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American Users Spend An Average Of 40 Minutes Per Day On Facebook

3d ago - American Facebook users spend way more time on the social network than exercising. Mark Zuckerber... | Services

Here's how to check who is using your Wi-Fi on windows

5d ago - TechFrag - "Protect your Wi-Fi and know who is using it." | Software

My Uber got pulled over by the Denver police — and then things got really weird

6d ago - Geek Wire: Colorado is the self-described “vanguard” of innovation. But that’s not really how it... | Culture

Microsoft releases new video showing what Cortana can do for you

10d ago - Microsoft has just started pushing their Windows Phone 8.1 update to Lumia users, and perhaps the... | Gadgets

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Congress wants to shut down broadband competition

10d ago - An amendment introduced by Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) will block the FCC's plan to allow cities to s... | Services

Google and Dropbox Plan to Kill Patent Trolls Without the Government's Help

11d ago - Rather than wait for lawmakers to put an end to patent trolling, a handful of tech companies—incl... | Services

Microsoft Details Significant Advancement in Artificial Intelligence

12d ago - Its been a busy day as Microsoft has been pouring out announcements and information of new develo... | Web

785 organizations have come back to Microsoft after trying out Google

13d ago - Microsoft has a large footprint in the enterprise market, and it’s also where most of their reven... | Industry

This Is How Your Financial Data Is Being Used to Serve You Ads

13d ago - We've done a lot of work here at Adweek on ROI data, and a few readers have asked that we explain... | Industry

Google's New Account History Page Helps Further Control Your Privacy

14d ago - As you probably know, Google tracks quite a bit of what you do online. Much of this is to improve... | Web

How Internet Providers Get Around War Zones

15d ago - In January 2008, something sharp — mostly likely an errant ship anchor — sliced into two underwat... | Web

The war of words continues: Verizon says Netflix is the one causing internet congestion

15d ago - Verizon, in an ongoing and escalating war of words with Netflix, put up a blog post today arguing... | Web

Airtel invites show cause notice from DoT for hiding caller identity

17d ago - Airtel invited the wrath of DoT (Department of Telecommunications) in Madhya Pradesh by hiding ca... | Services

Scientists Are Still Using Facebook to Study Human Behavior

20d ago - If there was any doubt that large-scale experimentation on social network users would continue af... | Culture

Is there Another NSA Leaker?

24d ago - This morning a partial analysis of the NSA’s XKEYSCORE code was published in Germany. Jacob Apple... | Services

Comcast executives appear to share cozy relationships with regulators

24d ago - A month before Comcast announced its planned $45 billion merger with fellow cable giant Time Warn... | Services

Yahoo cleans house and kills products - again

25d ago - Yahoo is shutting down a number of poor performing products to help streamline its business. | Services

Google Is About To Take Over Your Whole Life, And You Won't Even Notice

26d ago - “I have a weird question for you,” I stammered, sitting in a hotel room across from Matias Duarte... | Services

Best Of Google I/O

30d ago - Ordering pizza from my watch? Shut up and take my money, Google! (Sam from Gadgets And Khajiits r... | Gadgets

How to Install & Run Firefox (OS) Marketplace Apps on Android Phone

43d ago - In this article you will read about step by step tutorial on how to install, run and uninstall Fi... | Software

Facebook will only become Big Brother if you let it

44d ago - Without the loss of privacy, there's no such thing as a digital life. By agreeing to cultivate... | Web

The Sharing Economy: Rent Out Your Possessions To Earn Money

44d ago - The UK economy might be recovering, but things are still tight for much of the population. In tou... | Gadgets

How to Stop Facebook From Sharing Your Browsing History

45d ago - It’s official that Facebook is using your website and app data from your browsing habits to provi... | Web

Where to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup live online, and how to stream it without cable

48d ago - The 2014 FIFA World Cup is about to start in Brazil this week, and with it, fans around the world... | Web

How to Automatically Backup All Text Messages on Android to Gmail

49d ago - Everyone knows that backing up text messages or sms on Android to gmail account is a very simple... | Software
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