddle, Launches Zocalo For Secure Enterprise Storage

12d ago - E-Commerce giant Amazon has made huge competitive inroads into the cloud services market with Ama... | Web

Apple's App Store turns 6

12d ago - Six years already? How time flies! | Software

Forget the Shortest Route Across a City; New Algorithm Finds the Most Beautiful

12d ago - If you prefer beautiful routes over short ones, GPS mapping algorithms are of little use. But Yah... | Services

Amazon offers 100% of E-Book Sales to Hachette Authors

13d ago - TechFrag - "Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, had been haggling with Hachette, one of the wor... | Web

Tata Docomo and Youtube partnership to offer cheap video streaming plans

13d ago - My Tech Update - Tata Docomo, Youtube and Hyderabad based Apalya Technologies have joined hands t... | Web

Netflix Pays People For Watching Movies All Day

13d ago - Everyone’s dream job is here – getting paid for watching movies and TV all day long. Your only jo... | Services

California law criminalizing juror electronic use repealed

14d ago - Jurors who live-tweet trials and research their cases online will no longer face criminal charges. | Culture

Startup’s Plan to Remake Banks and Replace Credit Cards Just Might Work

14d ago - Wired “I don’t know if I want to own a bank. But I do want to lend money in a transparent way,... | Services

Slingshot Opens Up Netflix to Kiwis

14d ago - NZ Herald: Slingshot has just made it a lot easier for its customers to access television and... | Web

Why Facebook is beating the FBI at facial recognition

14d ago - If you're worried about Big Brother and computerized facial recognition, this summer has given yo... | Web

South Korea forces Google and Apple to offer app refunds

14d ago - An antitrust decision in South Korea has forced Google and Apple to revise their app refund polic... | Software

Google Co-Founder Says People Shouldn't Have to Work So Much

14d ago - If you really think about the things you need to make yourself happy -- housing, security, opport... | Culture

Greentoe lets you Bargain over products of your interest

14d ago - TechFrag - "A revolution in online shopping” because it lets its potential buyers negotiate price... | Web

Scientists Are Still Using Facebook to Study Human Behavior

14d ago - If there was any doubt that large-scale experimentation on social network users would continue af... | Culture

AWS-3 Wireless Spectrum Auction Will Be Tailored Toward New Players

15d ago - CBC Canada's government will again tailor the next auction of wireless spectrum to make it eve... | Industry

Studies suggest too much Twitter may result in the Deterioration of your Relationships

15d ago - TechFrag - "According to recent studies, it was revealed that excessive use of Twitter will likel... | Web

Yahoo Voices And Contributor Network Closing Down In August

16d ago - Anu Kind Of View says- "Yahoo Voices and the contributor network is shutting down, I give the det... | Industry

YouTube, following Netflix, is now publicly shaming internet providers for slow video

16d ago - When videos blur, buffer, or won’t play altogether, YouTube is now pinning the blame on your inte... | Industry

I declare independence from Google

17d ago - Fifth in a series. Two years ago today, I stepped away from Apple, following a boycott later aban... | Web

The NSA Is Targeting Users of Privacy Services, Leaked Code Shows

18d ago - If you use Tor or any of a number of other privacy services online or even visit their web sites... | Web

China approves Lenovo, IBM $2.3 billion server deal

18d ago - The Chinese Ministry of Commerce's anti-monopoly bureau has approved Lenovo Group's proposed $2.3... | Industry