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Apple's 4K TV plans abandoned

40d ago - Apple reportedly shelved its plans over a year ago - after a decade of research, the company deci... | Gadgets

May the Force be with you: Say Hi to Apple's new MacBook Pro

40d ago - Apple has unveiled a new 15-inch MacBook Pro with a new trackpad that it calls Force Touch. The r... | Gadgets

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US Court Reduces Apple’s $930 million judgment over Samsung

41d ago - Patent quarrels in the middle of Apple and Samsung are a long way from being done. On Monday, the... | Industry

Apple Is The Greenest Tech Company

42d ago - Instead of the red blush of a Macintosh, Apple seems to be turning a bright shade of Granny Smith... | Industry

Apple Classifies a Range of iPhones and Macs Obsolete

43d ago - "Depending on who you ask, Apple’s planned-obsolescence scheme is either a bizarre quirk or a sig... | Gadgets

Here is the Proof that Apple is Secretly Developing a Car Battery

44d ago - Business Insider For several months now, rumours of increasing credibility have circulated tha... | Industry

Apple Is Trouncing Samsung In China

45d ago - A recent report by IDC shows that Apple has had a very solid grip in the Chinese market following... | Industry

Apple Music may launch exclusive social network for artists

46d ago - Beats Music is getting rebranded "Apple Music" and adding a music-driven social network, accordin... | Software

Apple Tops Greenpeace Clean Energy Index Based on Renewable Energy Initiatives

46d ago - Apple continues to set the bar among technology companies for its commitment to running its world... | Industry

Apple Top In China As Smartphone Market Dips For First Time Since 2009

48d ago - Analysts have warned us for some time that China’s smartphone market is shrinking, and today we h... | Culture

Rival music services say Apple’s 30% App Store fee is anticompetitive

49d ago - “Apple charges a 30 percent fee toward any sales through its App Store, and that includes subscri... | Services

Apple may offer free trial with new Beats Music streaming service

49d ago - Apple may be catching some flack for putting the pressure on Spotify to abandon its free music st... | Software

Applebot could be the start of an Apple search engine

52d ago - Apple and Google seemingly compete in almost every area, with smartphones, mapping, operating sys... | Software

What are the chances that Apple Watch is going to be successful?

52d ago - In 2007, when the first iPhone was launched, a very few recognized its potential. It was derided,... | Industry

Apple Is Building Apps To Help Genetic Studies

52d ago - TechFrag - Apple is reportedly working on a project with U.S researchers that can play a signific... | Hi-tech

Rumor: Apple Makes U-turn, Working On 4-Inch iPhone 6C

53d ago - In December 2014, Industry analyst Timothy Arcuri suggested that Apple would eventually design a... | Phones

Apple pushing music labels to kill free Spotify streaming ahead of Beats relaunch

55d ago - Aggressive tactics from the music giant have garnered scrutiny from the Department of Justice. | Audio

Rumor: New 12.9-Inch iPad Pro To Feature Bluetooth Stylus, Force Touch, NFC

56d ago - We earlier reported a leaked case of a gadget, alleged to be a 12.9-inch Apple iPad. AppleInsi... | Gadgets

Apple Stock Watch delays due to defective modules Taptic Engine

57d ago - If you were wondering how things are going with the new launch of the Apple watch here are some h... | Gadgets

Apple is trying new ways of protecting their gadgets against water

58d ago - Manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung or Motorola have used various technologies to protect their p... | Gadgets

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iPhone 6S delay rumor unfounded, phone still likely releasing this fall

58d ago - "Over the past few weeks, a lot of rumors have been popping up regarding a prediction that Apple... | Phones

CIA has repeatedly failed to defeat the iOS security

59d ago - No operating system is hundred percent impenetrable. We must admit this because at the moment any... | Industry

Apple’s Q2 2015 – iPhone Grows, iPad Slows, Revenue Surprises

60d ago - Apple’s Q2 2015 continued a set of themes that have come to define the company recently. Once aga... | Industry

ClashTech: Apple Watch: A Timely Review

62d ago - The Apple Watch represents something distinctively new; not just for Apple, but also for consumer... | Gadgets

Apple Now Has $194 Billion In Cash

62d ago - "That’s to say that if you add up its cash, cash equivalents, short-term marketable securities, a... | Culture