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Elon Musk from SpaceX wants to bring the Internet in space!

12h ago - The director of SpaceX is developing a network of satellites above the Earth that could speed up... | Industry

TCS: Mega bonus likely to help reduce attrition

12h ago - Nation's biggest programming exporter TCS has said it trusts the Rs 2,628-crore reward to its lak... | Industry

Netflix Sets Pricing Based on Local Piracy Rates

1d 14h ago - Netflix says that the company is pushing down piracy in countries where illegal sharing is preval... | Industry

AdBlock Plus: all you need to know as a user, and publisher

1d 23h ago - Charlotte conducted an insightful interview with AdBlock Plus and Eyeo CTO TIll Faida and media r... | Industry

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NASA started using HoloLens developed by Microsoft to explore Mars

2d ago - A new software that belongs to NASA called OnSight will allow the use of computers and holographi... | Industry

Microsoft and Yahoo Revise 10-Year Search Agreement

3d ago - Maximum PC: Yahoo search is changing, though you won't notice it right away. As is stands now, Ya... | Industry

An Artificially Intelligent Computer created by Google

3d ago - A computer created by a division of the American giant Google has managed to learn the art of pla... | Industry

Slack now valued at $2.8 billion

3d ago - Slack, the ever-growing collaboration tool for companies big and small is now valued at 2.8 billi... | Industry

Intel Gushes Over the Latest Thunderbolt 2 Products at NAB 2015

3d ago - Maximum PC: Intel is currently at NAB 2015 talking up the latest products that are compatible wit... | Industry

MergeVR Launching HMD, Motion Controller this Autumn

4d ago - VRFocus reports on the reveal of news that the MergeVR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display... | Industry

Facebook CEO Shares His Vision for Oculus VR

4d ago - VRFocus reports on the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg discussing his vision for the future of Oc... | Industry

Google Has Patented The Ability To Control a Robot Army

4d ago - "After getting a patent for giving robots personalities last month, Google now wants to unleash a... | Industry

Software Behind Sony Hack Available For $30,000 Online

4d ago - TechFrag - The software used for the hack can now be purchased. Former hackers have claimed that... | Industry

The Wireless And Cable Industries Just Sued To Kill Net Neutrality

5d ago - "The FCC officially published its new net neutrality rules to the Federal Register yesterday, ope... | Industry

Intel Revenue Falls Flat as Desktop Sales Decline, IoT Picks Up the Slack

5d ago - Maximum PC: Let's get one thing straight before the doomsday sayers come out of the woodwork -- t... | Industry

Republicans seek fast-track repeal of net neutrality

5d ago - ArsTechnica: Republicans in Congress yesterday unveiled a new plan to fast track repeal of the Fe... | Industry

Apple Just Bought An Israeli Camera Technology Company

5d ago - "Apple has acquired LinX, an Israel-based camera technology company, for an estimated $20 million... | Industry

Fire TV Now Tells You Who That Actor Is On The Screen During The Movie Or Show

5d ago - Have you ever watched a movie or TV show and wondered, "Who's that guy?", "What's she been in?",... | Industry

SPEAR - Redirect to SMB

6d ago - Cylance: We’ve uncovered a new technique for stealing sensitive login credentials from any Window... | Industry

Your smart TV is listening to you and hackers might be, too

6d ago - Which?: Be careful what you say to your smart TV. Not only are some models listening to you, but... | Industry

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Soon you will be able to control your TV with your Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV Remote

9d ago - When Brett and Jenn Epstein cut the cord and canceled their cable, they realized how frustrating... | Industry

Slush PLAY Event to Combine Videogames & Virtual Reality

10d ago - VRFocus: A new event in the global videogame conference calendar has been announced today: Slush... | Industry

Youtube Updates its Partner Terms

10d ago - YouTube just released an email that revealed their future plans: they will offer a monthly servic... | Industry

OSVR Roadmap Shows Unity 5, Windows Phone and Mac Support Incoming

10d ago - VRFocus reports on the reveal of a development roadmap for the Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR)... | Industry

FCC's net neutrality rules open door to new fee on Internet service

11d ago - Phone bill fee could start appearing on broadband bills in an expansion of the Universal Service... | Industry
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