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Is Oculus Rift Safe On Facebook's Hand

17d ago - Adam from NoobFeed writes - Recently an unexpected and shocking business truncation took place, F... | Industry

15 quirky gadgets and accessories to buy today

18d ago - It’s time for us to take another look at a bunch of quirky, imaginative and downright useful gadg... | Industry

Did Nvidia just demo SkyNet on GTC 2014? – Neural Net based “Machine Learning” intelligence explored

18d ago - WCCF: Nvidia has demoed an actual, working, Deep Neural Network Artificial Intelligence System at... | Industry

The Future of the Internet, in Mark Zuckerberg’s Hands?

18d ago - Earlier today, Mark Zuckerberg posted an interesting update on Facebook, discussing the current a... | Industry

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Why Facebook Buying Oculus VR is a Good Thing

18d ago - "The Oculus Rift has been marketed as the next evolution for video games and having used one, I c... | Industry

Here's Why PC Purists Shouldn't Panic Over Gartner's Latest Shipment Forecast

19d ago - Maximum PC: There's no denying there's been a shift in the mainstream PC market. People who are p... | Industry

Microsoft Should Have Acquired Oculus Rift, Not Facebook

20d ago - I’m worried about the Facebook acquisition of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Sure, g... | Industry

BlackBerry sues own software chief to stop him leaving for Apple

20d ago - Court documents show that Sebastian Marineau-Mes wanted to join Apple in March as head of Core OS... | Industry

The Future of VR is in Your Hands

21d ago - VRFocus: The virtual reality (VR) community is currently in disarray. Yesterday’s announcement th... | Industry

How Google keeps its employees happy and productive

23d ago - The Times of India - From laundry facilities to volleyball courts, from nap areas to a slide conn... | Industry

Apple Inc. (AAPL) iOS vs Google Inc. (GOOG) Android: The Ultimate Winner ?

23d ago - Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be world’s most admired company for 2014, its Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GO... | Industry

Jony Ive 'Is A Much More Controversial Figure' Inside Apple Than People Realize, Says Apple Author

23d ago - Business Insider - When Steve Jobs died, he left a gaping hole at the top of Apple. No matter... | Industry

The Sweet Irony Of Popcorn Time

23d ago - TechCrunch - Popcorn Time is incredibly illegal almost anywhere, but it’s also almost impossible... | Industry

LinkedIn: The evolution of a publishing platform

24d ago - TNW - For you, I, and probably many others, LinkedIn is a bit of an odd beast. We all no doubt ha... | Industry

Lets call this a ‘musical weekend’ loaded with a happy note as well as a sad note !

25d ago - TechLucia: It is seriously apt to name this weekend a ‘musical weekend’ owing to the changes brou... | Industry

The 10 Highest-Rated Tech Company CEOs

25d ago - Mashable - Move over, Mark Zuckerberg — there's a new top CEO in town. Glassdoor, a website th... | Culture

Much of the Same (Samsung vs. Apple)

27d ago - TechRaptor - Prior to the unpacked 5 event , I(Matt Verniere) was really hopeful for the Galaxy S... | Industry

95 percent of U.S. ATMs run on Windows XP

27d ago - Marketplace: April 8 is the last day that Microsoft will offer technical support for its 12 ye... | Industry

Apple: The Worst-Case Scenario

28d ago - Business Insider - Apple just had its biggest-ever quarter, with $58 billion in revenues, up 7%.... | Industry

9 Famous Tech Mascots and Their Colorful Backstories

30d ago - Mashable - To amp up visibility and create consumer connections, companies like Bitly and TiVo de... | Industry

The First Cellphone Went on Sale 30 Years Ago for $4,000

33d ago - Mashable - Somewhere in either Chicago, Baltimore or Washington, someone plunked down $3,995 to b... | Industry

How Apple Became the Choice of Creatives Everywhere, 30 Years Ago

34d ago - Gizmodo- These days we take design on computers for granted, but 30 years ago we were still surro... | Industry

Should this year’s Nexus phone use LG’s curved-screen tech?

34d ago - Pocketnow - Curved screens are nothing new to Google’s Nexus family of smartphones — or are they?... | Industry

Smartphone leaks: right or wrong?

34d ago - Pocketnow - Last week was a pretty leaky week here on Pocketnow. I say that, not because of the n... | Industry

If WhatsApp Is Worth $19B, Then WeChat’s Worth “At Least $60B” Says CLSA

35d ago - TechCrunch - Heads turned when Facebook forked out $19 billion for messaging service WhatsApp in... | Industry