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What’s up Microsoft?

2d ago - Big week of big news at Microsoft, huh? Restructuring, layoffs around the globe, a re-imaging of... | Industry

Why Cutting 18,000 Jobs Was Likely Microsoft’s Plan All Along

4d ago - Microsoft will slash up to 18,000 jobs by the end of the year. That’s 14 percent of the company’s... | Industry

Why Microsoft isn't spooked by the Apple-IBM alliance

5d ago - Nadella's plan to put services, software on all platforms means the Apple-IBM deal will have litt... | Industry

Microsoft to Make Biggest Round of Job Cuts in 5yrs. Is CEO Satya Nadella Truly Committed to Xbox?

7d ago - Twinfinite: Right at the stroke of midnight EST, Bloomberg reported that the Microsoft Corporatio... | Industry

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Why Apple’s Swift Language Will Instantly Remake Computer Programming

8d ago - Chris Lattner spent a year and a half creating a new programming language—a new way of designing,... | Industry

5 Crazy Projects Google is currently working on

12d ago - Google of 2024 is going to be much more than just the debates over Android vs iOS. It will be too... | Industry

The TSA’s Instagram Feed Is Terrifying and Totally Awesome

12d ago - The Transportation Security Administration hasn’t endeared itself to the public by shuffling ever... | Industry

Apple Well On Its Way to Absolutely Devastating Microsoft

14d ago - I have been called every name in the book that evokes clueless imbecile for my repeated takes tha... | Industry

The Next Big Programming Language You’ve Never Heard Of

14d ago - When the two men met for beers at a Seattle bar in 2005, each was in the midst of building a new... | Industry

Charging Batteries Wirelessly in a Compact, Efficient Manner

14d ago - EFY: Batteries provide power to many different applications across a wide range of industries. In... | Industry

How e-commerce experts view looming threats to the Internet

18d ago - A report released today highlights threats facing the Internet over the next decade. And e-commer... | Industry

Facebook Inc (FB)’s LiveRail Acquisition A Smart Move

19d ago - Analysts from more than one firm think the LiveRail acquisition will give Facebook even more expe... | Industry

Android TV Could Actually Succeed as a Game Console

19d ago - Google's new platform for TVs and set-top boxes puts games in the spotlight, but don't write it o... | Industry

Apple’s iPhone Recycling Program Drops Max Trade-In Value to $225 in Canada, U.S.

19d ago - Back in March, Apple finally launched its iPhone Reuse and Recycling Trade-in Program in Canada,... | Industry

Innovative Chinese Electrical Metering Technology to Save 155M ¥ Annually for Meter Manufacturers

20d ago - EFY: Suppose that you were about to purchase a player for 372 ¥ in your favorite electronics shop... | Industry

Let’s Talk Open Source: The Future of Technology

22d ago - Erika of Ghost Volta: "Free and open software (FOSS), like Android, also empowers and inspires pe... | Industry

You’ll need 165Mbps internet in just 6 years, study finds

23d ago - Google Fiber is an incredible consumer internet service — currently the best, by far — but, as th... | Industry

Why Google I/O 2014 was a joke for Indian gamers

24d ago - Sure, it’s a land of around 24 million Android devices (depending who you ask) and would grow up... | Industry

Surface Pro 3: The First 24 Hours.

29d ago - Tech~Nificant: Review / thoughts after an average first days use. | Industry

Amazon Fire Phone. Game Changer?

34d ago - Tech~Nificant: After years of R & D and many months of speculation, Amazon has introduced its fir... | Industry

Let's Talk About How This Industry Works: PNY & Kingston Aren't "Scamming" Anyone

35d ago - GamersNexus: ""Scam," "fraud," "shadiness," and "lawsuit" are all words that have been somewhat h... | Industry

The Right To Be Forgotten and How It Works

41d ago - Gmandam explains the right to be forgotten and its meaning. | Industry

Top 5 Smartphones to Consider Before the iPhone 6 Release

41d ago - With an iPhone 6 release rumored to be months away, consumers in the hunt for a new smartphone ar... | Industry

Piracy and it's Damage on the Entertainment Industry

41d ago - It's been a big few weeks for piracy advocates. On May 31st The Pirate Bay co-founder, Peter Sund... | Culture

5 Facts You Didn't Know About Google

44d ago - It's hard to imagine what our lives would be like without Google — that all-knowing, all-powerful... | Industry
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