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The End Of The Startup Gold Rush, Absurd Burn Rates And Tourist VCs

8h ago - Techcrunch: "In 15 years as a venture capitalist, I’ve seen just about every market condition you... | Culture

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming The Job Search

3d ago - TC: "Searching for a job is just like dating, banking or procrastinating on chores until someo... | Industry

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

15 ways Amazon is shaping the future of consumer technology

5d ago - Since its launch in 1994, has become an e-commerce and technology leader through const... | Industry

AI's largest-scale innovations aren't happening in cars or robots but in customer service

6d ago - Self-driving cars and robots are dominating the conversation around AI. But the less-sexy, behind... | Industry

Ad blocking is a reality, but is it unethical?

6d ago - MWEB writes: "If there’s one place to debate just about anything with a stranger you’ve never met... | Culture

How TV apps are about to remake the small screen and unleash a new land grab

6d ago - The app ecosystem is finally making a real appearance on TVs and what they do next will make toda... | Industry

Why Mobile Apps Are the Next Website

10d ago - When WideNet first opened its doors in 2005 as a website design firm, people still hadn't totally... | Industry

Virtual Reality: Not Right For All Marketers, But Brilliant For Marriott

13d ago - In this day and age, there’s always a next shiny new object. A piece of technology that gets the... | Industry

Why a 4-inch iPhone 6c in early 2016 makes more sense than the ill-fated iPhone 5c

13d ago - An iPhone 6c released in the first of half of next year would face fewer challenges than the ill-... | Industry

10 hugely important IT trends for 2016

14d ago - Forget drones, FinTech and (especially) apps that claim to be 'digitally disruptive'. The big tec... | Industry

Here's why Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is completely wrong about Hulu

16d ago - For a long time now, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has told anyone who will listen that Hulu is a big... | Industry

The Biggest Cybersecurity Risk Is Not Identity Theft

17d ago - Jeff Koseff: "What would happen if a hacker edited a major news website to falsely report an anth... | Culture

The mobile world's walls are crumbling

18d ago - Ponder the photo you see above for a moment. Yes, that's Apple Music running on a BlackBerry phon... | Culture

Why I Chose The Gun And Then Silicon Valley

19d ago - TechCrunch: "In my case, I didn’t necessarily start out choosing the gun; it chose me. As a young... | Culture

Windows 10: The road so far

19d ago - MWEB TechnoZone writes: "For Microsoft users, Windows 10 was a long-awaited operating system simp... | Industry

A View From the Edge: What's Next in Startups?

19d ago - Mike Edelhart of the Huffington Post: As an early stage investor, I inevitably wind up in convers... | Industry

The Future of Virtual Reality Video Has Arrived: Hot and Ready

19d ago - Steve Rosenbaum of the Huffington Post: As the organizer of the NY Video Meetup for the past five... | Industry

Why Fintech Startups Aren’t Killing Banks — Yet

21d ago - “Fintech” is one of this year’s most ubiquitous buzzwords; it has spawned any number of colorful... | Culture

The geek distrust of telemetry risks making software dumber

21d ago - The development of today's leading programs, apps, websites and - with Windows 10 - operating sys... | Industry

Apple has learned nothing from Microsoft's Surface

21d ago - TheVerge: Apple's 12-inch iPad Pro goes on sale tomorrow, and that means CEO Tim Cook is ready... | Industry

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

What Will You Do When Russia Kills the Internet?

21d ago - Sam Volkering discusses the potential of cyber attacks and attacks on Internet infrastructure.... | Industry

Jack Dorsey has an impossible task: to make Twitter better

27d ago - Jemima Kiss: "Will 140-characters rule be axed as new CEO aims to make Twitter fly?" | Industry

Bold Prediction: Samsung Leaves The Smartphone Market By 2020

27d ago - ZDNET Less expensive Andrid phones that are "good enough" for the masses already impacting Sam... | Industry

Bad tech and regrets: 7 ways to save money and get the best out of tech

29d ago - "We are in a digital world, whether we choose to accept and acknowledge that or not. It’s better... | Industry

Cord Cutting is Accelerating in Canada

49d ago - The Man Cave Cinema writes; Cord cutting is accelerating in Canada and this is excellent news. Pe... | Industry
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