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Apple’s latest iPhone 5s ad is all about power, but not the kind you think

22d ago - Apple’s advertising agencies have always been great at finding ways to show off a device’s key fe... | Phones

Apple ending development for Aperture

25d ago - Apple will be transitioning out of offering Aperture as a photo editing software on Yosemite and... | Software

Apple iPod touch gets new models and a price cut

27d ago - "Now you can get the device for $199, still a bit expensive but at least it’s cheaper than before... | Gadgets

Google takes a couple swipes at iOS and its "old" new features

27d ago - During Apple's WWDC keynote, CEO Tim Cook and company took a couple shots at Android, which is so... | Software

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Amazon Fire, Volantis, Surface Pro 3 - Can These Gadgets Dethrone Apple?

28d ago - It's increasingly difficult to pick the best smartphones, tablets and computers. Competition is h... | Gadgets

Major Differences Between The Amazon Fire, Apple iPhone 6 And Samsung Galaxy S5

28d ago - Amazon unveiled its highly-anticipated Fire smartphone last Wednesday. The Fire comes equipped wi... | Gadgets

5 Must Have iOS And Android Games You Need To Play

28d ago - There were a few announcements, leaked images and release dates for highly anticipated Apple and... | Software

7 things you really ought to know about Apple’s iPhone 6

28d ago - In 2007, a Steve Jobs-led Apple announced “Project Purple,” the codenamed operation that would ev... | Gadgets

iPhone 6 Concept – The iRevolution

28d ago - Perhaps it is finally time for the iPhone to get a new design, the best designed would probably h... | Phones

iPhone Manufacturers Hiring Thousands To Prepare For iPhone 6 Production

29d ago - Production on Apple’s next iPhone appears to be imminent, as two of the Chinese manufacturers tha... | Phones

iPhone 6 along with iPad Air 2 and mini 3 spotted; featuring Touch ID

30d ago - Techprezz: There has already been a lot of noise about Apple iPhone 6 and adding some beans to th... | Gadgets

iWatch production to get underway?

33d ago - Thanks to a new report by Reuters, it seems the October release window for Apple's iWatch may be... | Gadgets

Apple and Samsung may have reached a patent deal

35d ago - Last month, it was reported that Apple and Samsung were to call a ceasefire on patent disputes ag... | Industry

5 Small Updates in iOS8 That Will Be A Big Help

35d ago - Apple's new mobile operating system, iOS8, was recently announced at WWDC and it brought in many... | Phones

Tim Cook, Making Apple His Own

37d ago - Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, was an adolescent boy in a small Alabama town in the early 197... | Industry

Photos: Purported physical mockups of black and gold 5.5-inch iPhone 6s compared to 4.7-inch model

37d ago - This fall, Apple is expected to unwrap two next-generation iPhones with larger displays: a 4.7-in... | Industry

Jony Ive’s views on Tim Cook are undeniably optimistic

37d ago - "Honestly, I don't think Apple has changed", says Jony Ive, the Senior Vice president of Design a... | Industry

Apple recalls millions of iPhone chargers across 37 countries

39d ago - Apple on Friday announced a new program that invites millions of iPhone users across 37 different... | Industry

11 Tips and Tricks for your iPhone Headphones

40d ago - Most people who own an iPhone or iPad own headphones too but odds are they’re not using them righ... | Gadgets

Apple launching newer, faster iMacs next week

41d ago - Apple is on the verge of a new iMac release as well as a price drop in the near future for the li... | PC hardware

iPad Air 2 and other devices to be produced this month

42d ago - Apple's production line will start manufacturing the iPad Air 2, the iPhone 6 and other devices i... | Gadgets

Nokia unveils new folding OLED display as rumors say similar tech headed for Apple's 'iWatch'

42d ago - Nokia's Semiconductor Energy Laboratory has unveiled a new kind of OLED display that can be folde... | Gadgets

Apple patent hints at iWatch-enabled weightlifting tracker

43d ago - Apple on Tuesday was granted a patent for a weightlifting tracking system that uses a standalone... | Services

The smart home is the next battleground: What to expect from the top 3 tech companies?

43d ago - Tech Times: "With Google, Microsoft, and Apple getting involved in home automation, it is clear t... | Gadgets

Apple Is Launching A Vast Project To Map The Inside Of Every Large Building It Can

43d ago - Apple has embarked on an ambitious program to use the sensors in its iPhones to map the large ind... | Hi-tech