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Sharp Develops 736ppi IGZO LCD Panel

7d ago - Sharp Corp developed an IGZO LCD panel with a resolution as high as 736ppi. | Industry

Sony announces its press conference for CES 2015; Sony Xperia Z4 expected to be introduced

7d ago - With CES scheduled for January 6th through the 9th next year, Sony has already released the date... | Industry

India is Xiaomi's 'biggest focus' after China, says global VP Hugo Barra

8d ago - In an interview with Quartz, Xiaomi's global VP Hugo Barra mentioned that the Chinese manufacture... | Industry

Samsung lawsuit claims that NVIDIA's benchmarks are misleading

8d ago - Samsung definitely isn't taking NVIDIA's first patent lawsuit lying down. The Korean tech firm ha... | Industry


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Microsoft to open source more of .NET, and bring it to Linux, Mac OS X

8d ago - Microsoft is planning to open source the full server-side .NET core stack and to take that open-s... | Industry

Facebook Updates Privacy Policy Using Plain Language

8d ago - Our legal system being what it is, things like terms and conditions are often spelled out in lega... | Industry

The FCC weighs breaking with Obama over the future of the Internet

9d ago - Hours after President Obama called for the Federal Communications Commission to pass tougher regu... | Industry

Verizon Admits Wireless Industry Really Not Competitive, Has No Intention of Lowering Prices

9d ago - As we just got done stating, the wireless industry would have you believe that it doesn't need ne... | Industry

Counterfeit Whistleblower Claims Ebay Turns Blind Eye to Fake Product Listings

10d ago - Can you spot a real product from a fake one simply by looking at its picture? In some instances,... | Industry

These Are The Secret Apps That Only Apple Employees Get To Use

10d ago - Apple is a company known for its secrecy. New products are developed in design head Jony Ive's to... | Industry

Here are some of the amazing startups I found at Engadget’s Expand NY

10d ago - I was recently at Engadget's Expand show in New York this past weekend. Here's some of my favorit... | Industry

Twitter's employees are deeply frustrated with the CEO — here's why

10d ago - Michael Sippey, vice president of product. Doug Bowman, creative director. Chris Fry, senior VP o... | Industry

Google now runs an airfield after signing a 60-year NASA lease

10d ago - It's official: following months of negotiations, Google now has an airfield to call its own. The... | Industry

Here’s What Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Thinks Apple And Google Do Best

10d ago - At a recent event on its Redmond campus, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella detailed his views on what G... | Industry

Spotify CEO Shows Taylor Swift the Money, Says Service Paid Labels $2 Billion to Date

10d ago - Taylor Swift, the country-turned-pop music star decided to pull all of her songs off of Spotify r... | Industry

Elon Musk’s Next Mission: Internet Satellites

10d ago - Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk shook up the automotive and aerospace industries with electric... | Industry

China suspected of breaching U.S. Postal Service computer networks

10d ago - Chinese government hackers are suspected of breaching the computer networks of the United States... | Industry

Pirate Bay Founder Peter Sunde Released From Prison

11d ago - Former Pirate Bay spokesperson Peter Sunde is a free man again. After more than five months he wa... | Industry

DARPA funds $11 million tool that will make coding a lot easier

13d ago - DARPA is funding a new project by Rice University called PLINY, and it's neither a killer robot n... | Industry

Nvidia Posts Record Revenue Following Maxwell Launch

13d ago - If you caught Gordon Mah Ung's farewell podcast last week (*sniffles*), you heard him talk about... | Industry

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AVG Technologies Approached by Potential Buyers

13d ago - AVG Technologies NV has been approached by potential buyers amid a wave of deals for security-sof... | Industry

Entrepreneur, 13, gets Intel funding for low-cost Braille printer

13d ago - (Reuters) - If Shubham Banerjee cannot lay claim to being the world's youngest venture capital-ba... | Industry

Nvidia Maxwell GM200 for Titan II and GTX 980 Ti pushed back to 2016

13d ago - Where you planning on buying the next bactch of Nvidia high-end graphic cards? A delay on the pro... | Industry

Bittorrent Wins $2.2 Million Damages From “scammer”

13d ago - With 170 million active users BitTorrent Inc. owns one of the most recognizable brands on the Int... | Industry

Google ordered to help Marvel hunt for 'Avengers' trailer leaker

13d ago - Don't mess with Disney's Agents of Marvel. A federal court in California approved Disney and M... | Industry