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For faster battery charging, try a quantum battery?

4h ago - Physicists have shown that a quantum battery—basically, a quantum system such as a qubit that sto... | Culture

Study describes red meat's cancer-causing mechanism in the colon

4h ago - Over the past 40 years, red meat has changed roles in the American diet from a supporting player... | Culture

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New mechanism discovered for controlling ultracold chemical reactions

14h ago - Researchers have discovered a new interference mechanism in ultracold chemical reactions, one whi... | Culture

How your phone's battery life can be used to invade your privacy

16h ago - The Guardian: A group of researchers have demonstrated how to track users with nothing more than... | Culture

Can Brain Signals be Controlled with Virtual Reality?

23h ago - While teams in the NFL are using virtual reality (VR) to train their instincts, and researchers a... | Culture

Is Our Universe a Fake?

1d 5h ago - I began bemused. The notion that humanity might be living in an artificial reality — a... | Culture

California offers $75,000 reward to catch drone pilots who impeded firefighters

3d ago - techspot: San Bernadino County officials are offering a total of $75,000 for information leading... | Culture

Qantas - Visit Hamilton Island Available on Gear VR

3d ago - VRFocus reports on Qantas Airlines releasing a virtual reality (VR) tourist experience of Hamilto... | Culture

Oculus Story Studio Head to Speak at Entertainment & Tech Summit

3d ago - VRFocus reports on news that Oculus Story Studio head Saschka Unseld will be speaking about virtu... | Culture

Nokia Announces "Look Around You" VR Film Competition

5d ago - VRFocus reports on Nokia announcing virtual reality (VR) film competition "Look Around You" to pr... | Culture

Airbnb eyes expansion in Africa

6d ago - MWEB E-Zone writes: "Airbnb has become a poster child for the rise of the sharing economy – the t... | Culture

Windows 10: A window to a new world?

6d ago - MWEB TechnoZone writes: "The Windows 10 free upgrade is available in 190 countries today. While i... | Culture

Sydney gets world's first e-ink traffic signs

6d ago - techspot: Sydney has become the world's first city to install electronic ink traffic signs, where... | Culture

Virgin Galactic spaceship crash caused by co-pilot error: federal safety investigators

6d ago - The crash of a Virgin Galactic spaceship last year was caused by a catastrophic structural failur... | Culture

DeepBind predicts where proteins bind, uncovering disease-causing mutations

6d ago - A new tool called DeepBind uses deep learning to analyze how proteins bind to DNA and RNA, allowi... | Culture

Superfast fluorescence sets new speed record

6d ago - Researchers have developed an ultrafast light-emitting device that can flip on and off 90 billion... | Culture

Scientists harvest energy from beam's self-induced, self-sustaining vibrations in airflow

7d ago - In an attempt to harvest the kinetic energy of airflow, researchers have demonstrated the ability... | Culture

Neural efficiency hypothesis confirmed

7d ago - One of the big questions intelligence researchers grapple with is just how differences in intelli... | Culture

Disrupting the disruptors: Uber’s uphill battle

7d ago - MWEB E-Zone writes: "When the news broke not too long ago that in 2015 so far, roughly 200 driver... | Culture

Testing shows using microwaves to propel a craft into space might work

7d ago - A team of researchers at Colorado based Escape Dynamics is reporting that initial tests indicate... | Culture

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How does color blindness affect color preferences?

7d ago - Dichromacy is a color vision defect in which one of the three types of cone photoreceptors is mis... | Culture

Engineers test fly printed aircraft off warship

8d ago - A 3D printed aircraft has successfully launched off the front of a Royal Navy warship and landed... | Culture

China starts assembling world's biggest radio telescope

9d ago - China has started assembling the world's largest radio telescope, which will have a dish the size... | Culture

Lexus uses LumiLor coating to show driver's heartbeat on car

9d ago - Lexus Australia has collaborated with creative agency M&C Saatchi to create a heart-racing demons... | Culture

It’s Happening: Hotel Using Augmented Reality To Target Millenials

10d ago - 18-35 year olds (Millenials) are one tough cookie to crack in terms of marketing. That’s why the... | Culture
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