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Popzara Podcast E.63 Max Nomad Talks The Zombie Apocalypse

14d ago - In this terrifying episode of the Popzara Podcast we summon Max Nomad, IT consultant and author o... | Culture

A functional warp drive is apparently bending space and time in an Omaha garage

14d ago - A science professor from Omaha says that he can turn the theoretical concept of the warp drive in... | Culture

We visited Google's first ever retail store | Business Insider

15d ago - Apple's stores are central to its success. Designed to exacting specifications and run by highly-... | Culture

Post-Snowden: People deserve more clarity from technology companies

15d ago - Privacy: We see it offered, we believe it is there, but can we actually take hold of it? Well,... | Culture

Want to Join the Team? We are Looking for News Editors

Now - We are looking for news editors for the following categories. Games, TV Series, Movies and Tech. If you are an aspiring journalist in one of these... | Promoted post

5 hard-to-find iPhone tricks only power users know about

15d ago - A lot of what the iPhone can do doesn't come in an instruction manual. Check out these tips and t... | Culture

Weapons in space would undermine global stability – Russia

15d ago - The deployment of weapons to outer space must be prohibited, as an attack from Earth’s orbit coul... | Culture

Quantum communication scheme transfers quantum states without transmitting physical particles

15d ago - While Einstein considered quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance," and those who fu... | Culture

Watch 19 satellites zip around Earth in fascinating NASA video

15d ago - The satellite space above Earth might look crowded in this NASA animation, but traffic's actually... | Culture

‘Goodnight, Sweetheart': Pioneering Tech Blog Gigaom Closes Down

15d ago - According to a spate of tweets from its staffers and also confirmation from sources, iconic tech... | Culture

How 4 NASA Satellites Will Study Magnetic Fields of Earth & Sun (Infographic)

15d ago - NASA's Magnetic Multiscale mission, or MMS, consists of a fleet of four identical satellites stud... | Culture

Inside Nasa’s giant rocket factory

15d ago - It’s been decades since Nasa has had a rocket powerful enough to reach to the Moon – and beyond.... | Culture

Chameleon reorganizes its nanocrystals to change colors

16d ago - Many chameleons have the remarkable ability to exhibit complex and rapid color changes during soc... | Culture

Behold, the heart-rate sensing LifeBeam Smart Hat

17d ago - Smartphones, smartwatches, smart shirts, smart shoes, smart glasses, smart hats. Sure, why not? | Culture

Why Apple wants you to believe it is a luxury-goods company

17d ago - By Monday, when Apple announced its anticipated media event for the Apple Watch would take place,... | Culture

Senator on Internet Policy Subcommittee Has "Never Sent an Email"

17d ago - US Senator and delicate southern flower Lindsey Graham has, in his own words, never sent an email... | Culture

What does the “I” in iPhone (or iPad) mean?

17d ago - Have you always wondered what the “I” in iPad or the iPhone meant? We have the answer. | Culture

U.S. charges three in ring that stole one billion email addresses

18d ago - Two Vietnamese citizens and a Canadian have been charged with running a massive cyberfraud ring t... | Culture

Is 10 Years in Jail the Answer to Online Pirates?

18d ago - Physical counterfeiters can receive up to 10 years in jail under UK copyright law but should onli... | Culture

Backing Up An Entire Nation Is Unsurprisingly Difficult

18d ago - You might not realize it, but the most technologically advanced nation in the world is a small ex... | Culture

Scientists create self-cleaning paint

18d ago - Researchers from University College London have developed a resilient super-hydrophobic paint, im... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Museum creates 'virtual dive' to take you on trip to the world's most spectacular coral reefs

18d ago - If a trip to the Great Barrier Reef is beyond your means this year, the Natural History Museum ha... | Culture

Internet troll faces £100k damages after targeting US lawyer for groundless attack

18d ago - An American lawyer wins a High Court case against Jason 'Jay' Page, from Telford, after the inter... | Culture

Wild, wonderful and wacky concepts at the 2015 Geneva auto show

18d ago - Ranging from the near-production-ready Infiniti QX30 compact SUV to the robot-friendly Rinspeed B... | Culture

As hacking grows, biometric security gains momentum

18d ago - With hackers seemingly running rampant online and millions of users compromised, efforts for stro... | Culture

Solar plane revs up for historic round-the-world flight

18d ago - A solar powered plane aims to fly into history on Monday, taking off from Abu Dhabi on a round-th... | Culture