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Sony Releases AOSP Android 5.1 Lollipop For Xperia 2014 Line

14d ago - Sony released the first Android 5.1 Lollipop AOSP build for the Xperia Z series today. Devices th... | Software

VAIO Is Launching Its First Smartphone In Japan On March 20

16d ago - TechFrag - VAIO is launching its smartphone in Japan on March 20, in collaboration with Japan’s c... | Phones

Apple Admits Siri Voice Data is Being shared with Third Parties

17d ago - Digital Munitions: Apple admits that its Siri — an intelligent personal assistant for iPhone, iPa... | Phones

OnePlus One To Receive Cyanogen OS 12 Lollipop update In “Next Few Weeks”

17d ago - TechFrag - There is some good news for all those OnePlus One owners who have been looking for the... | Software

Filmwatch Contest Details

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LG G4 release date apparently set for April, just in time

17d ago - The LG G4 release date is supposedly set for April, which if timed right, would be the perfect ti... | Phones

New LTE study shows T-Mobile is best overall carrier for data in US

17d ago - These findings give us a clue on which carrier is the best when it comes to LTE. What we find is... | Industry

Nexus 5 permanently removed from the Google Play Store

18d ago - Google has decided to permanently remove the Nexus 5 from the Play Store. | Phones

Cyanogen adds a custom email app to its suite

18d ago - A partnership with Boxer puts a new email app on every Cyanogen device | Phones

Google Calendar for iPhone - a day late, a dollar short

18d ago - In a surprising and somewhat belated move, Apple has finally launched Google Calendar for iPhone. | Phones

Want to fool around with your friends? QUICKIE might be for you

19d ago - Quickie is an exciting new way to connect with your closest friends. | Phones

Virtual & Augmented Reality Summit Coming this April

20d ago - VRFocus: Today saw the announcement of another event set to feature virtual reality (VR) in the e... | Industry

An in depth look at Project Ara at MWC 2015

20d ago - Project Ara is Google's revolutionary modular smartphone that will allow owners to build their ow... | Phones

HTC One M9 release date and price for the US and UK revealed

20d ago - The HTC One M9 now has a release date and a price for both the US and the UK. | Phones

Bluetooth Beacons Will Help Blind People Navigate London's Tube

22d ago - A new smartphone app and Bluetooth beacon system is currently being trialled at Pimlico Station o... | Phones

Verizon Opens Pre-Orders For Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge On April 1st

22d ago - The popular network carrier Verizon has announced that pre-orders are available for recently anno... | Phones

HTC One E9 Could Launch This Month

22d ago - Although we are still under the impression of HTC's new flagship smartphone, the company already... | Phones

HTC One M9 Mini rumored to be released soon

22d ago - The HTC One M9 should be getting a Mini version, and new evidence from infamous Upleaks has surfa... | Phones

1 In 4 Phones Sold In Urban China Now An iPhone

24d ago - All stats show that the iPhone is becoming a much more popular device in China and new data revea... | Industry

Apple officially World's number one cellphone maker

24d ago - Apple has dethroned Samsung by outselling the Korean tech giant and achieving the top spot in glo... | Phones

Secure Blackphone 2 Phone And Blackphone+ Tablet Unveiled At MWC

25d ago - With recent spying details, many users were wondering if there is a smartphone or tablet that no... | Phones

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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ZTE Grand S3 Now Protected Through Eyeball Verification

25d ago - TechFrag - ZTE, The company’s Grand S3 smartphone in China is now being equipped with a new featu... | Gadgets

Galaxy S6 price revealed, not as expensive as we thought

25d ago - The Galaxy S6 price has been revealed thanks to a T-Mobile giveaway. T-Mobile estimates that Sams... | Phones

Android game developers get a helping hand from Google

25d ago - The Google Play Developer Console is rolling out to Android game developers in the next few weeks... | Software

As in US, Xiaomi's Mi store in Europe will launch sans phones

26d ago - Hugo Barra, global vice president of the Chinese phone maker, says the company's accessories will... | Industry

Control Your Smartphone From Seven Feet With ultrasound technology

27d ago - Now you can control your smartphone from seven feet (2 meter) distance by using the new ultrasoun... | Software