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How Microsoft is Repairing its Image

2d ago - Margin Media writes: There's no denying that Microsoft has taken a beating from the public, start... | Industry

Are Tech Stocks About to Crash?

6d ago - On March 19, 2000, the New York Times published a Q&A with Matthew Johnson, the chief Nsadaq trad... | Industry

These Tech Companies are the New Global Superpowers

10d ago - Sam Volkering of Tech Insider talks about the big Tech players (Google, Apple, Twitter, etc...) a... | Industry

A Sale or IPO or More Funding? Here’s What Might Be Next for Square.

11d ago - Of all the many high-profile Internet companies, perhaps none has attracted more speculation than... | Industry

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

Apple and Samsung in court again: how many patents are too many?

12d ago - Alex from Margin Media writes: Following their first trial in 2012, Apple is once again taking Sa... | Industry

World War D Wrap: The Technology Revolution is Underway

13d ago - Sam Volkering of Tech Insider sums up some of the presentations of World War D. Byron King discus... | Industry

How (and why) to use an iPhone as an Apple TV remote

16d ago - CNET: Amazon announced the Fire TV yesterday, its entry in the streaming box arena that will batt... | Industry

Technology in 2014: Why the Next 10 Years Will be the Most Prosperous in History

18d ago - Sam Volkering of Tech Insider breaks down the 'Billion Dollar Trends of the Next 10 Years' "Th... | Industry

Analyst claims BlackBerry will continue to make losses for two years

19d ago - The Blazon: BlackBerry could be hit by quarterly losses for at least another two years, according... | Industry

Margin Media | Where can Facebook take the Oculus Rift?

20d ago - In case you hadn’t heard, the internet erupted in an explosion of outrage last week after Faceboo... | Industry

Five Alternatives to the Oculus Rift

20d ago - The ’80s must be pretty mad that we stole Virtual Reality from them, but they can’t be half as ma... | Industry

Is Microsoft following the beaten track to success ?

20d ago - From the new leaked updates for its next, most awaited Windows 8.1 update, it seems Microsoft has... | Industry

Is Oculus Rift Safe On Facebook's Hand

21d ago - Adam from NoobFeed writes - Recently an unexpected and shocking business truncation took place, F... | Industry

15 quirky gadgets and accessories to buy today

21d ago - It’s time for us to take another look at a bunch of quirky, imaginative and downright useful gadg... | Industry

Did Nvidia just demo SkyNet on GTC 2014? – Neural Net based “Machine Learning” intelligence explored

22d ago - WCCF: Nvidia has demoed an actual, working, Deep Neural Network Artificial Intelligence System at... | Industry

Why Facebook Buying Oculus VR is a Good Thing

22d ago - "The Oculus Rift has been marketed as the next evolution for video games and having used one, I c... | Industry

Here's Why PC Purists Shouldn't Panic Over Gartner's Latest Shipment Forecast

23d ago - Maximum PC: There's no denying there's been a shift in the mainstream PC market. People who are p... | Industry

Microsoft Should Have Acquired Oculus Rift, Not Facebook

24d ago - I’m worried about the Facebook acquisition of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Sure, g... | Industry

The 10 Highest-Rated Tech Company CEOs

29d ago - Mashable - Move over, Mark Zuckerberg — there's a new top CEO in town. Glassdoor, a website th... | Culture

Much of the Same (Samsung vs. Apple)

31d ago - TechRaptor - Prior to the unpacked 5 event , I(Matt Verniere) was really hopeful for the Galaxy S... | Industry

Apple: The Worst-Case Scenario

32d ago - Business Insider - Apple just had its biggest-ever quarter, with $58 billion in revenues, up 7%.... | Industry

Is this a search company?

40d ago - ExtremeTech: Google. When you read that word, the first thing you probably thought of was search.... | Industry

5 Traits That Will Get You A Job At Google

43d ago - Business Insider - We all look at the world through the lenses of our own unique history and curr... | Industry

Smartphone Race. Is It Samsung vs. Apple, and No Others?

45d ago - Tech~Nificant: While Apple remains the market leader, quarter depending, we've got "blurred lines... | Industry

12.2" Display. Hit or Miss?

47d ago - Tech~Nificant: The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 entered the market in some ways, just as the Gala... | Industry
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