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How Mobile Apps Are Transforming The Job Search

21h ago - TC: "Searching for a job is just like dating, banking or procrastinating on chores until someo... | Industry

Why do Black Friday and Cyber Monday exist?

2d ago - We're in the most important shopping period of the year as we approach the long weekend of Black... | Culture

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Using the Internet 100x more efficiently

4d ago - Storage and network bandwidth often substitute for each other, depending on which is cheaper. Now... | Web

Google+ gets the pivot of the year

5d ago - Google's forced integration of everything with Google+ failed. So in the past year, the company h... | Web

IPOs, the New Down Rounds?

5d ago - It’s become a meme in tech circles, “IPOs are the new down round,” venture capitalists quip. | Services

Publishers: Here’s your counter-move to Apple’s ad blocking

6d ago - With Apple pushing ad blocking with its iOS9 release, and with the whole online advertising ecosy... | Industry

How to Keep Your Smart Devices From Exposing Your Data

8d ago - In 2015, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be purc... | Web

Amazon’s Ingenious Scheme to Undermine Black Friday

8d ago - Depending upon your outlook, Black Friday is either a time-honored US shopping holiday or the mis... | Culture

What happens to your Facebook profile after you die

8d ago - The BBC explores just what happens to a Facebook profile after an individual's passing. | Culture

I Used an 'Anti-Turing Test' to Prove Facebook's A.I. Has a Human Helper | Huffington Post

9d ago - Arik Sosman of the Huffington Post writes: Facebook has recently launched a limited beta of its... | Web

How does IS communicate securely?

10d ago - In the wake of the terrible events in Paris, governments around the world have renewed their call... | Web

3 iPad-only features by iOS 9

11d ago - iOS 9, the latest iteration among the iOS family, has something extra for the big screen devices.... | Gadgets

If You Want Tech Freedom, Congress Needs To Change A Law

11d ago - Freedom is critical to the economic engine of Silicon Valley, but laws are not often written to p... | Culture

Facebook Is the Best Place to Say You’re OK During a Crisis. Is It the Right Place?

11d ago - With Paris in crisis on Friday evening, people were scrambling for news, not just about what was... | Web

Aaron Levie, Box And A Whole Pile Of Apps

11d ago - Box’s recent platform push is more than a new product direction for the company. The service may... | Web

How to Make Math Tangible With 3D Printing

12d ago - Conor MacCormack: "A recent report released by the National Assessment of Educational Progress sh... | Hi-tech

Email Is the Best Way to Reach Millennials

12d ago - With $200 billion in annual buying power by 2017, Millennials have become every brand’s coveted c... | Web

I let Google's Autoreply feature answer my emails for a week

12d ago - Mat Smith: "The biggest problem I have is how terse the replies can often be. As one colleague re... | Software

YouTube Red Subscriptions Just Might Mean a Better YouTube for Everyone

13d ago - When YouTube revealed YouTube Red, the long-awaited ad-free subscription version of its popular I... | Web

The direction of computing is only going in one way—to the cloud

13d ago - After a rocky start, open-source and hybrid cloud initiatives have righted the ship. | Web

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

The Ad Blocking Kingpin Reshaping the Web as He Prefers It

14d ago - Wladimir Palant, Adblock Plus, and the (profitable) war against unacceptable ads. | Web

YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids: What's the difference?

14d ago - With the recent launch of YouTube Music, we now have four different YouTube apps. YouTube's becom... | Software

Here's why Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is completely wrong about Hulu

14d ago - For a long time now, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has told anyone who will listen that Hulu is a big... | Industry

Facebook misfires: Weird apps and experiments that never took off

15d ago - Today, Facebook launched Notify, an iPhone app that sends news alerts to your phone's homescreen.... | Web

How Instagram Solved Its Justin Bieber Problem

16d ago - Hui Ding took a job at Instagram about three years ago, just as the photo-happy social network wa... | Culture
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