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Quantum-dot spectrometer is small enough to function within a smartphone

19h ago - Instruments that measure the properties of light, known as spectrometers, are widely used in phys... | Hi-tech

Soundproofing with quantum physics

20h ago - Sebastian Huber and his colleagues show that the road from abstract theory to practical applicati... | Culture

Producing spin-entangled electrons

21h ago - A team from the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, along with collaborators from several J... | Hi-tech

Better memory with faster lasers

22h ago - DVDs and Blu-ray disks contain so-called phase-change materials that morph from one atomic state... | Hi-tech

Samsung develops lithium-ion battery with nearly double the life

1d 19h ago - A team of researches affiliated with Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology, along with colle... | Gadgets

The Wait-for-Google-to-Do-It Strategy

4d ago - MIT Technology Review: America’s communications ­infrastructure is finally getting some crucia... | Industry

How To: Jailbreak iOS 8.3 with TaiG Tool

4d ago - The TaiG team surprised everyone two days ago when they released a jailbreak for iOS 8.3. Though... | Software

Design to improve material properties of sodium-ion batteries

6d ago - In collaboration with the Institute of Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ANSTO research... | Hi-tech

Researchers find way to control light in densely packed nanowaveguides

6d ago - A new route to ultrahigh density, ultracompact integrated photonic circuitry has been discovered... | Culture

An English sun rises in Australia

7d ago - A small team from Durham University in England hopes to use the sun to redefine what an everyday... | Culture

Astronauts Need Flexible Spacesuits for Mars

7d ago - The next couple of decades could see astronauts go to many places: an asteroid, the moon, even M... | Culture

The Wireless Charging Future Is Getting Closer To Reality

7d ago - Imagine a world where we don't have to plug anything in. Your phone, laptop, tablet and headphone... | Web

Researchers successfully control optical response of atomically thin materials on short timescale

7d ago - A team of researchers with member affiliations to Columbia and Stanford Universities has found a... | Hi-tech

How CSI Cyber fails at tech

8d ago - Studies show that shows like CSI have a direct impact on the number of students that pursue caree... | Hi-tech

low-cost, environmentally-friendly synthesis of aqueous soluble quantum dot nanocrystals

8d ago - A team of Lehigh University engineers have demonstrated a bacterial method for the low-cost, envi... | Hi-tech

Car of the future: Autonomous, or cooperative

9d ago - The self-driving car has strong potential for improving traffic flow, road safety, and reducing t... | Culture

Towards a body-on-a-chip

10d ago - The first organ chips are coming to market and, regulators permitting, will speed up drug testing... | Culture

The ethics of AI: how to stop your robot cooking your cat

10d ago - By tracking how people live their values, businesses can and must instil ethical frameworks into... | Culture

Jetting into the moments after the Big Bang

10d ago - Colliding lead ions at the Large Hadron Collider creates tiny samples of matter at energy densiti... | Culture

Face-Scanning Robots Could Replace Airport Ticket Agents

11d ago - On display at this week’s Paris Air Show was a set of terrestrial guards. Shiny, white, plastic,... | Culture

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

How to build a gaming PC: a step-by-step guide to building the best PC

12d ago - There are two schools of thought when it comes to equipping yourself with a killer new PC. The fi... | Hi-tech

First solar cell made of highly ordered molecular frameworks

12d ago - Researchers at KIT have developed a material suited for photovoltaics. For the first time, a func... | Culture

Is facial recognition tech really a threat to privacy?

13d ago - BBC: Facebook has decided not to offer its photo-sharing app Moments in Europe because of reg... | Software

Engineers find a simple yet clever way to boost chip speeds

15d ago - A typical computer chip includes millions of transistors connected with an extensive network of c... | Hi-tech

Study finds a way to prevent fires in next-generation lithium batteries

15d ago - In a study that could improve the safety of next-generation batteries, researchers discovered tha... | Culture
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