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4 Similiarities between the TPP and SOPA

14d ago - Everyone remembers SOPA, which triggered the largest online protest in the history of the interne... | Culture

NASA Funds Titan Submarine, Other Far-Out Space Exploration Ideas

14d ago - NASA has just funded seven far-out space-exploration concepts, including a submarine that would e... | Culture

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Data errors implicated innocent people - watchdog

14d ago - People were wrongly implicated in paedophile investigations because of botched attempts to access... | Culture

After 85-year search, massless particle with promise for next-generation electronics found

14d ago - An international team led by Princeton University scientists has discovered Weyl fermions, an elu... | Culture

Done with Pluto, New Horizons will drift in endless sea of space

14d ago - The New Horizons spacecraft did what it was meant to do. It explored the unexplored dwarf planet... | Culture

Amazon says Prime Day orders beat last year's Black Friday

15d ago - Inc said customers ordered 34.4 million items worldwide during its highly publicized P... | Culture

Lines go silent in Finnish town of Salo as Microsoft shuts Nokia phone unit

15d ago - When U.S. software giant Microsoft bought Nokia's struggling mobile phone business last year, the... | Culture

Researchers discover seaweed that tastes like bacon

15d ago - Oregon State University researchers have patented a new strain of a succulent red marine algae ca... | Culture

Portable 'paper machine' can diagnose disease for less than $2

15d ago - In the U.S. and other industrialized nations, testing for infectious diseases and cancer often re... | Culture

Chemists develop novel drug to fight malaria

15d ago - An international team of scientists—led by researchers from the University of Washington and two... | Culture

Host genetics played a role in vaccine efficacy in the RV144 HIV vaccine trial

15d ago - New findings published today in the journal Science Translational Medicine show that host genetic... | Culture

For faster, larger graphene add a liquid layer

15d ago - Millimetre-sized crystals of high-quality graphene can be made in minutes instead of hours using... | Culture

Fastest-ever flexible diode provides 'last missing piece' needed to realize bendable phones

15d ago - While there are hints that Samsung and LG are developing flexible phones that can fold, roll up,... | Culture

NASA counts down to nail-biter Pluto flyby (Update)

16d ago - An unmanned NASA spacecraft hurtling into the unknown will make a close shave past Pluto on Tuesd... | Culture

Rare German Enigma Code Machine Sells at Auction for $232,000

16d ago - An Enigma machine, used by the German military to send secret codes during World War II, beat exp... | Culture

Winning smart technology with a social purpose

16d ago - The Guardian: From a 3D-printed bionic arm to an app that monitors the health of people with epil... | Culture

Is The Apple Watch truly a flop?

16d ago - Is The Apple Watch truly a flop or simply capped by the limitations of the wearables industry? | Culture

Facebook and Twitter on the rise as sources of news in the US

16d ago - The Guardian: Pew Research Center study finds that 63% of each social network’s American users ar... | Culture

Pluto Has Been Flown By! Closet Approach Celebration Video

16d ago - The New Horizons' team and a room full to capacity at the mission's control center out... | Culture

Should we build a village on the moon?

16d ago - The new head of the European Space Agency has a plan – for humanity to build a ‘village on the Mo... | Culture

Indie Game Month Contest Details

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Boeing patents laser-powered fusion-fission jet engine

16d ago - Assume the brace position: Boeing has received a patent for, I kid you not, a laser-powered fusio... | Culture

Huge population of “Ultra-Dark Galaxies” discovered

16d ago - Study of the Coma Cluster finds nearly a thousand large galaxies with few stars. | Culture

Office Of Personnel Management Director Steps Down

16d ago - Yesterday, the Office of Personnel Management – essentially the federal government’s giant human... | Culture

Updated Chinese exoskeletons could one day go into combat

16d ago - Bringing Starship Troopers to the PLA. | Culture

Mars Rock Samples Point to Earth-Like Crust

16d ago - Earth and Mars are very different in many ways, but there are lots of striking similarities too.... | Culture