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Windows 10's Cortana Misses the Master Chief

13d ago - When Microsoft first unveiled Cortana for Windows, their answer to Apple’s Siri, there was little... | Gadgets

The Forgotten $65 billion Bike Industry

14d ago - Sam Volkering of Tech Insider looks into the technology behind the bike industry in the lead-up t... | Hi-tech

Meet Vega, Sri Lanka's all-electric supercar

14d ago - At first blush, it’s lunacy – a 900-horsepower, all-electric supercar from an island nation best... | Hi-tech

The i-Road Is Toyota’s Latest Crack At Envisioning A Post-Car Vehicle

15d ago - Every few years, auto-giant Toyota rolls out its latest idea for the future of “personal mobility... | Hi-tech

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The invisible network that keeps the world running

16d ago - One of the world’s most dazzling engineering feats is largely hidden from view. Travelling with a... | Hi-tech

A drone ambulance concept that will save lives

17d ago - This drone-ambulance concept, imagined by Argo Design, seems like a good idea at first sight. It... | Hi-tech

The Apple self-driving car doesn’t exist, yet

18d ago - Apple is not working on a self-driving car, because the equipment, car model, timing and placing... | Hi-tech

Hoverboards are real, but will they work as expected?

19d ago - Hoverboards have left Back to the Future are now starting to become a reality, but are they close... | Hi-tech

Night vision contacts could allow us to see in the dark

27d ago - Would you like to see in the dark with the light turned off? In the near future night vision cont... | Hi-tech

Apple lightmac: The Future is Wow

30d ago - TK: Imagine a screen-less tablet that can also become a desktop? All this is possible in the conc... | Gadgets

Microsoft’s HoloLens looks better than Google Glass, but can it escape the same fate?

37d ago - Stuart writes: "Microsoft pulled a fast one during its Windows 10 event by showing off a prototyp... | Gadgets

Autonomous Cars Are Closer Than You Think

40d ago - TechCrunch For years, self-driving cars looked like they were always at least ten years away f... | Hi-tech

Will artificial intelligence really pose a treat to humanity some day?

43d ago - "Unfortunately, most blockbuster sci-fi movies including classics like Terminator or The Matrix d... | Culture

5 Biggest Tech Flops Of 2014

46d ago - Last year didn’t end without some really awful technology flops. The Ebola scare and a few other... | Gadgets

Best of CES 2015 Part 2

47d ago - Sam from Gadgets and Khajiits returns to lay down more news from Las Vegas! | Gadgets

CES 2015: I Ate the Future and it Tasted like the Past

48d ago - Sam Volkering of Tech Insider looks at the 3D printers of CES 2015 "The ChefJet is a food 3D p... | Hi-tech

Coolest Things Learned from Panasonic’s Keynote at CES 2015

51d ago - GamerFitnation picks out the coolest things announced at Panasonic's press conference during CES... | Gadgets

Best of CES 2015 Part 1

51d ago - Sam from Gadgets and Khajiits gives you the rundown of the best tech at CES 2015. Stay tuned for... | Industry

The Evolution of GPS

55d ago - GPS is crazy technology that we take for granted today. Without it, I probably be lost in some un... | Gadgets

Gear VR in 2015

57d ago - VRFocus: Gear VR won’t even be a month old by the time 2015 hits. Despite Samsung and Oculus VR’s... | Gadgets

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Top 5 Android Smartphones

58d ago - The top five Android smartphones for 2014. Do Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony make the list? | Gadgets

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: Which Is The Best Smartphone Under 5 Inches?

64d ago - A look at which is the best Android smartphone under 5 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha or the So... | Gadgets

The Dominant Life Form in the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots

68d ago - If and when we finally encounter aliens, they probably won’t look like little green men, or spiny... | Culture

Four useful startups I found at The Next Web Conference

74d ago - I was recently in New York City last week for The Next Web Conference and found some pretty cool... | Industry

Marco’s Musings: What Is Bitcoin?

75d ago - EGMR's Tech Marco attempts to delve into the murky depths of Cryptocurrency and explain Bitcoin i... | Culture