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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs. Apple iPad Pro: High-end tablets face off

17d ago - Both Microsoft and Apple are playing up the versatility of these machines, including the ability... | Gadgets

How the Surface Book Could Change Apple's Lineup

17d ago - The Surface Book might inspire Apple to create its first truly convertible PC. | PC hardware

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

iPad Pro review | TheVerge

17d ago - TheVerge: When I first picked up the iPad Pro at an Apple event this past September, I couldn’... | Gadgets

iPad Pro Now Available To Pre-Order

17d ago - The iPad Pro is now available to pre-order on Apple’s website. People who pre-order today will re... | Gadgets

What you can watch on the new Apple TV -- and how it compares to Roku, Fire TV and Chromecast

17d ago - Apple's new streaming video box, available now for $149 (32GB) and $199 (64GB), comes with a bevy... | Gadgets

The iPad Pro can’t replace your laptop totally, even for a tablet lover

17d ago - TheVerge: I am a tablet man, specifically an iPad man. I do love my trusty, iconic, MacBook Ai... | Gadgets

Why Google Trailing Apple on Encryption Support Is a Human Rights Issue

17d ago - A leading privacy activist says Google’s lack of support for strong encryption makes second-class... | Culture

Meet The Ticwatch, An Impressive Apple Watch Competitor From China

17d ago - Apple may be killing it in China with the iPhone, but the U.S. firm faces a pretty impressive you... | Gadgets

Popular Instagram app InstaAgent has been taking user log-in info and posting spam

17d ago - Apple’s approval process for the App Store is supposed to safeguard users, but one slipped throug... | Web

Apple wants to make its stores more like window shopping in a small town (AAPL)

17d ago - Apple's retail boss Angela Ahrendts wants to recreate the experience of window shopping within th... | Industry

Apple TV gaming is full of problems and potential

17d ago - The new Apple TV has been out for a week now, which is just about enough time for you to have pec... | Hi-tech

Guess what's the lowest rated Apple product in Apple's online store?

17d ago - Many of Apple's products get rave reviews from users, but it does have a few products that receiv... | Culture

Apple TV review: vision of the future - The Telegraph

18d ago - The fourth generation Apple TV is close to hitting its stride, and has the potential to solve the... | Gadgets

Apple's Tim Cook declares the end of the PC and hints at new medical product

18d ago - The Apple boss has two missions - taking on the office PC with his new devices and keeping his cu... | Culture

Deck your iPhone out in retro Apple rainbows and air vents

18d ago - Maybe you're a child of the '80s. Maybe you're an original Mac user from way back. Maybe you just... | Culture

TheVerge:Apple and Microsoft must think I’m a pervert

18d ago - TheVerge: When I'm texting a friend, I never ask "can I touch your...?" It turns out, however,... | Culture

Apple has learned nothing from Microsoft's Surface

18d ago - TheVerge: Apple's 12-inch iPad Pro goes on sale tomorrow, and that means CEO Tim Cook is ready... | Industry

5 Rumored Features of the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

19d ago - In 2016, Apple will release the next in its series of iPhones. While Apple continues to be tight... | Phones

The Tech Gender Gap Has Only Gotten Worse, But Steve Jobs’ Contemporaries Think It Can Be Fixed

20d ago - When Apple released the original Macintosh in the mid-1980s, the percentage of women majoring com... | Industry

IPhones may one day have a 'panic mode' button. Just in case

20d ago - Apple has filed a new patent that will have you reaching for your iPhone when you find yourself i... | Phones

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

How a mobile app company found Apple's XcodeGhost in the machine

20d ago - Nick Arnott couldn’t figure out recently why Apple kept rejecting an update to a mobile app his c... | Software

Samsung takes free giveaways to the extreme to boost Galaxy sales

21d ago - Samsung would very much like you to buy a new Galaxy phone. In fact, it's bribing you with $350 w... | Phones

Apple TV review - TechRadar

21d ago - The new Apple TV is understated and subtly smart, but also underdeveloped. | Gadgets

Move to iOS app takes your contacts, messages and photos from Android to iPhone

21d ago - Encouraged by the survey results that 30% of Apple buyers in 2015 are those who have switched fro... | Industry

Google reportedly wants to design its own Android chips

21d ago - Google is reportedly taking a page out of Apple's playbook and expressing interest in co-developi... | Web