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Reflective satellites may be the future of high-end encryption

2d ago - Quantum key distribution is regularly touted as the encryption of the future. While the keys are... | Culture

Venturi battles storms and salt to set electric land speed record

2d ago - Venturi, a Monegasque electric vehicle (EV) company, and The Ohio State University have just set... | Culture

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Will miniaturized ‘stick’ computers ever really take off?

2d ago - MWEB TechnoZone writes: "It would seem our devices are getting smaller and smaller. Not too long... | Culture

Ashley Madison, parent company sued in U.S over data breach

3d ago - Reuters: Infidelity website Ashley Madison and its parent company have been sued in federal court... | Culture

Stephen Hawking says he has a way to escape from a black hole

3d ago - Stuff that falls into a black hole is gone forever, right? Not so, says Stephen Hawking. | Culture

'Spam King' pleads guilty to sending 27 million unsolicited Facebook messages

3d ago - TechSpot: A Las Vegas man who named himself the ‘Spam King’ has pleaded guilty to illegally acces... | Culture

U.S. scientists successfully turn human cancer cells back to normal

3d ago - Cancer cells have been programmed back to normal by scientists in a breakthrough which could lead... | Culture

Private Space Stations Could Be a Reality by 2025

3d ago - There are strong prospects that commercial space stations will become a reality within the next 1... | Culture

Family sues Fay School in Southboro, claims Wi-Fi made son ill

3d ago - Telegram: The family of a student at the Fay School in Southboro has filed a lawsuit claiming the... | Culture

Can technology make a hearing-centric world more accessible?

4d ago - Most humans live in a hearing-centric world, which means that the needs and preferences of people... | Culture

3D printing: Where Chattanooga's past meets its future

4d ago - As part of Road Trip 2015, CNET digs into the 3D printing startup culture in Chattanooga, Tennessee. | Culture

Korean Virtual Museum Okyeonjeongsa VR Hits Gear VR

4d ago - VRFocus reports on the launch of Okyeonjeongsa VR, a new virtual museum focusing on Korean archit... | Culture

Turning red to blue for solar energy

5d ago - Solar energy is one of the most important alternative energy sources available to us. In Europe,... | Culture

Wormhole Created in Lab Makes Invisible Magnetic Field

7d ago - Ripped from the pages of a sci-fi novel, physicists have crafted a wormhole that tunnels a magnet... | Culture

There's now an instant messaging app for use in the bathroom called 'Pooductive'

7d ago - TechSpot: A free iPhone app has been released that is designed for the three quarters of smartpho... | Culture

Where Is All the Dark Energy and Dark Matter?

7d ago - Two experiments on Earth are helping to shine light on the hidden characteristics of dark energy... | Culture

How McLaren F1 Tech Is Supercharging the World’s Industries

7d ago - João Medeiros of Wired takes a look at the tech in the new McLaren F1 and how its influencing the... | Culture

US-China Space Freeze May Thaw with Historic New Experiment

7d ago - A Chinese experiment is being readied for launch toward the International Space Station (ISS) in... | Culture

Indonesia Blocks The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, Others

7d ago - After promising a strong response to piracy for several years, Indonesia has finally taken action... | Culture

NASA scours retired space shuttles for spare parts

7d ago - You won’t find that in the gift shop. NASA is raiding retired space shuttles housed in museums fo... | Culture

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Watch A Girl Named Isabella Unpack A New 3-D Printed Arm

7d ago - TechCrunch: At this point in the 3D-printing game it should be obvious why the tech exists and wh... | Culture

Where Will NASA's 2020 Mars Rover Land?

7d ago - NASA's next Mars rover may touch down in a big crater called Jezero. The 28-mile-wide (45 kilo... | Culture

Elon Musk’s hyperloop is actually getting kind of serious

7d ago - The hyperloop sounds like science fiction, Elon Musk’s pipe dream: leapfrog high-speed rail and g... | Culture

New data uncovers the surprising predictability of Android lock patterns

7d ago - The abundance of password leaks over the past decade has revealed some of the most commonly used—... | Culture

Huh? Schools Think Kids Don’t Want to Learn Computer Science

7d ago - Times have never been better for computer science workers. Jobs in computing are growing at twice... | Culture
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