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Virginia Cops Want to Use Drones, But the ACLU Says 'NO'

1d 1h ago - In a statement released today, the VA ACLU is asking AG Herring to prohibit cops in Wise County f... | Hi-tech

How Anti-Missile Technology Is Being Used to Detect Malaria

3d ago - Turns out advanced military hardware meant to defend tanks from Javelin missiles works pretty wel... | Culture

Vanishing Point: Five Ways To Become Invisible

4d ago - The Guardian From HG Wells to JK Rowling, invisibility has long been the stuff of fiction. Not... | Hi-tech

Inside the Kingston HyperX Division

7d ago - CPCR: "If you’re reading this article, you’re probably pretty familiar with Kingston Technology a... | Hi-tech

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Drone lighting

7d ago - Lighting is crucial to the art of photography. But lights are cumbersome and time-consuming to se... | Hi-tech

MIT is creating power out of thin (humid) air

7d ago - One day, your phone or tablet may be able to replenish its battery simply by airing out. As long... | Hi-tech

Futurama in photorealistic 3D is absolutely stunning

7d ago - Whoa. Artist Alexy Zakharov re-imagined the world of Futurama in 3D and transformed the cartoon i... | Hi-tech

The Dynamics of Cyber Security

8d ago - When Tim Berners Lee invented the networking phenomenon that so dominates our lives today,he was... | Industry

The science of walking on walls and ceilings

8d ago - University of Leicester students show Wallace & Gromit ‘Wrong Trousers’ are scientifically possib... | Industry

Microsoft Details Significant Advancement in Artificial Intelligence

10d ago - Its been a busy day as Microsoft has been pouring out announcements and information of new develo... | Web

The Forgotten Woman Who Made Microbiology Possible

10d ago - Lab work can be a lot like cooking. You have to follow directions to measure, mix, and heat diffe... | Hi-tech

A Beautifully Detailed New Geologic Map of Mars

10d ago - It took 16 years and data from four orbiting spacecraft to assemble, but the U.S. Geological Surv... | Hi-tech

The Brilliant Machine That Could Finally Fix Airport Security

11d ago - Australian fans pumped to see their team take on Spain during the first round of the World Cup we... | Hi-tech

An Electric Bus That Recharges While You Step Inside

12d ago - Electric buses aren’t new. The “trolley bus” system in San Francisco, for example, has been aroun... | Hi-tech

British rocket scientist says he's designed a better saucepan

12d ago - Cooking isn’t rocket science, but maybe designing cookware is. A professor of engineering at Oxfo... | Hi-tech

Cortana accurately predicted 15 out of 16 World Cup matches

12d ago - By now all of you probably know that Germany has won the 2014 World Cup tournament, and Cortana’s... | Web

Avegant Glyph: A Different Kind of HMD

13d ago - VRFocus: The Oculus Rift. Project Morpheus. GameFace. Altergaze. Dive. These are just some of the... | Gadgets

The Ferrari of Rail: Ultra-Luxurious Train Design for Japan

14d ago - Japan is set to get a new luxury sleeper train with spacious modern cabins designed by Ken Okuyam... | Hi-tech

DARPA Wants Its Military Gear To Get Tougher, Sooner

15d ago - Engadget: DARPA, the government agency known for its robots and other crazy futuristic inventi... | Hi-tech

Microsoft relentless in their quest to make Windows Phone successful

15d ago - In an interview with the Verge today, Satya Nadella talked about the future of Microsoft and wher... | Gadgets

How It Works: A System That Reverses Paralysis

16d ago - Pop Sci: On December 5, 2011, Andrew Meas wiggled his toes for the first time since a motorcyc... | Hi-tech

Cosmic-Ray Hotspot Discovered, Offering Clues on Deep Space Mystery

16d ago - Nat Geo: A "hotspot" in the sky near the Big Dipper may be a major source of the ultra-high-en... | Hi-tech

A Weekend With The All-Electric BMW i3

16d ago - I’ve never driven a BMW, or an electric car, so I might have been an odd choice to test drive the... | Culture

Roadside Laser Could Remotely Detect Drivers' Alcohol Breath

18d ago - It's a bad idea to drink and drive. No rocket science there. But with the goal of reducing drunke... | Hi-tech

Rumor control on recent Windows Phone and Surface Mini news

18d ago - Rumors, secrets, whispers, dreams, what would the day be without them? Today there have been a lo... | Gadgets
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