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LG Is Developing Its Own Mobile Payment Service

7d ago - Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay… there’ll one more to add to the list soon. That’s because Ko... | Culture

IBM Wants to Help Professional Sports Teams Enter The Digital Age

7d ago - Say what you will about IBM, they are constantly trying new ways to generate business, and their... | Culture

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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iPhone User Blames “WiFi Assist” Feature For $2,000 Phone Bill

7d ago - Consumerist: Not even two months ago, we warned iPhone users that the new “WiFi Assist” feature i... | Culture

Senate Committee OKs Bill Barring Companies From Using “Gag Clauses” To Block Negative Reviews

7d ago - A bill that would enact a nationwide ban on the use of tricky “non-disparagement” or “gag” clause... | Culture

Dojo Is Designed To Protect Your Smart Home From Itself

7d ago - Israeli startup Dojo-Labs is launching out of stealth today after more than a year working on its... | Culture

Adobe says iPad Pro can't replace a laptop for creative work, and it's okay

7d ago - Despite Tim Cook's most valiant efforts to get you to believe that the only laptop you'll need in... | Culture

Google Must Take Blame For Spreading Bizarre Piracy News

7d ago - If Google is to blame for piracy sites appearing in its search results, it must also be held to a... | Culture

India's largest technology incubator 'T-Hub' launched

7d ago - The PPP project aims to assist 800 Indian start-ups, with the first phase offering seed funding,... | Culture

Facebook, Airtel Africa partners to provide Free Basics across 17 African nations

7d ago - may, or may not, be the next big thing but Facebook is surely on its way to do somet... | Culture

Encryption Is Being Scapegoated To Mask The Failures Of Mass Surveillance

7d ago - Well that took no time at all. Intelligence agencies rolled right into the horror and fury in the... | Culture

An Open Letter to Tim Cook

7d ago - Steve Rosenbaum from The Huffington Post writes: Tim - We've never met, and yet our lives a... | Culture

Hipmunk Aims To Become Your Travel Assistant With New “Hello Hipmunk” Features

7d ago - When travel startup Hipmunk launched five years ago, its big selling point was a better interface... | Culture

Nest Learning Thermostat brings hot water to Europe

7d ago - Launched in the USA back in September, the third-gen Nest Learning Thermostat now reaches Europe... | Culture

Megabots v Kuratas: US and Japan battle it out for robot supremacy

8d ago - California startup’s robot isn’t quite ready to take on Kuratas but founders confident ‘Team USA’... | Culture

What Happens If the Curiosity Rover Finds Life on Mars?

8d ago - A deep-dive on whether we can handle the implications of such a discovery. | Culture

An iPhone case that's also a VR viewer: Figment VR offers up pocket-portable virtual reality

8d ago - VR viewers for phones can be fun, and cheap. But they're usually not convenient. It's what makes... | Culture

Open source projects rely on donated time—what motivates participants?

8d ago - Open source software packages like WordPress and Firefox have been major influences on modern com... | Culture

U.K. Gov’t To Invest $250M In Cyber Security Startups To Help Spooks

8d ago - Despite on-going belt-tightening of the U.K.’s public finances, there’s going to be more taxpayer... | Culture

Google will contest Russian antitrust regulators’ “unfounded” Android decision

8d ago - On Tuesday, Google said that it would contest a recent ruling from Russian authorities that Googl... | Culture

Facebook Launches New Fundraising Tool For Non-Profits

8d ago - Facebook has launched a new fundraising tool to help non-profit organizations raise money, and ha... | Culture

See what games are coming out in 2016

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Congressman: To stop ISIS, let’s shut down websites and social media

8d ago - US Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) has a plan to stop terrorists: shut down websites, including social... | Culture

Dell leverages artificial intelligence to protect PCs from malware

8d ago - Dell will offer a one-stop solution for security for users of its business PCs by partnering with... | Culture

Former New York Yankees slugger is training amateurs to hit a home run - in VR

8d ago - One sports VR company is using the latest advancements in virtual reality technology to combine t... | Culture

This self-healing sensor could make electronic skin a reality

8d ago - Flexible electronics are great - they're useful in wearable technology, robotics, healthcare and... | Culture

McCain Wants Legislation Mandating Government Access To Encryption

8d ago - Senator John McCain on Tuesday told reporters that he would hold a series of hearings and eventua... | Culture