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"The Illusion Of Life" Machine Can Mimic Human Whispers

2d ago - In an age of prosthetic limbs, 3D-printed organs, and artificial intelligence, intimacy seems to... | Hi-tech

Get ready to pay for things with your veins

2d ago - Fingerprint scanners like those on the latest iPhones could soon give way to another biometric id... | Web

Checking the Claim: A Device That Translates Dolphin Sounds Into English

5d ago - Researchers used new technology to interpret a dolphin noise they say translates loosely to "seaw... | Hi-tech

Your childhood memories go further back than you think, new study says

8d ago - It is generally believed by psychologists that the earliest memories of any person go back to abo... | Culture

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

BlackBerry could be the chauffeur in your future driverless car

8d ago - Italy’s VisLab has selected BlackBerry’s QNX OS to power its computer vision experiments in auton... | Hi-tech

Toyota is becoming more efficient by replacing robots with humans

11d ago - Car makers have embraced automation and replaced humans with robots for years. But Toyota is deli... | Hi-tech

This dress becomes transparent when it detects you're turned on

12d ago - Although research showed us this week that one-third of users are abandoning wearable tech device... | Culture

Losing my VRginity to: Simulation!

14d ago - VRFocus: There are many different views on the potential uses of virtual reality (VR). It’s rebir... | Industry

The science of memory (and 4 uncommon ways to enhance it)

14d ago - I have a pretty bad memory, it seems. I know people say that all the time, but here’s why I think... | Culture

Wanna Build a Rocket? NASA’s About to Give Away a Mountain of Its Code

15d ago - Forty years after Apollo 11 landed on the moon, NASA open sourced the software code that ran the... | Hi-tech

PS4 Might have Reputation System Soon, Maybe in Next Update - eXtremespec

17d ago - eXtremespec - After the announcement of the Reputation System in Xbox One, now PS4 might have thi... | Hi-tech

Toshiba’s smart gloves will turn out to be the ‘real’ April Fools’ day treat

18d ago - TechLucia : Have you been looking for the coolest wearable unveiled today? If yes.. then here it... | Industry

Automakers Eye Laser Lights To Let Drivers See Farther At Night

18d ago - If you thought LED headlights were bright enough, automakers are looking ahead to even more power... | Hi-tech

This chamber simulates Mars right here on Earth

23d ago - Researchers in Spain have developed a vacuum chamber that can recreate most of the physical condi... | Culture

Mazda claims new gasoline engine is cleaner than electric cars

24d ago - Electric cars are seen as one solution to our dependence on the finite resource that is oil. They... | Hi-tech

The Future of VR is in Your Hands

24d ago - VRFocus: The virtual reality (VR) community is currently in disarray. Yesterday’s announcement th... | Industry

ATM malware, controlled by a text message, spews cash

25d ago - Network World- A group of enterprising cybercriminals have figured out how to get cash from a cer... | Hi-tech

Stronger Than Steel, Lighter Than Water – 3D Printed Micro Trusses

25d ago - 3D Printer World- A team at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, led by materials sc... | Hi-tech

The solar panels of the future could be grown from bacteria

26d ago - Quartz- One day we could have conductive materials that grow, evolve, and self-repair. Researcher... | Hi-tech

Virtual Reality: A Look at 4 Competing Head Mounted Displays

27d ago - A roundup of Head mounted displays that aim to offer a Virtual Reality experience. | Hi-tech

Layar now wants to augment your reality with its Google Glass app

30d ago - TNW - Augmented reality and wearable technology go hand-in-hand, so it’s with not too much surpri... | Gadgets

Neurocam: Wearable Camera That Reads Your Mind to Record What Interests You

31d ago - The Web Graffiti: "There are a number of ways to record your environment as you engage with it. S... | Gadgets

DelFly Explorer: A Fly-Like Robot That Achieves Autonomous Flight

31d ago - The Web Graffiti: "With a shape reminiscent of a dragonfly, the DelFly Explorer incorporates cutt... | Gadgets

Poppy: The Awesome Open-source, Hackable Humanoid Robot

31d ago - The Web Graffiti: "Initially designed for research on bipedal motion, Poppy is a humanoid robot b... | Gadgets

IBM Has a Revolutionary Computer That Runs On ‘Electric Blood’

31d ago - The Web Graffiti: "Computers are part of each and every generation. Started with a calculator now... | Gadgets
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