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New nanowire structure absorbs light efficiently

10h ago - Researchers at Aalto University have developed a new method to implement different types of nanow... | Hi-tech

Dendrite eraser: New electrolyte rids batteries of short-circuiting fibers

1d 7h ago - Dendrites - the microscopic, pin-like fibers that cause rechargeable batteries to short circuit -... | Gadgets

Inside the robot house: Is this your future?

2d ago - Service robots that are empathetic and that can learn from you - these are just some of the techn... | Hi-tech

Tesla, Google, Apple: is Silicon Valley the future of the US car?

3d ago - Is the future of the US car industry in Silicon Valley? After Tesla and Google, Apple appears to... | Industry

Oscar Prediction Contest

Now - Join us on Filmwatch as we again celebrate the Oscars with our annual prediction contest. Check here for details. | Promoted post

Top tech cars of the Chicago Auto Show: Honda Pilot leads the pack

4d ago - Honda stole the Chicago Auto Show this week with the unveiling of a tech-centric Honda Pilot mids... | Industry

Project Ara: Everything we know about Google's modular phone

6d ago - What exactly is a "modular phone" and why would you want one? We take a look at all the things we... | Gadgets

Qualcomm has solved the 4K smartphone problem

6d ago - Qualcomm has had its eye on making 4K a reality on mobile devices for a while now, but at an even... | Hi-tech

Should we give up on the dream of space elevators?

6d ago - Elevators that can whisk people and cargo up from the planet’s surface into space could spell an... | Hi-tech

SuperData: VR Will Reach 11 Million by 2016

6d ago - Steve Peterson for alistdaily reports in regards to the report from SuperData Research: Virtua... | Culture

If Software Looks Like A Brain And Acts Like A Brain -- Will We Treat It Like One?

7d ago - Long the domain of science fiction, researchers are now working to create software that perfectly... | Culture

Time lords: The clocks that rule our world

7d ago - The best clocks now lose only a second every 300 million years – and the minuscule differences in... | Culture

A coast-to-coast picture of America's cacophony of sounds

7d ago - An ambitious National Park Service project exploits computer algorithms to predict the loudness o... | Culture

The revolutionary bullet attachment that could save lives

8d ago - It looks like a toy attachment for a gun, but this bullet attachment is intended to give suspects... | Hi-tech

LG Watch Urbane | The Premium Android Wear

9d ago - LG introduces a luxurious android wear device, the LG Watch Urbane. Available in gold and silver,... | Gadgets

The paradox of popping back in time

9d ago - Time travel often appears in the movies, but it’s a pity that the science never matches up with t... | Hi-tech

Apple's former CEO says Samsung's marketing power can't match Apple's

11d ago - John Sculley may have been the one who pushed out Steve Jobs from Apple, but he also ushered in o... | Industry

Windows 10's Cortana Misses the Master Chief

12d ago - When Microsoft first unveiled Cortana for Windows, their answer to Apple’s Siri, there was little... | Gadgets

Meet Vega, Sri Lanka's all-electric supercar

13d ago - At first blush, it’s lunacy – a 900-horsepower, all-electric supercar from an island nation best... | Hi-tech

The i-Road Is Toyota’s Latest Crack At Envisioning A Post-Car Vehicle

14d ago - Every few years, auto-giant Toyota rolls out its latest idea for the future of “personal mobility... | Hi-tech

The invisible network that keeps the world running

15d ago - One of the world’s most dazzling engineering feats is largely hidden from view. Travelling with a... | Hi-tech

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

A drone ambulance concept that will save lives

16d ago - This drone-ambulance concept, imagined by Argo Design, seems like a good idea at first sight. It... | Hi-tech

Night vision contacts could allow us to see in the dark

26d ago - Would you like to see in the dark with the light turned off? In the near future night vision cont... | Hi-tech

Apple lightmac: The Future is Wow

29d ago - TK: Imagine a screen-less tablet that can also become a desktop? All this is possible in the conc... | Gadgets

Autonomous Cars Are Closer Than You Think

38d ago - TechCrunch For years, self-driving cars looked like they were always at least ten years away f... | Hi-tech

Will artificial intelligence really pose a treat to humanity some day?

42d ago - "Unfortunately, most blockbuster sci-fi movies including classics like Terminator or The Matrix d... | Culture
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