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Translogic 191: Best of 2015

43d ago - Engadget: "It's been another stellar year for Translogic. We explored the futuristic world of... | Culture

Ben Heck's Holiday Present Protection System

45d ago - Engadget Scales pack a punch for detecting holiday present thieves when Ben, Felix and Karen h... | Culture

Can You Work Out The Mechanism on This Alcohol Clock From 1945?

46d ago - Gizmodo Alcohol clocks never caught on with consumers, so they were only marketed for a short... | Culture

'SNL' skewers hoverboards

49d ago - Everyone is loving hoverboards -- kids, adults, even criminals. There's one problem, though. T... | Culture

Take a holiday tour of the White House in virtual reality

51d ago - Google Expeditions and The White House have teamed up to bring a holiday-themed tour of the presi... | Culture

ASMR: How sound is being used as a stress reliever

53d ago - You may not have heard about ASMR but type it into a search engine and you get more than 11 milli... | Culture

Watch Japan’s Police Drone Catch A Quadcopter

55d ago - The future is clumsy as heck. Yesterday, Tokyo Police launched their first anti-drone squad, a te... | Culture

Tiny Star Shoots Out Flares 10,000 Times Brighter Than the Sun's (Video)

56d ago - A small, cool star is emitting flares 10,000 times brighter than those ejected by the sun, a find... | Culture

Tech Tent - "Live from London's Science Museum"

56d ago - Rory Cellan-Jones presents the 100th edition of Tech Tent, live from London's Science Museum, whe... | Culture

Tech Weekly - Ada Lovelace and women in tech

58d ago - As Victorian computing pioneer Ada Lovelace celebrates her 200th birthday, The Guardian's Tech We... | Culture

Watch this video and think about what VR could mean for hospitalized children

60d ago - One of the most heart-breaking things many people don’t think about is the isolation some sick ch... | Culture

The piano with hammers but no strings

61d ago - A new digital piano has been released with sensors instead of strings. Casio's Celviano works lik... | Culture

3D printing: Company will turn your head into chocolate lollipops

64d ago - A start-up company based in London is offering to print out chocolate lollipops modelled on custo... | Culture

INNOVATE2016: David Hornik On Silicon Valley’s “Venture Socialism” And The Role Of Reguation

65d ago - "Hornik is no Silicon Valley libertarian. Indeed, he thinks that regulation has an important role... | Culture

A new drone video reveals more of Apple's new spaceship campus - including its sunken auditorium

65d ago - A new drone video gives us an updated look at the progress being made on Apple's giant, spaceship... | Culture

Humanoid Robot R5: Valkyrie 'Dances' In NASA Music Video

65d ago - NASA's latest robotic addition had been created to "perform in extreme environments." The space a... | Culture

Microsoft Tries To Declare A Christmas Truce With Apple

68d ago - Microsoft has put out a feative TV commercial for the holidays. It features employees, kids, sing... | Culture

The robot who will mix your drinks

80d ago - Robots are learning new tasks all the time - and are being moved from production lines into the l... | Culture

SpaceGeeks Ep. 21: Of Paperclips and Paperwork

84d ago - In this episode of the SpaceGeeks podcast, Dan Leone talks to Natalie Panek: space roboticist at... | Culture

Photos From the Early Days of New York’s Tech Scene

84d ago - Silicon Valley may be the center of the tech universe, but an exhibition at the New York Historic... | Culture

Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

Your smartphone may be stunting your child’s development

84d ago - It's easy to put an electronic device in front of children to distract them. But Dan Siegel, foun... | Culture

A YouTube video that claims Facebook is 'stealing billions of views' is going viral

86d ago - A YouTube video that accuses Facebook of "stealing billions of views" is going viral and receivin... | Culture

Closest Earth-size Alien Planet Found, May Be a Venus Twin

86d ago - A newly discovered planet 39 light-years away is being called the closest Earth-size exoplanet ev... | Culture

Daft Dutchman ‘drives’ autonomous Tesla Model S from back seat

87d ago - It was only a matter of time. Reckless driver's actions could prompt Tesla Autopilot update. | Culture

Drone Racing Dreams

87d ago - Drone racing is a fast-growing extreme sport in which pilots compete head-to-head with small flyi... | Culture