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Google is testing drones in US airspace by piggybacking on Nasa exemption

15d ago - The Guardian: Documents show the tech company has skirted regulations for private firms for a yea... | Gadgets

Top UK Advertisers Place 73% Fewer Ads on Pirate Sites

16d ago - The City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit says it is making excellent progress i... | Industry

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Hulu Doesn’t Want You To Binge-Watch Its New Exclusive Shows

16d ago - If you’re still a bit bleary-eyed because you stayed up late watching all of the Wet Hot American... | Web

Lawsuit Alleges Uber Is Spamming Consumers With Illegal Texts

16d ago - The concept of ride-sharing service Uber is built around consumers’ use of mobile phones: the com... | Services

Interview with Swati Bhargava: Founder of Cashkaro, and Leading Entrepreneur of India

16d ago - The journey of a lady who started a successful cash-back business with her husband in the UK and... | Culture

How Much Contamination is OK on NASA's Mars 2020 Rover?

16d ago - Astrobiology Magazine: When the Mars 2020 rover arrives on the Red Planet, one of its primary mis... | Hi-tech

Philadelphia Asks Comcast Why It’s Not Treating Its Hometown As Well As Other Cities?

16d ago - Philadelphia is Comcast’s hometown. Its current skyscraper looms like a giant thumb drive over th... | Industry

Verizon Tests Internet Technology That's 10X Faster Than Google Fiber

17d ago - "Verizon says it has successfully tested new technology that would allow it to deliver Internet b... | Web

Lenovo used a hidden Windows feature to ensure its software could not be deleted

17d ago - TheNextWeb: A recently uncovered feature – which had been swept under the rug – allowed new Lenov... | Software

Twitter 'snooping' requests double in UK

17d ago - BBC: Requests for Twitter users' personal information more than doubled in the UK in 2015, accord... | Culture

Warner Bros. Obtains Injunction Against 16 Torrent Sites

17d ago - Warner Bros. has obtained a blocking injunction against 16 Russia-based torrent sites, including... | Industry

Want fiber Internet? That’ll be $383,500, ISP tells farm owner

17d ago - Internet service providers often charge thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to extend... | Industry

DOE wind power 2014 report finds it’s dropping dramatically in cost

17d ago - fter years of uninterrupted success, wind power experienced a bit of a pause around the start of... | Industry

Airliners Vs Drones: Calm Down

17d ago - A commercial airline pilot with 30 years' experience claims the threat of drones crashing into ai... | Gadgets

Amazon leases warehouse in prime position to deliver food to London

17d ago - The Guardian: Move fuels rumours that company is planning imminent launch of UK grocery service t... | Culture

France and the UK are on the edge of Kafkaesque surveillance

17d ago - The Guardian: Surveillance laws being debated around the world should avoid the recent fate of th... | Culture

Pornhub launches an all-you-can-watch subscription service for $9.99 a month

17d ago - For Internet n00bs who don't know they can get p0rn for free, now Pornhub will let you pay. | Industry

Robots collaborate to deliver meds, supplies, and even drinks

17d ago - "If companies like Amazon and Google have their way, soon enough we will have robots air-dropping... | Hi-tech

In just 2 years, Zynga’s daily average users have fallen by half

17d ago - Cyrus Farivar of Ars Technica writes: Have you played any Zynga games lately? Yeah, we didn’t thi... | Web

Yahoo is trying to become one of the smartphone cool kids

17d ago - The Internet giant wants to make sure it's relevant on mobile devices -- especially among young p... | Industry

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The FCC Wants To Know How Mobile Data, Broadband Caps, And High Prices Shape Broadband Access

17d ago - It’s the FCC’s job to determine if broadband internet service is reaching enough people, quickly... | Industry

German Court Will Issue Pirate Site Blocking Decision in November

18d ago - Germany's Supreme Court says it will hand down a decision on the country's first 'pirate' website... | Culture

Anti-Piracy Group Hits Indie Creators For Using the Word ‘Pixels’

18d ago - An anti-piracy firm working for Columbia Pictures has hit Vimeo with a wave of bogus copyright ta... | Culture

EFF Told to “Shut the Hell Up” About SOPA

18d ago - Warnings from the EFF this week that Hollywood is making renewed efforts to obtain SOPA-like powe... | Culture

Cyberattack on UK's Carphone Warehouse leaves up to 2.4 million customers at risk

18d ago - techSpot: UK-based mobile device retail giant Carphone Warehouse has admitted that up to 2.4 mill... | Web