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The state of Linux gaming in the SteamOS era

48d ago - After 14 months in beta, where does Valve's new platform push stand? | Software

Dear Google Fiber: Please, please, please come to Boston and rescue me from Comcast

49d ago - Brad Reed of BGR: I was reading an article on ZDNet Tuesday morning about Google Fiber and had... | Services

7 things Net neutrality won't do

49d ago - After the FCC adopted new Net neutrality rules, consumers are left scratching their heads about w... | Services

Why the fax machine isn’t quite dead yet

51d ago - The clunky fax machine has been around for longer than you might think. And it’ll be a while yet... | Services

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Rapid data transfer thanks to quantum physics

51d ago - RUB engineers have developed a new concept for accelerating data transfer in server farms. To thi... | Industry

OBS Guide: How to Stream to Twitch

51d ago - Many of us want to stream, but setting up the software can be tricky at times. So here's a handy... | Services

Vurb Is Crazy Enough To Fight Google

52d ago - Google Search was not built for mobile. It’s all about lists of web pages, but the small screen i... | Services

Hands On With "YouTube Kids" | Tech Crunch

53d ago - Sarah Perez of Tech Crunch explores Google's new child friendly app for YouTube. | Software

Inside the robot house: Is this your future?

54d ago - Service robots that are empathetic and that can learn from you - these are just some of the techn... | Hi-tech

Twitter’s Dilemma

55d ago - Twitter is two things. It is a concept — everyone in the world connected in real time — that’s so... | Industry

Google Now can access settings on Android Lollipop

55d ago - Google Now is now able to turn things on and off using voice commands, although the feature is ex... | Software

Are Driverless Cars Really A Threat To For-Hire Car Services?

55d ago - It seems as if everyone with a screwdriver is working on their own version of the self-driving ca... | Hi-tech

Samsung's LoopPay: What it is, and why you should care

57d ago - LoopPay is a mobile-payment system that could power Samsung's smartphone transactions in the futu... | Industry

How Cable Networks Speed Up Shows To Squeeze In More Ads

58d ago - If you're still watching cable, it turns out that channels like TBS and TNT are now speeding up s... | Services

How to turn off those pesky new chirping sounds in Facebook

60d ago - Facebook just rolled out an update to its mobile app that adds chirping sounds anytime you tap a... | Audio

The Next Internet Is TV

60d ago - Websites are unnecessary vestiges of a time before there were better ways to find things to look... | Services

Could Nvidia Win Big With A GRID Game Streaming Box?

61d ago - Nvidia has a streaming game service called GRID, which it debuted last year via its Shield dedica... | PC hardware

What Size Battery Would You Need to Power Your House?

62d ago - It seems like Tesla might be making a battery for your house. Would that be cool? I think so. But... | Services

If phones can be unlocked in the US, why not in the UK?

63d ago - Which? - "All mobile operators in the US will now have to unlock mobile phones or tablets at the... | Industry

Why Tesla's battery for your home should terrify utilities

64d ago - Earlier this week, during a disappointing Tesla earnings call, Elon Musk mentioned in passing tha... | Services

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

How one bad line of code shut down UK air traffic for an hour

65d ago - Shortly before the Christmas vacation break got under way, a single line of bad code at the UK's... | Software

Wifi speeds worse in chain hotels/coffee shop than in independents

68d ago - We’re in the era of connectivity, 4G and WiFi are ubiquitous, and we’re on our devices more than... | Services

The FCC’s net neutrality proposal is awesome, but has a loophole

73d ago - Stacey Higginbotham of Gigaom: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has taken the unprecedented and awesom... | Industry

PS Vue vs Dish Sling TV for Xbox One

74d ago - "During CES 2015, two big announcements for video games were made in efforts to bring TV/video st... | Culture

"Mom and Dad, Meet Brian, My Invisible Boyfriend."

75d ago - Invisible Boyfriend gives you real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship, even if... | Culture