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Watching Technology Trends Emerge In Africa

5d ago - With so much happening in the African tech market these days, it's hard to keep track. Here's a h... | Industry

Why India matters to Silicon Valley

6d ago - India added 100 million new users to the Internet in 2015, taking the country to more than 400 mi... | Industry

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Big red bridge, devs, startups: Guess the city behind this tech boom (hint: it's not San Fran)

7d ago - Born out of an economic slump, the surge in tech startups in Portugal is being driven by its capi... | Culture

With Jasper, Cisco covers IoT, cloud, software bases

7d ago - Cisco's $1.4 billion purchase of Jasper Technologies gives it a complete Internet of things stack... | Industry

Facebook never wanted to host your app: The real reasons it shut down Parse

9d ago - For those working in the “aaS” business, the Parse shutdown was the main topic of conversation th... | Industry

IBM vs Microsoft and the battle for the corporate cloud business

10d ago - It's a year since Microsoft overtook IBM in revenue terms, and now the two companies are lining u... | Industry

Alphabet: What we still don’t know

11d ago - Alphabet (GOOG), Google's recently formed umbrella company, today for the first time disclosed fi... | Industry

How Europe is fighting to change tech companies' 'wrecking ball' ethics

11d ago - "As Silicon Valley firms look to destroy ‘the existing order’, some European leaders are fighting... | Culture

A high-powered network: how Google became embedded in British politics

11d ago - Tech giant’s ‘sweetheart’ deal with the UK taxman raised eyebrows on Thursday but the company’s t... | Culture

Tech Valuations In 2016: The End Of The Line For Sloppy Growth

12d ago - What’s going on in technology investing right now? Is this another 2001, when tech imploded? Anot... | Industry

Now we know why Sony is slow to announce new products

14d ago - Sony's CES announcements this year are neatly summarized by the void of nothingness between COO M... | Industry

Android bugs made up 10 percent of Google's $2m bounty payouts - in just five months | ZDNet

15d ago - Android is shaping up to become one of the more lucrative sources of payments for security resear... | Industry

Why Japan no longer matters to PlayStation as Sony heads West

16d ago - Sony shook up its gaming division early this morning, and it is moving the center of the PlayStat... | Industry

Marketers: Personalization will become a science this year

18d ago - It’s 2016, and marketers still have trouble personalizing their outreach to customers. Only five... | Culture

How Apple Profits From A System That Abuses Children -- And Why It's So Hard To Stop

21d ago - A new report from Amnesty International suggests that companies including Apple, Samsung and Sony... | Industry

Sidecar: ‘We failed because Uber is willing to win at any cost’ | VentureBeat

22d ago - Three weeks after Sidecar announced plans to shutter its on-demand delivery service, cofounder an... | Industry

Emerging photo tech at CES 2016

23d ago - As an amateur photographer, short video producer, and gearhead, I love seeing what's new in in im... | Industry

Tech startups hoping to become household names in 2016

24d ago - Food, finance, furniture, fashion and film could be transformed if these seven promising firms ac... | Culture

Is 2016 (finally) the year of IT disruption?

24d ago - Oracle's Chief Communications Officer wrote CIO and IT predictions for 2016. His points are valid... | Industry

How To Succeed When Facing Digital Disruption

25d ago - In a digital economy, companies are constantly faced with opportunities, challenges and threats.... | Industry

Ad Blocking: A Primer

26d ago - There’s a lot of buzz right now around ad blocking. Depending on your perception, you might consi... | Industry

How Intel Eliminated War From Its Supply Chain

30d ago - Seven years ago, Carolyn Duran realized the company she worked for had blood on its hands. | Culture

Interest Rates, Unicorns And What The Fed Means To Silicon Valley

31d ago - Changes in macroeconomic forces -- starting with the interest rate hike -- could have a dramatic... | Industry

Who really owns your Internet of Things data?

31d ago - In a world where more and more objects are coming online and vendors are getting involved in the... | Industry

Business, tech leaders' challenge : Finding innovation that matters

31d ago - Every executive wants to create innovation that matters and CES 2016 gave us a glimpse on a few d... | Industry
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