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Who will get Windows 10 for free? And what will be its price?

5h ago - Windows users are indeed very curious about what the new software from Microsoft will bring to th... | Industry

Will Apple Music be another Ping of disappointment?

5h ago - As it gets late in the day, and Apple’s launch of Apple Music tomorrow draws ever closer, many wi... | Industry

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Should Microsoft Throw In A Free Version Of Office With Windows 10?

1d 10h ago - Should a basic version of Microsoft Office be bundled with Windows 10 when it launches on the 29t... | Industry

Charter Is Acting Like a Spoiled Brat to Get TWC Merger Passed

3d ago - How does Charter convince us that buying Time Warner Cable is good for people like you and me? In... | Industry

For T-Mobile's wireless ambitions, a make-or-break moment looms

7d ago - The Uncarrier has the most to win or lose in next year's spectrum auction, including whether it h... | Industry

Apple Watch is all about function, not form

8d ago - MWEB TechnoZone writes: "Since its recent release, millions of people have bought and tried the A... | Culture

Do you really want complete digital privacy? - Digital Trends

10d ago - Gabe Carey writes, "A few weeks ago Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, delivered a speech on privacy and enc... | Industry

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)’s Push For High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Is Its Best Play Yet

11d ago - Advanced Micro Devices has been the underdogover the last decade when it comes to the CPU and GPU... | Industry

Will WeChat ever compete with WhatsApp in SA?

14d ago - MWEB TechnoZone writes: "Most South Africans are familiar with WhatsApp and many of us use the in... | Culture

10 companies Microsoft should buy to stay relevant

19d ago - Generally speaking, tech behemoths are always busy splashing cash and buying up new companies. An... | Culture

The 7 most important things Apple announced at WWDC 2015

20d ago - Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, has so far been everything we hoped for and the... | Industry

The most exciting and innovative gadgets of D&I Awards 2015

23d ago - If you are a gadget lover then we got some exciting news for you because we have details about th... | Industry

Google Chrome still the best browser but for how long?

23d ago - everybody knows it’s fashionable to complain about Chrome, the memory that handles too many proce... | Industry

VR Theories and Predictions

26d ago - VRFocus hosts an exclusive view of virtual reality from one of the leading videogame designers in... | Industry

Samsung regains first place but its profits still falling

34d ago - Samsung has returned to the top place among manufacturers of smartphones in the first quarter of... | Industry

iPad productivity apps make you effective on the tablet

34d ago - Apple and rivals have started to launch products of the same kind for a while now. We often talk... | Industry

VR vs. Oculus’ Pre-E3 Conference

35d ago - At the beginning of the month virtual reality (VR) fans were in the dark about the Oculus Rift he... | Industry

Signs that Smartwatches Are Having a Tough Time

36d ago - Take these with a grain of salt, but it appears that the smartwatch industry might be experiencin... | Industry

Apple must placate angry developers – or slide towards obscurity

38d ago - The words 'Apple' and 'developer problems' are not often used together. Ever since the App Store... | Industry

VR vs. Mac and Linux

43d ago - VRFocus delivers another in its weekly 'VR vs.' series, this time looking at Oculus' recent decis... | Industry

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Lily: The drone with a cute name and great features

43d ago - In the present, we do not really know where technology will lead us. There are so many improvemen... | Industry

Here is the Proof that Apple is Secretly Developing a Car Battery

46d ago - Business Insider For several months now, rumours of increasing credibility have circulated tha... | Industry

Autonomous cars will destroy millions of jobs and reshape the US economy by 2025

46d ago - Quartz: "Most people—experts included—seem to think that the transition to driverless vehicles wi... | Culture

Periscope and Meerkat Won’t Be the Next Big Thing… and That’s OK

48d ago - Two months ago, it appeared that two new apps had taken social media by storm, reintroducing the... | Industry

How AOL could help Verizon change its business

48d ago - Why would a wireless and broadband company like Verizon spend $4.4 billion on a digital media com... | Industry
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