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Is facial recognition tech really a threat to privacy?

11d ago - BBC: Facebook has decided not to offer its photo-sharing app Moments in Europe because of reg... | Software

Will Artificial Intelligence be a Buddha? Is Fear of AI just a symptom of Human Self-Loathing?

12d ago - I’m interested in the intersection of consciousness and technology, so when I discovered the Cons... | Culture

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Engineers find a simple yet clever way to boost chip speeds

13d ago - A typical computer chip includes millions of transistors connected with an extensive network of c... | Hi-tech

Study finds a way to prevent fires in next-generation lithium batteries

13d ago - In a study that could improve the safety of next-generation batteries, researchers discovered tha... | Culture

6 awesome controllers and peripherals from E3 2015

13d ago - E3 2015 is well under way and has already showcased plenty of PC and console controllers for game... | Hi-tech

This 'leaked' Wii U-3DS handheld is beyond fake, but we really want one

13d ago - About a year or so ago I wrote a piece on why Nintendo missed an opportunity to draw the Wii U an... | Hi-tech

Will your self-driving car be programmed to kill you if it means saving more strangers?

13d ago - The computer brains inside autonomous vehicles will be fast enough to make life-or-death decision... | Culture

Engineers create stretchable batteries

13d ago - Origami, the centuries-old Japanese paper-folding art, has inspired recent designs for flexible e... | Hi-tech

How Facebook is eating the $140 billion hardware market

13d ago - It started out as a controversial idea inside Facebook. In four short years, it has turned the $1... | Culture

Hands-On with Oculus Rift CV1

14d ago - VRFocus gets hands-on with Oculus Rift CV1, at the Oculus VR booth, at the Electronic Entertainme... | Gadgets

Come on Amazon, an ear scanner won't save the Fire Phone 2

14d ago - Tech Radar: "After the colossal fail that was the Amazon Fire Phone, where I personally think our... | Gadgets

After Higgs, Ramped-Up Collider Hunts for Next Puzzle

14d ago - Somewhere under the French-Swiss border, two protons have a date with destiny. Trapped inside the... | Culture

Do you see what I see? Smart glasses, VR, and telepresence robots

16d ago - Ars Technica: Booths for the Augmented World Expo (AWE) filled a ballroom at the Santa Clara... | Gadgets

Near future will bring sci-fi crime fighting technologies to reality

17d ago - To make the world a better place we really need to handle the fight against crime. And because te... | Industry

Autonomous Vehicles Will Replace Taxi Drivers, But That's Just the Beginning

17d ago - Google, Tesla Motors, and many other companies are in a race to build the first completely self-d... | Culture

The Endless Possibilities of 5G Internet

18d ago - TechDaring: "5G is Expected to be up and running by 2020. The plan is to get London connected by... | Hi-tech

Will we ever build ringworlds?

19d ago - Immense floating structures could become humanity’s home, harnessing the power of stars. But, Pet... | Culture

HTC Vive: The Story So Far

19d ago - VRFocus delivers its final VR history piece, this time looking at the HTC Vive from the Taiwanese... | Gadgets

Blue energy: How mixing water can create electricity

20d ago - The intriguing chemistry that occurs where rivers meet the sea could power our homes and much mor... | Culture

Robot eyes will benefit from insect vision

20d ago - The way insects see and track their prey is being applied to a new robot under development, in th... | Culture

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iPad mini 4: What we want to see

20d ago - We don't know about you, but personally we like to see more from a new device than the addition o... | Gadgets

The 7 most important things Apple announced at WWDC 2015

20d ago - Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, has so far been everything we hoped for and the... | Industry

Researchers develop low-cost, 'tunable' window tintings

21d ago - Technology developed by the University of Cincinnati and industry partners can do something that... | Culture

Engineers create origami battery

21d ago - Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, can be used to create beautiful birds, frogs and othe... | Culture

iPhone 6C: what we want to see

21d ago - It's looking increasingly like we'll see three iPhone models released this year, with an iPhone 6... | Gadgets