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NASA Probes Record Sounds In Space – And It’s Terrifying.

2h ago - Despite what you’ve heard, there are actual sounds in space. Due to the virtual vacuum in spac... | Culture

This worm's sperm invades and kills females of another species

3h ago - When it comes to sex, animals have developed a plethora of tricks to avoid mixups with other spec... | Culture

The Milky Way Galaxy May Be Way Less Massive Than We Thought It Was

8h ago - Surprise! Our home galaxy is no pipsqueak, but it isn't nearly as massive as scientists used to t... | Culture

Life on the ISS as seen through social media

9h ago - Being hip to PR is certainly part of the job description for NASA astronauts, but some are especi... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Why 16GB Smartphones Are the Biggest Rip-off in Tech

9h ago - The other day, I hit a huge wall with my iPhone — a wall so big I couldn’t upgrade to the latest... | Culture

Leaving Earth made the moon lemon-shaped

9h ago - Leaving home can change you – and the moon is no exception. As it drifted away from its parent, E... | Culture

Researchers Test A Prototype Of An Alien-Hunting Robotic Ice Drill

9h ago - Recent discoveries of active under-ice oceans on Europa and Enceladus have kindled speculation th... | Culture

Russian engineers create Chernobyl on a stick, blow up tech, laugh about it

14h ago - If you’re willing to spend some time traveling the depths of YouTube, you’re bound to discover pl... | Culture

SIGGRAPH 2014: Emerging Technologies Preview | GeekNifty

22h ago - Each year, SIGGRAPH-selected emerging technologies allow conference attendees to play with the la... | Culture

4 Cool Gadget Concepts We Would All Love To See Invented

22h ago - Modern technology has facilitated an exponential evolution in mankind’s capacity to procure innov... | Culture

Let’s Break Down Forbes’ Laughable “5 Reasons To Admire Comcast”

22h ago - Consumerist: In spite of its two Worst Company In America wins, we know that not everyone hates C... | Culture

Star Trek Actor Brent Spiner Talks Robots

1d 3h ago - The actor best known for this portrayal of the android Data in Star Trek The Next Generation was... | Culture

Yelp reviewer sued for libel by Natomas lawyer

1d 3h ago - A Natomas lawyer is suing a Yelp user for a negative review he claims was fabricated just to hurt... | Culture

Dark matter makes up 80% of the Universe—but where is it all?

1d 10h ago - It’s in the room with you now. It’s more subtle than the surveillance state, more transparent tha... | Culture

Gene activity change can produce cancer

1d 19h ago - Changing a gene’s activity can cause cancer, even though the DNA itself hasn’t mutated, a new stu... | Culture

Long-term Parkinson's treatment sheds bad rep

1d 19h ago - Many doctors delay prescribing an effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease out of fear that th... | Culture

Smouldering smartphones: a brief history of mobile phone fires and how to avoid them

1d 19h ago - Smartphones are a mixture of electronic circuitry and potentially volatile substances, or at leas... | Culture

Can you survive in a signal-less coffee shop?

1d 19h ago - Welcome to 2014, a year in which taking selfies and photos of your food are the norm, and real-li... | Culture

Fears can be inherited through smell

1d 23h ago - When researchers look at trauma, they don’t just look at the lives of those who experience trauma... | Culture

Meet the 12-year-old boy who makes games instead of going to school

3d ago - Sam Smith is a 12-year-old game developer. That’s rather young, sure, but that’s not even the str... | Culture

8 Ways Technology Makes You Stupid

3d ago - People assume that iPhones, laptops and Netflix are evidence of progress. In some ways, that's tr... | Culture

Two new mysterious giant holes found in Siberia, scientists puzzled

3d ago - Gizmodo Scientists have found two new mysterious giant holes in Siberia, like the one that app... | Culture

Recycle Bin Turns Bottles Into Food For Stray Animals And Provokes Our Humanity

3d ago - Big Think In many cities around the world stray dogs are part of city life. One such city is I... | Culture

Japan PM Abe Wants to Stage 2020 Robot Olympics

3d ago - Yahoo Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to stage a "Robot Olympics" in 2020, the same y... | Culture

Airplanes may have evolved like birds: Applying law of physics to evolution

3d ago - Airplanes may have developed through many of the same forces that drove the evolution of birds an... | Culture
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