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Sapphire Phone Displays Are Tough, But The Realities Are Even Tougher

18d ago - Engadet: Sapphire is the birthstone of September, the traditional gift on your 45th wedding an... | Gadgets

Apple makes another move to pry itself away from Samsung with iPhone 6

18d ago - Apple has tried to pry itself away from relying on Samsung as a supplier over the past couple of... | Industry

Trio of Apple sapphire-related inventions point to iOS device displays, illuminated buttons

18d ago - Ahead of Apple's expected iPhone announcement this fall, the company has filed for three sapphire... | Phones

Apple's App Store turns 6

19d ago - Six years already? How time flies! | Software

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Apple Retail Store Layouts Can Now Be Trademarked In EU

19d ago - A court approved Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) right to trademark its retail store layouts throughou... | Industry

Early Apple Employees Said They Would Never Work With Steve Jobs Again

20d ago - If you dig even just a little bit into the history of Apple, you'll learn that former CEO and co-... | Culture

Apple loses China patent case, separate suit against Apple continues

20d ago - A Beijing court has ruled against Apple Inc by upholding the validity of a patent held by a Chine... | Industry

New iPhone 6 parts leak reaffirms huge redesign

20d ago - It’s not exactly a mystery at this point: Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 and “iPhone Air” phabl... | Phones

Apple's second secret eBay store launches with certified refurbished, unlocked GSM iPhone 5 models

20d ago - For the second time in as many years, Apple appears to have teamed with eBay on a low-profile Fac... | Web

Apple patents method of building seamless all-glass iOS devices, monitors and TVs

21d ago - Apple on Monday was granted a U.S. patent covering a method of fusing glass structures together t... | Gadgets

South Korea forces Google and Apple to offer app refunds

22d ago - An antitrust decision in South Korea has forced Google and Apple to revise their app refund polic... | Software

One picture shows the iPhone’s complete evolution since 2007

22d ago - One common refrain we hear from iPhone haters is that Apple has essentially gotten away with rele... | Phones

This Week’s Apple Rumors, Ranked From Dumbest to Most Plausible

25d ago - Each week, there are dozens of rumors, reports, and patent filings that hint at what’s coming out... | Phones

Now You Can Be The Person Who Brews Apple’s Coffee

25d ago - Proof that every position at Apple starts with the letter "i" If you’re looking to work at App... | Industry

Apple poaches another luxury executive as iWatch nears

25d ago - Apple has poached a senior executive from Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer, which could be to h... | Gadgets

Apple invention changes iPhone user authentication settings based on location

26d ago - A patent application published on Thursday reveals an Apple solution that dynamically changes a m... | Phones

Apple may not call patent troll a “patent troll” before jury, says judge

26d ago - A little known company in Hawaii is demanding patent royalties from most of the mobile device ind... | Phones

Will You Drive a Google or an Apple Smart Car?

28d ago - Two technology giants are battling out the designs of smart cars. In one corner of the ring we ha... | Hi-tech

Microsoft ranks No. 2 and tops Apple in Global FutureBrand Index 2014

28d ago - FutureBrand has released some pretty interesting information on the global public perception on t... | Industry

Apple’s latest iPhone 5s ad is all about power, but not the kind you think

28d ago - Apple’s advertising agencies have always been great at finding ways to show off a device’s key fe... | Phones

Apple ending development for Aperture

32d ago - Apple will be transitioning out of offering Aperture as a photo editing software on Yosemite and... | Software

Apple iPod touch gets new models and a price cut

33d ago - "Now you can get the device for $199, still a bit expensive but at least it’s cheaper than before... | Gadgets

Google takes a couple swipes at iOS and its "old" new features

33d ago - During Apple's WWDC keynote, CEO Tim Cook and company took a couple shots at Android, which is so... | Software

Amazon Fire, Volantis, Surface Pro 3 - Can These Gadgets Dethrone Apple?

34d ago - It's increasingly difficult to pick the best smartphones, tablets and computers. Competition is h... | Gadgets

Major Differences Between The Amazon Fire, Apple iPhone 6 And Samsung Galaxy S5

35d ago - Amazon unveiled its highly-anticipated Fire smartphone last Wednesday. The Fire comes equipped wi... | Gadgets