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Chinese hacking prodigy Wang Zhengyang, 12, says he wants to help expose security flaws

17d ago - A 12-year-old Chinese ‘hacking prodigy’ broke into his school’s computer system and a shopping we... | Culture

This Animation That Moves Across More Than A Dozen Phones, Tablets, And Laptops Will Mesmerize You

18d ago - The band Brunettes Shoot Blondes created an amazing music video for their song Knock Knock where... | Culture

Hawk attacks drone in mid flight - Caught on Camera

19d ago - Well it's robot vs. animal. Check out this amazing footage of a hawk attacking a drone (equipped... | Culture

How Uber CEO Went From Sleeping In His Parents' House To Owning A Multi-Billion Dollar Empire

19d ago - Uber is a massive company that's now valued at $18 billion, likely making its CEO Travis Kalanick... | Culture

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Here’s what separates Apple Fans vs. Microsoft Fans

19d ago - What's the biggest differences between an Apple Fan and a Microsoft Fan. Business Insider recentl... | Culture

SnapChat Users Hacked – No one knows who’s to blame

19d ago - Hackers have hacked a SnapChat image-saving service and thousands of users have been victimized.... | Culture

The Model D Is Tesla’s Most Powerful Car Ever, Plus Autopilot

19d ago - Tesla’s next car, the P85D, will have two motors and all-wheel drive. It will match the 3.2 secon... | Culture

India to launch third navigation satellite October 16

19d ago - Bangalore: India's third navigation satellite will be launched Oct 16 from Sriharikota spaceport... | Culture

NuSTAR Discovers Impossibly Bright Dead Star

19d ago - Astronomers working with NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR), led by Caltech's... | Culture

Mangalyaan sends its first 3D image of Mars

19d ago - India's Mars Orbiter Mission, lovingly called Mangalyaan, has sent back its first 3D image of the... | Culture

Driving with voice-activated infotainment is really distracting, studies say

21d ago - Infotainment systems are often marketed as being distinctly safer to use than picking up a cellph... | Culture

Nadella sends a letter to employees, apologizes for suggesting women shouldn’t ask for a raise

21d ago - Microsoft CEO is under heavy scrutiny online today as he made some remarks about women not having... | Culture

Google plans to launch Google Shopping Express in Boston next week

21d ago - Watch out, Google is shipping out to Boston! The company's same day delivery service Google Shopp... | Culture

Here’s how to SnapChat on your Mac

22d ago - Having to pull out your phone every time you want to send a SnapChat can be a real pain? Now ther... | Culture

Fancred steps into a new arena with Android launch

22d ago - Fancred, the social media platform for sports fans announced today the release of their much anti... | Culture

“Dear Mr. Human” – United Airlines copy/pastes apology letter without editing

23d ago - If you’ve worked in customer service before, you may know that many apology letters tend to be ei... | Culture

Windows 95 on Android Wear – Why?

24d ago - What happens when you mix a little too much time on your hands and Android Wear? Windows 95. | Culture

Tech guards warn of real threat of cyber death

24d ago - Governments are ill-prepared to combat the looming threat of "online murder" as cyber criminals e... | Culture

Finally, There is a Netflix For Booze Delivery

24d ago - What's better than a pizza delivery? Booze delivery. Here's another new app thats that's looking... | Culture

Why women leave tech: It's the culture, not because 'math is hard'

24d ago - Fortune: Stories from 716 women who left tech show that the industry’s culture is the primary cul... | Culture

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How does Technology Affect your Mental Health?

24d ago - In the last few years, technology has been blamed for just about everything. From lack of communi... | Culture

Too lazy to hit up the ATM? This app will deliver you cash

25d ago - You'll never have to leave the house again with this new app that delivers cash to your front door! | Culture

Is the Internet Losing the War for Net Neutrality? Stop Comcast, Act!

26d ago - The war for net neutrality has been raging on ever since Comcast started lobbying against the pra... | Culture

Popzara Podcast E3.03 Craig Crossman + Computer America Radio

26d ago - In the hot seat is none other than Craig Crossman, host of Computer America, “the nation’s longes... | Culture

Popzara Podcast E3.02 Seven Ate Nine: Windows 10

27d ago - With Windows 10 slated for a late 2015 release there’s plenty of surprises in store for anxious W... | Culture