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New synthesis method produces novel nanostructures from carbon

10d ago - They are tiny and comprise spherical, sheet-like or fibrous particles. And they consist chiefly o... | Hi-tech

How Deep-Brain Stimulation Reshapes Neural Circuits in Parkinson’s Disease

10d ago - UC San Francisco scientists have discovered a possible mechanism for how deep-brain stimulation (... | Hi-tech

New technique uses carbon nanotube film to directly heat and cure composite materials

10d ago - Composite materials used in aircraft wings and fuselages are typically manufactured in large, ind... | Hi-tech

Bee brain simulation used to pilot a drone

10d ago - The team of researchers working on the The Green Brain Project has advanced to the point of being... | Hi-tech

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Facebook will begin testing WiFi drones very soon!

10d ago - Whether in balloons, drones or satellites, many companies strive to connect the entire world to t... | Industry

Solution-grown nanowires make the best lasers

10d ago - Take a material that is a focus of interest in the quest for advanced solar cells. Discover a "fr... | Hi-tech

Long-sought magnetic mechanism observed in exotic hybrid materials

10d ago - Scientists have measured the subatomic intricacies of an exotic phenomenon first predicted more t... | Hi-tech

At IDF: Wake up, spiderbot, the wristband said

12d ago - There they stood, silent, motionless, a quartet of machine spiders, waiting for their cues, like... | Gadgets

New studies explain insulator-to-metal transition of vanadium dioxide

12d ago - When heated to just above room temperature, the electrical conductivity of vanadium dioxide (VO2)... | Hi-tech

Future vehicles that will blow your mind

12d ago - If we think about it, our world depends on vehicles, we simply couldn’t handle our daily tasks wi... | Hi-tech

Electrical control of quantum bits in silicon paves the way to large quantum computers

12d ago - A UNSW-led research team has encoded quantum information in silicon using simple electrical pulse... | Hi-tech

How To Monitor WhatsApp Messages - Guide to Remote Monitoring

13d ago - I know how parents show a laid back attitude with technology these days. Very few parents would a... | Web

DIY particle physics

13d ago - A team of two undergraduate students and their adviser at Missouri Southern State University has... | Hi-tech

Graphene looking promising for future spintronic devices

14d ago - Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have discovered that large area graphene is able... | Hi-tech

Finally a 4K TV You Should Own

14d ago - Building a home entertainment center is a lot like building a house: You need a solid foundation-... | Hi-tech

Liquid metal discovery paves way for shape-shifting robots

14d ago - Scientists in China produce droplets of liquid metal that can change shape and move of their own... | Culture

Reasons Why I Wont Buy an Apple Watch

14d ago - GamerBolt: "Steve Jobs knew exactly what he was doing, he noticed a market and provided for it. I... | Gadgets

Inorganic nanowire follows the crystal structure of its graphene template

15d ago - Graphene, a two-dimensional form of carbon, has many properties making it uniquely suited for nan... | Hi-tech

Building Your PC for 4K Gaming

16d ago - Next gen only means 1080 pixel resolution and 60 fps for PS4 and Xbox One owners but for pc gamer... | Industry

Unparticles may provide a new path to superconductivity

16d ago - Physicists have proposed that a hypothetical form of matter called "unparticles" may play a key r... | Hi-tech

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Google's Driverless Cars Are Learning How To Avoid Cows

17d ago - When it comes to self-driving cars, the possibilities are seemingly limitless. In the past year,... | Culture

Robots Could Replace Co-Pilots On Commercial Jets, Experts Say

17d ago - "Advances in sensor technology, computing and artificial intelligence are making human pilots les... | Hi-tech

Demonstration of enhanced performance of tunnel transistors operating under ultra-low voltage

17d ago - Researchers at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology have demonstr... | Hi-tech

Inkjet-printed liquid metal could bring wearable tech, soft robotics

17d ago - New research shows how inkjet-printing technology can be used to mass-produce electronic circuits... | Hi-tech

'Explosive' atom movement is new window into growing metal nanostructures

17d ago - "The textbook said we should see slow, gradual and random. But what we saw? BOOM! Fast, explosive... | Culture