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This Robotic Bridge Inspector Was Originally A Disney Camera-Bot

2d ago - De-icing slippery winter roads is a vital public safety measures in cold-weather climates. Howeve... | Hi-tech

Leap Motion's next sensor is designed specifically for virtual reality

3d ago - Engadget - Virtual reality has made huge strides in headgear recently, but developers are still g... | Gadgets

A field guide to the 3D-printed world

9d ago - Engadget - Sure, 3D printing is such a tech industry buzzword that you’d have to turn a blind eye... | Hi-tech

Something Looks Cuttlefishy About This New Camouflage Technology

10d ago - Recently developed camouflage system inspired by cephalopods. | Gadgets

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

Paving the way for cyborg moth 'biobots'

10d ago - ScienceDaily - North Carolina State University researchers have developed methods for electronica... | Hi-tech

10 best 50 and 55-inch TVs in the world today

12d ago - TechRadar - This 50-inch TV size is where a home cinema turns from dream to reality. It's also... | Hi-tech

The 49ers' high-tech fan experience falls short in first real test

12d ago - Engadget - When an NFL team builds a brand new stadium, it's usually packed with the latest tech... | Hi-tech

Why live TV and sports in 4K will not work over the internet

14d ago - TechRadar - Netflix has described 4K as "the format for the Internet" and with precious few other... | Hi-tech

Which 4K TVs are worth buying?

14d ago - Engadget - Both Netflix and Amazon stream in 4K. Cameras like the Sony a7S and the Panasonic Lumi... | Hi-tech

Atomic force Microscope 20 times better with Laser Technology

15d ago - Normal microscopes have their limitation which is dictated by the properties of light. There is a... | Hi-tech

Plants Language: ‘Talks’ To Each Other at Molecular Level through RNA

15d ago - Scientists have unearthed mechanism by which Plants talk to one another, a form of inter-organism... | Hi-tech

This is what Microsoft's augmented reality glass could look like: Google Glass killer?

16d ago - Tech Times: "Earlier this year, Microsoft spent $150 million to acquire Intellectual Property rel... | Gadgets

This is the bogus drug that scammers are selling to cure Ebola

18d ago - TheVerge - There's nothing new about companies capitalizing on fear. For every health scare, ther... | Hi-tech

Benefits of having a 64-bit Smartphone

18d ago - AmongTech: As Android L is optimized for 64-bit manufacturers start to prepare to launch devices... | Industry

Samsung's smartphone struggle may only get worse

19d ago - "Fitch Ratings, a major credit rating agency in the US, shared negative sentiment Tuesday on Sams... | Hi-tech

Considering DDR4 RAM? Rather stick to DDR3… for now

20d ago - For all those who just built a new PC, unfortunately for you, DDR4 RAM is just around the corner.... | Hi-tech

Smart lighting explained

22d ago - Pocket Lint - If you're new to home automation and want to give it a go, you should probably star... | Hi-tech

Five smart lighting solutions

22d ago - Pocket Lint - Having a smart home isn't just about clever appliances or smartphone-controlled hea... | Hi-tech

Get ready for light switch free houses, pro-active lighting, and more natural colour

22d ago - Pocket Lint - The chances are you have energy efficient lights in your house. If you consider you... | Hi-tech

Smart heating explained

22d ago - Pocket Lint - Everyone loves to save money. And right now, thanks to the latest advancements in h... | Hi-tech

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Five robotic vacuum cleaners to do your cleaning for you

22d ago - Pocket Lint - Household chores like ironing, washing and vacuuming are never particularly enjoyab... | Hi-tech

Bringing the tech to bathtime: How to make your bathroom smart

22d ago - Pocket Lint - You might think that the bathroom is the simplest room of the house. It's a place t... | Hi-tech

Drone aerial photography explained: Here's what it is and how to do it

22d ago - Pocket Lint - If you want to become a drone aerial photographer, you've come to the right place.... | Hi-tech

Want to 3D-print objects but don't own a 3D printer? No worries, here's how

22d ago - Pocket Lint - There are numerous ways you can print objects in 3D starting today, without having... | Hi-tech

From 4G to 4K: exploring the tech behind the 2014 Commonwealth Games

22d ago - TechRadar - As the 2014 Commonwealth Games draws to a close, we take a look at how its official p... | Hi-tech
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