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Hacking and the Power of Social Engineering

3d ago - You may think of a hacker as some social reject sitting behind a computer screen with green numbe... | Culture

Apple's new iMac 5K Retina display sets the trend in image quality - hard to match

5d ago - The October 16 Apple Keynote event was foreshadowed by hypes and leaks tirelessly circulating the... | Industry

How Does TOR Work?

6d ago - how, exactly, does TOR work? Well, it’s complicated. At the beginning, TOR was not meant fo... | Industry

What is TOR? What can I use it for, and How?

6d ago - What began as the security project for military and law oriented firms has now transformed into s... | Industry

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The Legal Quandaries of Google Glass

6d ago - Google released its highly anticipated optical head-mounted display (OMHD) to the general public... | Industry

Facebook battles Google for online revenue

8d ago - Google is still collecting about a third of the $140 billion internet ad market in 2014, but Face... | Industry

Here's what to expect from Apple's October 16 event

8d ago - Now that the dust from the launch of Apple's new iPhones has started to settle, it's time to wade... | Industry

Edward Snowden’s Privacy Tips: “Get Rid Of Dropbox,” Avoid Facebook And Google

12d ago - According to Edward Snowden, people who care about their privacy should stay away from popular co... | Industry

How Uber CEO Went From Sleeping In His Parents' House To Owning A Multi-Billion Dollar Empire

12d ago - Uber is a massive company that's now valued at $18 billion, likely making its CEO Travis Kalanick... | Culture

What could go wrong? Pentagon prepares to put high-risk secret documents in the cloud

12d ago - The Pentagon is preparing for the first time to let documents graded as “impact level 6,” or sens... | Industry

The PC Is Dead! Strategy Analytics Research Firm Says Think Again

15d ago - How many times have you been told PC’s are dead? You have seen the stories everywhere, but Strate... | Industry

How does Technology Affect your Mental Health?

18d ago - In the last few years, technology has been blamed for just about everything. From lack of communi... | Culture

The Importance of Aesthetic: Why Personal Tech is Becoming Jewelery

20d ago - Everything new seems so much shiner now a days. The HTC M8 is currently one of the highest rated... | Industry

Can Technology Bring the Dead Back to Life?

22d ago - Ray Kurzweil is a well renowned engineer, because of his advancement in the fields of text, speec... | Culture

When It Comes To Facebook Scale, You Can Throw Out The Rulebook

28d ago - There are certain ways of doing things in hardware engineering, and engineers simply follow these... | Industry

Why is Sony’s mobile business in the red?

30d ago - If you had a read of our “state of the industry” piece last week, you will probably have noticed... | Industry

Netropolitan: Facebook for the Super Rich

35d ago - Ever felt like there are too many poor people on Facebook? Don’t worry, because Netropolitan, dub... | Industry

Pioneer no Longer ‘Pioneers’ of the DJ Business

36d ago - Pioneer has been one of the biggest names in the electronic music industry for decades now. DJ’s... | Industry

With the Advent of Wearable Technology, how will Privacy look like in the Future?

39d ago - Who thought that smart watches, AR glasses and flexible plastic electronics could completely chan... | Industry

Apple and U2: Crass or Class Consumerism?

41d ago - Apple gives U2′s new album away for free. Is this Crass or Class consumerism in an age of digital... | Culture

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Apple’s premium pricing is under more pressure than ever before in Asia

44d ago - Apple has finally showed its hand. After months of (largely accurate) speculation, the Cupertino-... | Industry

Success of Apple’s iWatch May Rely on Health Care Partnerships

44d ago - Apple is trying to have another iPod experience. The company was not the first to create a dig... | Industry

14 Tech Superstars Who Didn't Need College To Become Billionaires

46d ago - For most students, early September means back-to-school time. But that's not the case for ever... | Industry

The Man Who Will Build Google’s Elusive Quantum Computer

46d ago - John Martinis is one of the world’s foremost experts on quantum computing, a growing field of sci... | Industry

NASA Needs to Adopt This Cool New Logo

47d ago - NASA has put men on the moon, but it couldn’t stick the landing when it came to designing a logo... | Industry
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