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Oculus' Forsyth Teases: Tomorrow is 'going to be fun'

12d ago - VRFocus reports on a tease from Oculus VR's Tom Forsyth stating that tomorrow is 'going to be fun... | Industry

Apple Is Trouncing Samsung In China

12d ago - A recent report by IDC shows that Apple has had a very solid grip in the Chinese market following... | Industry

Hacking United Airlines Could Net You 1 Million Award Miles

13d ago - Maximum PC: United Airlines is inviting security researchers and anyone else to participate in a... | Industry

Microsoft spends money in undersea cables

13d ago - "Do you know where Microsoft has last invested? It seems that they put a lot of money in undersea... | Industry

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Google is bringing us some incredible surprises

14d ago - We all know that the giant Google is always working on new things in order to improve their servi... | Industry

Apple Tops Greenpeace Clean Energy Index Based on Renewable Energy Initiatives

14d ago - Apple continues to set the bar among technology companies for its commitment to running its world... | Industry

NextVR Reveals Advisory Board, Gets Huge Investment from Mandalay CEO

14d ago - VRFocus reports on NextVR revealing its new advisory board and an investment from one new member... | Industry

Gordon Moore Predicts 10 More Years for Moore's Law

15d ago - PCMag: The man who originated Moore's Law believes the steady shrinking of computer chip circuitr... | Industry

MediaTek Helio X20 Is A Tri-Cluster, 10-Core Mobile SoC

15d ago - MediaTek today announced a new flagship SoC for mobiles and tablets. The Helio X20 is the world's... | Industry

Verizon to Buy AOL for $4.4 Billion in Cash

15d ago - Fifteen years after AOL acquired Time Warner for $165 billion in a bold effort to put entertainme... | Industry

Rightscorp Still Can’t Turn Piracy Into Straight Profit

16d ago - Piracy monetization company Rightscorp has published its results for Q1 2015 and they show that t... | Industry

Cable Company CEOs Now Say Net Neutrality Is Not A Threat To Their Business

16d ago - In the months leading up to the FCC’s vote on new net neutrality rules, the cable industry claime... | Industry

Google, Microsoft, Mastercard & ISPs Sign Anti-Piracy Agreement

16d ago - A broad coalition including Google, Mastercard, Microsoft, ISPs and anti-piracy organization Righ... | Industry

New Research Predicts Haptics Market To Be Worth Almost $30 Billion By 2020

16d ago - VRFocus reports on market research conducted by MarketsandMarkets which predicts a significant in... | Industry

FCC: Sorry, We're Not Delaying Net Neutrality Rules

16d ago - PCMag: The FCC on Friday denied a request from a group of U.S. cable companies and telecoms to de... | Industry

Tesla announces the Powerwall – A Special Rechargeable Battery

17d ago - While most people enjoy the opportunity that they can quickly reach your destination by plane can... | Industry

Android Generates More Revenue Than iOS For The First Time Ever

17d ago - For the first time in history, Android has generated more revenue than iOS. Google's mobile OS ha... | Industry

Samsung is spending $14 billion to build a ‘Samsung Semiconductor Valley’

17d ago - The profits of Samsung's smartphones may have been wavering lately, but the company apparently th... | Industry

Music Industry Reports 200 Millionth Pirate Link to Google

18d ago - The RIAA and BPI have reached a new milestone in their ongoing efforts to have pirated content re... | Industry

360fly Gets New CEO

19d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that 360fly has appointed a new CEO in Peter Adderton, who will look... | Industry

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Jaguar Land Rover’s Driver Monitor System

20d ago - Jaguar Land Rover is working with Intel and Seeing Machines to develop sensing technology that mo... | Industry

UK Devs and More React to Oculus Rift Release Date

20d ago - VRFocus delivers more comments and thoughts on the Oculus Rift release date from some of the UK's... | Industry

Tom Wheeler tells cable industry to stop complaining, start competing

20d ago - Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler spoke to cable companies at their annual c... | Industry

Samsung readies new processors to power the Internet of Things

20d ago - The hardware platform, which Samsung will reveal next week during a San Francisco event, will be... | Industry

Netflix against AT&T directive emerge

20d ago - "Netflix is in a pickle. They’re in the middle of a titanic struggle to prevent AT&T and DirecTV... | Industry