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'Spit of Satan' Solar Flare Seen In Extreme Ultraviolet Light | Video

98d ago - Over about 4 hours on June 18th 2015, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a developing fla... | Culture

Blue Origin Offers Tantalizing Preview of Private Space Trips (Video)

107d ago - A video released last week by the private spaceflight company Blue Origin offers a tantalizing l... | Culture

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17 of the most insane PC mods and cases of 2015

109d ago - For hardcore PC enthusiasts, the annual Computex trade show in Taipei is the one to watch. The ho... | Culture

One Big Black Hole - 140 Million Times Our Sun’s Mass! | Video

112d ago - Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile ‘weighed’ a a... | Culture

London, Boston, Barcelona: The World’s First Full-Color HD Videos Of Earth From Space

112d ago - Today, UrtheCast released the world’s first, full-color HD videos of Earth, filmed from the Inter... | Culture

100GB of NASA space photos turned into epic 4K time-lapse

112d ago - It took over 95,600 NASA photo files taken from the International Space Station and a month of me... | Culture

South Korea's robot champion is impressive, but robots falling over are funnier

122d ago - A South Korean robot named DRC-Hubo has won the Darpa Robotics Challenge, beating 22 competitors... | Culture

Popzara Podcast E.74 Dr. Bryson Payne Talks Kid Coding and STEM

124d ago - On this enlightening episode of the Popzara Podcast intrepid editor and education enthusiast Gray... | Culture

This robot ninja is even more accurate and deadly than you'd expect

125d ago - Teaching a robot how to use a sword seems like a terrible idea, given the inevitable robot uprisi... | Culture

Circular orbits of small exoplanets: Which Earth-sized exoplanets are potentially habitable?

126d ago - Viewed from above, our solar system's planetary orbits around the sun resemble rings around a bul... | Culture

Cassini Spacecraft Sees Final, Stunning View of Saturn Moon Hyperion

127d ago - On Sunday, May 31, 2015, NASA's Cassini spacecraft made its latest and final flyby of Hyperion, S... | Culture

How the Historic First Spacewalk Worked (Infographic)

128d ago - On March 18, 1965, cosmonaut Alexei Leonov became the first person ever exit a space vehicle and... | Culture

Assembling a 40 Year-Old Rocket Engine Design | Time-Lapse Video

129d ago - Engineers at Aerojet Rocketdyne assemble the ‘RS-25’ a.k.a. Shuttle Main Engine engine at NASA's... | Culture

German group's Floppy Organ made from discarded floppy disk drives

137d ago - A German technology group unveiled its latest creation: The Floppy Organ, a musical instrument ma... | Culture

KFC Tray Typer keyboard is finger clickin’ good

141d ago - It's a first world solution to a first world problem: a super-thin, rechargeable Bluetooth keyboa... | Culture

Collider art - The lightshow inspired by Cern

143d ago - An art project inspired by work being done with the Large Hadron Collider at the Centre For Nucle... | Culture

Ever Wonder How You'd Go To The Bathroom On The Space Station?

149d ago - It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone hears the call of nature. Even in space. How... | Culture

Living on an Alien Planet: Exoplanet Kepler-186f (Infographic)

149d ago - Located 500 light-years from Earth, Kepler-186f was the first Earth-sized planet found to be orbi... | Culture

A View That Puts Window Seats to Shame

150d ago - Crossing the US in an open-air, two-seat aeroplane afforded an extraordinary look at the world be... | Culture

'Skyglow' Kickstarter Takes On Light Pollution of the Night Sky

150d ago - After spending years wowing the astronomy world with gorgeous time-lapse views of the stars, two... | Culture

Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

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DARPA’s self-steering bullet hits the target every time

164d ago - DARPA has managed to create a bullet, which can be fired by an expert or a novice, that moves in... | Culture

Ceres Bright Spots' Origins Still Unknown

171d ago - Orbiting into the daylight side of the dwarf planet, NASA's Dawn probe acquired new images of the... | Culture

Dawn glimpses Ceres' north pole

172d ago - After spending more than a month in orbit on the dark side of dwarf planet Ceres, NASA's Dawn spa... | Culture

The Rolling Robot From The Star Wars Trailer Actually Exists

174d ago - "Remember that incredibly neat soccer-ball lookin’ robot from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens tr... | Culture

Hubble Space Telescope Is A Rock Star

177d ago - Through 25 years on-orbit, the Space Telescope has repeatedly changed our understanding of the Un... | Culture