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Einstein’s theory about gravitational waves could be confirmed tomorrow

13h ago - Scientists are going to make a big announcement tomorrow that may confirm Einstein's last unprove... | Culture

How To Spot A Fake Apple Watch

13h ago - Chillopedia: Top brand products throughout the world are being faked all the time these days, how... | Culture

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Taking selfies killed more people than shark attacks since 2014

1d 1h ago - Zachary Crockett of Priceonomics has put together a compilation of selfie-related deaths pulled f... | Culture

Chinese scientists move step closer to creating Artificial Sun

2d ago - Chinese scientists were able to heat plasma to three times the temperature of the core of our sun... | Culture

Scientists have discovered the largest known solar system

2d ago - Astronomers have found the largest known solar system, linking together a star and what was thoug... | Culture

Where Are The Largest Data Centers In The World Located ?

2d ago - Chillopedia: At this point, even larger companies, with their own private data centers or in-hous... | Culture

Scientists Debate Signatures of Alien Life

2d ago - Searching for signs of life on faraway planets, astrobiologists must decide which telltale biosig... | Culture

The Hunt for the Algorithms That Drive Life on Earth

3d ago - The biological world is computational at its core, argues computer scientist Leslie Valiant. His... | Culture

NASA censors the name 'Jesus' from internal newsletters

3d ago - NASA has been accused of illegally censoring the word “Jesus” from its newsletters at the Johnson... | Culture

Harassment, Technology, and Political Correctness

3d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: An in-depth discussion about moral boundaries in a connected world | Culture

Tech Weekly: Art in the Age of Big Data

3d ago - In some ways the internet has made artists of us all. Whether we’re updating Instagram or filming... | Culture

10 of the best apps for saving money

4d ago - From discounts on hotel rooms and plane tickets to shopping vouchers, student deals and gig ticke... | Culture

GCHQ announces three men closest to completing Christmas puzzle

4d ago - 30,000 people reached final stage of challenge designed by GCHQ cryptographers which included pho... | Culture

Engineer builds 'snowball machine gun' and other news

4d ago - BBC Click's Nick Kwek looks at some of the best of the week's technology news. | Culture

This is probably the greatest custom PC build of all time

4d ago - Artisanal PSU. Locally sourced GPU. Organic X-shape chassis. Made entirely of Lego. | Culture

What Not To Post On Facebook In Each Of The 50 States

4d ago - Is your state selfie-loathing or fed up with food pics? | Culture

What Your Future Super Bowl Party Will Look Like

4d ago - For this year's Super Bowl, many of us will head to a local bar or to a friend's place to view th... | Culture

4 Reasons Tribal Lands Lack Better Access To The Internet

4d ago - Both the FCC and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture independently run several programs intended to aid... | Culture

Why Does Everyone's Phone-Tracking Program Lead To This Couple's House?

4d ago - Either a couple who live outside of Atlanta have a mobile phone theft ring running in their basem... | Culture

Software Company Asks Users For Input On DRM; Institutes It Anyway Over Their Objections

4d ago - Nothing does more damage more quickly to your community than deciding to place your fear of pirac... | Culture

How Facebook updated 'six degrees of separation' (it's now 3.57)

4d ago - If you pick any two Facebook users, it's been calculated there's an average of 3.57 "degrees of s... | Culture

TechSpy February Contest Details: All about High Quality

4d ago - A new month is here, which means a new TechSpy contest! | Culture

Don’t Sleep On New Data Privacy Regulations

5d ago - Although it has been nearly three years since Edward Snowden turned the world on its head by rele... | Culture

Big red bridge, devs, startups: Guess the city behind this tech boom (hint: it's not San Fran)

5d ago - Born out of an economic slump, the surge in tech startups in Portugal is being driven by its capi... | Culture

Ares Rights Gets EFF Lawyer Suspended From Twitter For Posting Mild Criticism

5d ago - Techdirt: We've written a few times now (including just recently) about the Spanish firm Ares Rig... | Culture
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