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Apple Sued For Poaching Engineers With Deep Expertise In Electric Car Systems

35d ago - Electric-car battery maker A123 Systems has sued Apple Inc for poaching top engineers to build a... | Industry

Everything We Know About Apple’s Smart Home

36d ago - While iPhone users flash their handsets to make payments and wait with bated breath for the relea... | Gadgets

Apple Was Forced To Nix Key Health Features From Its Smartwatch -- Report

36d ago - The health-focused smartwatch that Apple initially envisioned is not the same one the company wil... | Gadgets

New Patent Reveals iPhone-Based Apple VR HMD

37d ago - VRFocus- Many virtual reality (VR) fans have wondered if iPhone and iPad creator Apple might get... | Industry

Want to Join the Team? We are Looking for News Editors

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Apple Orders More Than 5 Million Watches for Initial Run

37d ago - Apple has asked its suppliers in Asia to make a combined five to six million units of its three A... | Industry

Ok Apple, I Get It.

39d ago - Tech~Nificant: After spending many years and dollars running away from Apple's tightly controlled... | Industry

Apple's former CEO says Samsung's marketing power can't match Apple's

40d ago - John Sculley may have been the one who pushed out Steve Jobs from Apple, but he also ushered in o... | Industry

You May Never Use Xiaomi’s Phones, But They’ll Change Your Life Anyway

40d ago - Even the invitation was anticlimactic. Executives from Xiaomi, the world’s hottest mobile phone c... | Phones

Why It Makes Perfect Sense For Apple To Invest In The Future Of The Car

41d ago - While at first the rumors seemed far-fetched, a new report from the Financial Times lends serious... | Industry

Apple invests in a solar farm that can power 60,000 homes

43d ago - Apple makes much ado about using clean energy sources to power its buildings these days, and it j... | Industry

Apple’s Q1 2015 – Record Breaking, Estimate Crushing Quarter

57d ago - "On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, Apple released its 2015 first quarter earnings report. This quarte... | Industry

Intel CEO dismisses rumours Apple will look to ARM for future Mac chips

66d ago - The Inquirer: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has dismissed rumors that Apple is ditching the firm as a... | Industry

Apple Introduces iTunes Refunds Within 14 Days - In Europe

71d ago - iOS users in Europe have recently been given a special iTunes refund feature that lets them easil... | Phones

Flexible iPhone might put an end to ‪#‎bendgate‬

77d ago - With the launch of the LG G Flex 2, people are starting to get more and more interested in flexib... | Gadgets

Apple’s next major Mac revealed: the radically new 12-inch MacBook Air

79d ago - Apple is preparing an all-new MacBook Air for 2015 with a radically new design that jettisons sta... | PC hardware

Apple Watch Will Soon Be Plagued By Location-Based Ads

79d ago - Geek As the Apple Watch approaches its vague “early 2015” release date, there’s still a lot to... | Gadgets

Apple Hit With Class Action Over Storage Eaten Up By IOS 8

83d ago - Apple has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that it doesn’t inform users just how much storage its... | Gadgets

Apple patents smart pen for capturing digital copies of handwritten notes

83d ago - Apple was granted yet another stylus design patent on Tuesday, this time coming in the form of a... | Gadgets

Apple’s Glorious 2014: A Year in Review

84d ago - Fortune’s headline last week read: “2014: The year Apple came roaring back”, accompanied by an im... | Industry

Mac security update rolling out, doesn’t need approval

93d ago - The first ever automated Mac security update has been pushed out by Apple to Macintosh computers... | Gadgets

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Most anticipated tech items of 2015: top 10

95d ago - When I talk about next year, I usually think about the most anticipated tech items of 2015 becaus... | Gadgets

Apple Isn’t the Only One to Blame for Smartphone Labor Abuses

96d ago - Apple is an easy target and, in a way, the most deserving. As the most valuable company in the wo... | Industry

PepperGum Labs Simulates Makeshift Apple Watch Working with Oculus Rift

97d ago - VRFocus - In September 2014 iPhone creator Apple revealed its long-rumoured wearable device, Appl... | Gadgets

Secret video of 'exhausted workforce' in Chinese factory making Apple products

98d ago - Think you have it bad at your current job? See the conditions that these workers at an Apple fact... | Hi-tech

Canada court to order Apple to turn over records in iPhone probe

98d ago - The Federal Court of Canada agreed on Wednesday to order Apple Inc's Canadian subsidiary to turn... | Industry