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50,000 Uber Driver Names, License Plate Numbers Exposed in a Data Breach

3h ago - On Friday Uber posted a notice saying that the company had discovered that one of its databases h... | Industry

Google unveils plans for opulent new headquarters

3h ago - One could argue Google already revolutionized the traditional workplace environment with open fl... | Industry

White House Reveals Privacy Bill Draft; Critics Pounce On It

3h ago - A draft of the proposed Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights has been published by the White House. Th... | Industry

Twitter has tripled the size of its team handling abuse reports

11h ago - When Twitter boss Dick Costolo vowed that his company was ready to “get a lot more aggressive” ab... | Industry

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come check out how to win cool prizes this month with us on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

There are 60,000 People Testing Windows 10 for Phones

22h ago - Not long ago, Microsoft released Windows 10 for phones to participants of the Windows Insider pro... | Industry

China censorship sweep deletes more than 60,000 Internet accounts

1d 8h ago - Some of China's largest Internet companies deleted more than 60,000 online accounts because their... | Industry

Amazon To Shut Down Amazon Instant Unbox

1d 9h ago - If you use Amazon Unbox to download your Amazon Instant videos we have bad news for you; Amazon a... | Industry

Lenovo Promises No More Bloatware Starting with Windows 10

2d ago - Maximum PC: What a month it's been for Lenovo, the world's top supplier of PCs and generally a we... | Industry

How regulators and legislators make it harder for you to use solar power

2d ago - When homeowners or businesses install solar panels, state laws ensure utility companies pay for u... | Industry

Apple Holds 88.7% Of Global Smartphone Profits

2d ago - Market research firm Strategy Analytics concluded from their latest study that Apple holds a majo... | Industry

FTC Asked To Start Investigation Into Samsung Smart TVs

2d ago - The Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a complaint with the FTC asking it to investi... | Industry

Facebook: 60% Of World Has Never Been Online

2d ago - A study has been completed by, a group led by Facebook, that shows just how many peo... | Industry

Comcast Considering Launch Of A Wireless Carrier

2d ago - Comcast may actually be considering a move into wireless. The company's CEO, Brian Roberts, has s... | Industry

Google advises towns that want Fiber to 'make it easy' or 'enjoy your TWC'

3d ago - Want Google to bring its Gigabit internet service to your area? You'll have to convince your town... | Industry

Future vehicles will be virtually tested before the first prototype is built

3d ago - Future cars and trucks will be tested in a virtual environment long before the first vehicle prot... | Industry

Looks like Apple is announcing the Apple Watch on March 9

3d ago - The date has been set! Apple will is holding a press event on March for the Apple Watch. | Industry

Camera Company Lytro Raises $50 Million to Move into VR

3d ago - VRFocus- There’s no doubt that virtual reality (VR) is helping to surge the popularity of 360 deg... | Industry

LinkedIn Passwords Leaked, Users Get $1 Each In Lawsuit

3d ago - LinkedIn users were involved in a lawsuit against the business network due to a password leak tha... | Industry

The chat battle between Facebook, Google, and Microsoft escalates

3d ago - Read about the latest battle developing between Microsoft, Facebook and and Google, the search en... | Industry

Cable company drops Viacom, retains 99% of customers

3d ago - What would happen if MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and the rest of the Viacom family of cable... | Industry

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Facebook Reports 2 Million Active Advertisers

3d ago - Facebook has reached a new advertising milestone. The social network now says it has 2 million ad... | Industry

Republican FCC Commissioners Want To Delay Net Neutrality Vote

4d ago - Two FCC commissioners, both of whom are Republican, have requested that a vote on the latest net... | Industry

Crytek, Google Cardboard and More Exhibiting at VRLA Spring Expo

4d ago - VRFocus- Earlier in the month VRFocus reported on the announcement of the Virtual Reality Los Ang... | Culture

Apple ordered to pay $533 million for patent infringement

4d ago - Apple Inc has been ordered to pay $532.9 million after a federal jury in Texas found that its iTu... | Industry

Belgian groups deem Facebook's updated terms of service agreement unlawful in Europe

4d ago - Two groups, one a team of lawyers, the other made up of media consultants have together concluded... | Culture
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