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How To Drive A $300,000 Ferrari

115d ago - With a maximum speed of 210 mph and a base price of $315,000, it goes without saying that the car... | Hi-tech

World War 3: Russia Could Turn U.S. To “Radioactive Dust” Says News Anchor

127d ago - ThatNaijaBlog - Ex Ukrainian President Kravchuk believes World War 3 is imminent but head of Russ... | Culture

Grad Student's Robot Fish Can Escape Predators Like the Real Thing

129d ago - Mashable - If you ever wanted proof that the more robotics can mimic nature, the more realistic (... | Hi-tech

Why Do We Yawn? Science May Have The Answer And It's To Cool The Brain

131d ago - ThatNaijaBlog - Researchers believe yawning is contagious and help’s in increasing the heart rate... | Hi-tech

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

This is how you design a smartwatch

137d ago - Vyralize: Freelance designer Gábor Balogh put an interesting spin on the smartwatch concept by be... | Gadgets

Life under the microscope never looked so beautiful

145d ago - Vyralize: Look around you and tell me what you see? Most of us would answer with something like “... | Culture

Stunning insight into marine anatomy revealed through colourful dye

163d ago - Vyralize: A biologist turned photographer has showcased his latest project that exposes the inner... | Hi-tech

will.i.am Talks 3D Printing At 3D Systems - Gamerhubtv

180d ago - Gamerhubtv - Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am was at CES 2014 to announce his new ob as Chief C... | Hi-tech

TechRAID3 News Round-Up: Maxwell 750 Ti, 16-Core AMD CPU, G-Sync vs. FreeSync

182d ago - GamersNexus: "In our third episode of TechRAID -- our video series dedicated to rounding-up and e... | Hi-tech

Corvette's built-in HD-quality Performance Data Recorder [Video]

191d ago - Left Lane- A new high definition camera integrated into the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette's windshield... | Hi-tech

South Korea develops world’s first cancer-treating nanorobot

197d ago - Yahoo- South Korean scientists say they have developed the world's first nanorobot that can sele... | Culture

Actiontec Ultimate Network Extender

206d ago - Gamerhubtv takes a look at the new Actiontec Ultimate Network Extender in this technology video. | Hi-tech

D-Link DGL5500 Gaming Router

206d ago - GamerHub takes a look at the new D-Link DGL5500 gaming router in this exclusive review. | Hi-tech

Panasonic Viera Gaming TV Review - GamerHubTV

209d ago - GamerHub checks out this review for the latest Panasonic Viera TV, perfect for HD gaming. | Hi-tech

Mechanical box that jumps, spins and balances could help create intelligent space probes

214d ago - Mail Online- A small cube that can balance on its edges and rotate on its corners, as well as wal... | Hi-tech

Footage Released of China Jade Rabbit Moon Landing

217d ago - Telegraph Chinese state television releases video of the Chang'e-3 space probe crash landing o... | Hi-tech

Getting Pregnant From A Robot Could Become A Reality For Humans With Robotic Sperm (Video)

218d ago - Elite Today- The implementation of robotics into everyday life has some people excited, some peop... | Hi-tech

Paper Plane Delivery Will Blow Amazon Drones Out of the Air

218d ago - Mashable - Amazon thinks it has cornered the market on quick delivery with Prime Air, a sevice th... | Hi-tech

3D-printed skull simulates sensations of brain surgery

218d ago - New Scientist - It's not exactly brain surgery – but it's pretty close. An ultra-realistic 3D-pri... | Hi-tech

Comet Lovejoy's Tail 'Wiggles' in Stunning Photo

226d ago - Discovery With the sad demise of Comet ISON fresh in our minds, it's worth remembering that th... | Hi-tech

Shooting for a Moon Filled With Robots

229d ago - NY Times- Over the last half-year, Google has quietly acquired seven technology companies in an e... | Hi-tech

Mercedes' Driverless Research Car Looks Freaking Amazing

288d ago - Core77: Humans suck at driving. The daily rush hour traffic snarl in my Manhattan neighborhood is... | Hi-tech

PAXCast: On SSD OCing, The Wolf Among Us, Wolfenstein, and More

325d ago - GamersNexus: "We’ve already published the first of our major, featured content out of PAX Prime –... | Hi-tech

Inside NVidia: Silicon Failure Analysis Lab Tour

347d ago - GamersNexus: "NVidia Silicon Technology Failure Analysis Director Howard Marks gave us a walkthro... | Hi-tech

Watch The Mars Rover Curiosity's First Year In Only 2 Minutes

354d ago - POPSCI: "The Mars rover Curiosity has spent the past year driving around the surface of of its ne... | Hi-tech