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Autonomous Cars Are Closer Than You Think

8d ago - TechCrunch For years, self-driving cars looked like they were always at least ten years away f... | Hi-tech

Will artificial intelligence really pose a treat to humanity some day?

11d ago - "Unfortunately, most blockbuster sci-fi movies including classics like Terminator or The Matrix d... | Culture

Best of CES 2015 Part 1

19d ago - Sam from Gadgets and Khajiits gives you the rundown of the best tech at CES 2015. Stay tuned for... | Industry

The Evolution of GPS

23d ago - GPS is crazy technology that we take for granted today. Without it, I probably be lost in some un... | Gadgets

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Ring in the new year with gift cards. Check out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Gear VR in 2015

25d ago - VRFocus: Gear VR won’t even be a month old by the time 2015 hits. Despite Samsung and Oculus VR’s... | Gadgets

The Dominant Life Form in the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots

36d ago - If and when we finally encounter aliens, they probably won’t look like little green men, or spiny... | Culture

Marco’s Musings: What Is Bitcoin?

43d ago - EGMR's Tech Marco attempts to delve into the murky depths of Cryptocurrency and explain Bitcoin i... | Culture

3D printed nanostructures made entirely of graphene

56d ago - Graphene has received a great deal of attention for its promising potential applications in elect... | Hi-tech

Graphene shows promise for bulletproof armour

58d ago - The "wonder material" graphene could be used to make bulletproof armour. US researchers carrie... | Hi-tech

Robots will / won't kill us all

59d ago - I'm good at predicting what people will do. Or, at least I think I am; maybe it's confirmation bi... | Industry

How NASA will launch four spacecraft at once to study magnetic fields

62d ago - NASA has been planning to study the magnetic reconnection between the Earth and the sun for years... | Industry

NASA's Swift Mission Probes an Exotic Object: ‘Kicked’ Black Hole or Mega Star?

63d ago - An international team of researchers analyzing decades of observations from many facilities, incl... | Culture

The rise of the robotic servant

63d ago - Engadget - Chores are the bane of domesticity. Dull and repetitive tasks have already been farmed... | Hi-tech

New battery composed of lots of nanobatteries

63d ago - We’re increasingly dependent upon our batteries, so finding ways of building ones with enhanced l... | Hi-tech

Looking for a different sort of dark matter with GPS satellites

63d ago - We still don’t know what dark matter is. The most widely accepted possibility is Weakly Interacti... | Culture

A path to brighter images and more efficient LCD displays

64d ago - University of Utah engineers have developed a polarizing filter that allows in more light, leadin... | Hi-tech

Appliance Science: The illuminating physics behind LED lights

64d ago - Cnet - LED lights are the latest thing in home lighting, using less energy and lasting longer tha... | Hi-tech

Researchers craft molecule that works as flash storage

65d ago - As features on chips get smaller, we're edging closer to where we bump up against basic physics,... | Hi-tech

Google’s secret NSA alliance: The terrifying deals between Silicon Valley and the security state

65d ago - Salon - In mid-December 2009, engineers at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, be... | Hi-tech

Rosetta Comet Landing in 'Thud' and 3D

65d ago - JPL - A 3D image shows what it would look like to fly over the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Ger... | Hi-tech

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

An early sneak peak at the new Microsoft Store in downtown Toronto

67d ago - MicrosoftProductReviews.com managed to get a sneak peak and general tour earlier this morning and... | Industry

I learned to type using only my thoughts

69d ago - I always wanted to control a computer with my mind, and this week I got to do just that. I was at... | Hi-tech

Microsoft Wasn't Lying About Battery Life For Their New Smart Band

74d ago - One of the vexing aspects of modern wearable electronics is that they are electronic. Hence, they... | Gadgets

5 of the most mesmerizing drone videos on the internet

76d ago - Looking to for some of the best drone videos out there on the internet? Look no further, KnowTech... | Culture

Our terrifying reliance on GPS, and the need to develop a ground-based alternative

78d ago - The Global Positioning System, or GPS, has — somewhat surprisingly — found itself at the heart of... | Hi-tech
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