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Researchers Easily Slipped Weapons Past TSA’s X-Ray Body Scanners

1d ago - Wired - Two years ago, a blogger named Jonathan Corbett published a YouTube video that seemed to... | Culture

Heartbleed Flaw Said Used by Chinese in Hospital Hacking

1d 1h ago - Bloomberg - Chinese hackers exploited the Heartbleed Internet security flaw to steal data on 4.5... | Culture

3D printed noPhone a modern-day pacifier for adults

1d 4h ago - What’s the best phone available on the market right now? That’s a debate that could rage on night... | Culture

Nomophobia – The 21st century’s newest disease

1d 12h ago - Nomophobia, the definition of which comes from the expression “no-mobile-phone” deserves it’s nam... | Culture

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10 Useful Life Hacks For Dorm Living

2d ago - Dorm life can be a lot of fun, but it can also be incredibly challenging. Your bank accounts are... | Culture

MIT engineers discover way to create efficient solar panels using lead recycled from car batteries

2d ago - Engineers at MIT have discovered a way to recycle parts from old car batteries and turn them into... | Culture

Emerging Solar Plants Scorch Birds in Mid-Air

2d ago - Workers at a state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert have a name for birds that fly thr... | Culture

Clover, The "Uber of Strippers"

2d ago - The internet of things has gone and done it again! Instead of shocking us with a GPS threesome ho... | Culture

NASA Spacecraft Spots Mysterious Shifting Lights Near Black Hole

2d ago - Strange light shifts have been spotted by a NASA spacecraft near the heart of a supermassive blac... | Culture

NASA's New Lander 'InSight' To Reveal Hidden Secrets Of Mars

2d ago - Here comes exciting news for those who are keen to know more about the red planet. According to a... | Culture

Apple Beats Bud, Nike and GE to Win the 2014 Emmy for Best Commercial

3d ago - AD Week - Apple has had its ups and downs in advertising lately. But one recent unqualified creat... | Culture

The common pitfalls in naming a tech company or product

3d ago - TNW - While naming your new tech product or company can be a lot of fun, it certainly isn’t easy.... | Culture

Huge asteroid that ‘could wipe out human life’ heading for Earth, scientists say

5d ago - Scientists have moved closer to being able to stop a huge asteroid colliding with Earth and poten... | Culture

Watch Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg and Phil Schiller take the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

5d ago - If you’ve ever wanted to see some of the most powerful individuals in the tech industry douse the... | Culture

Researchers create artificial brain-like structure in a dish

6d ago - If we are ever going to have brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) that do more than tap a soccer ball... | Culture

Temporary tattoo lactate sensor converted into sweat-powered biobattery

6d ago - Last year, researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) unveiled a sensor imprin... | Culture

Scientists turn a US$40 needle into a high-quality 3D microscope

6d ago - Beginning with a US$40 needle, researchers from the University of Utah have designed a microscope... | Culture

Sleep-Regulating Gene Discovered By Indian-Origin Scientists

6d ago - A gene that regulates sleep and wake rhythms has been identified by a team led by two Indian-orig... | Culture

How to introduce DevOps into a moribund culture

6d ago - ZDnet - 'DevOps is an invisible thread that runs through the entire process of IT, from the desig... | Culture

This is why Anonymous shouldn't hijack protest movements

6d ago - TheVerge - Sometimes, the voice of the internet doesn't know best. | Culture

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German Startup Says Its New Chip Halves Bitcoin Mining Energy

6d ago - Doxcole - A German start-up is looking for funding to produce a new high-performance microchip th... | Culture

Snowden willing to serve prison time in the U.S. if it ‘served the right purpose’

6d ago - Daily Digest - Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden told Wired magazine that he would willingly r... | Culture

Can Wearable Technology Put a Dent in Parkinson's Disease?

6d ago - Wearable technology has clear applications for healthcare, but it's just one tool. To really find... | Culture

Apple customer says store gave him receipt with anti-gay message

7d ago - Tim Cook has led Apple into the front of the LGBT-rights movement with company appearances at Gay... | Culture

Should You Walk Or Run In Rain, According To Science

7d ago - As kids all we wanted to do was keep splashing in the rain water. Whenever it was a downpour we w... | Culture
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