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CES 2015: Seagate Gets Stylish with Portable Storage Drive Solutions [Video]

323d ago - Maximum PC: Peanut butter and jelly go together, and the same goes for Coke and Rum. Heck, we can... | PC hardware

LaCie's latest artist collab is a hard drive wrapped in Gorilla Glass

325d ago - For the past two years now, LaCie has revealed at least one new artist collaboration at CES, and... | Industry

PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

LaCie Announces 5TB External Hard Drive for Beefy Backups

643d ago - Maximum PC: Hard drive makers only recently began announcing 5TB capacity HDDs, but it looks like... | PC hardware

LaCie and Porsche Design Tag Team a Sleek USB 3.0 Thumb Drive

777d ago - Maximum PC: What do fast cars and fast storage have in common? We're not sure, but let's not bemo... | PC hardware

Maximum PC | USB Head-to-Head: LaCie XtremKey vs. Corsair Flash Survivor

882d ago - Maximum PC: Rugged USB keys are nothing new, but lately they’ve reached a level of badassery prev... | Gadgets

LaCie's 'XtremKey USB 3.0' Flash Drive is Nearly Indestructible

1077d ago - Maximum PC: Come hell or high water, or even a 10-ton truck, LaCie's new XtremKey USB 3.0 flash d... | PC hardware

Seagate to buy LaCie for $186 million, expand its storage empire

1280d ago - Engadget - Seagate and LaCie have gotten friendly before -- the former company's drives are in th... | Industry

The 5 Sexiest Portable Hard Drives

1454d ago - Keep your memory and fashion sense intact by copping one of these gorgeous portable HDDS. | PC hardware

Lacie Little Big Disk Brings Enterprise Storage Capability To The Consumer Market

1733d ago - ZoKnows: "LaCie has just introduced the LaCie Little Big Disk featuring the all-new Thunderbolt t... | Gadgets

LaCie ships USB 2.0 Slim Blu-ray external burner for $265

1811d ago - Engadget: Still slinging a laptop with USB 2.0? Fret not, as that's all the bandwidth you need to... | Video

LaCie serves up SSD-based USB 3.0 FastKey, charges a pretty penny for it

1831d ago - Engadget: Get it straight, vaquero -- this ain't your mum's flash drive. LaCie's newest diminutiv... | Hi-tech

LaCie speeds up Philippe Starck mobile hard drive with USB 3.0

1841d ago - Engadget: We've always been fans of LaCie's Starck Mobile Drives, designed by the inimitable Phil... | Hi-tech

LaCie brings USB 3.0 to Mac: all you need is a driver and an expansion card

1846d ago - Engadget: Everyone at once: "freakin' finally!" While PCs -- even lowly netbooks -- have been enj... | PC hardware

LaCie's XtremKey tested... emotionally

1955d ago - Engadget: Look, we all know that the wusses at the Engadget HQ couldn't put a dent in LaCie's ult... | Gadgets

LaCie's Rugged Safe External HDD Combines Encryption with a Shock-Proof Case

2010d ago - Gizmodo: "LaCie's new Rugged Safe HDD is for the super-paranoid: it offers 128-bit AES hardware e... | PC hardware

LaCie plays media server, NAS cards with Network Space MAX

2016d ago - No monkeys here, but LaCie's latest is still worth toying around with -- particularly if you've b... | Gadgets
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