110° is the easiest way to send a personalized message to friends

2h ago - I think I may have found the easiest way to flip someone the bird on internet using this new mess... | Culture

Futuristic Windowless Plane Will Give Passengers The Real Joy Of Air Travel

2h ago - The possibilities are endless with modern technology. The next generation of commercial aircraft... | Culture

Facebook's $21.8 billion acquisition lost $138 million last year

2h ago - There was never any doubt that Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp — now valued at $21.8 billion —... | Industry

CurrentC Hacked

2h ago - In a continuing to develop story of CurrentC vs Apple Pay, CurrentC has just taken a blow with it... | Services

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W3C: HTML5 reaches ‘recommendation’ status

2h ago - It’s official: HTML5 is a standard. The World Wide Web Consortium today has elevated the HTML5... | Web

Are you ready for Android 5.0 lollipop ?

2h ago - The largest and most ambitious release for Android yet! This release is packed with new features... | Industry

Zalman Z11 Neo Chassis Has Been Revealed

2h ago - Zalman has just unveiled its new Z11 Neo PC chassis and it is surely unique! The new chassis with... | PC hardware

Apple plans to open up iPhone NFC in the future

2h ago - "Apple has finally included an NFC chip in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but the chip is lo... | Phones

3D Printing Helps Restore Lost Visual Memories Of The Blind

2h ago - NRM: "Touchable Memories, a campaign set up by Pirate3D has shown how technology can be used to b... | Gadgets

Alienware and Roccat Become BFFs, Will Light Up the PC Gaming Community

2h ago - Maximum PC: We don't know if Alienware and Roccat go together like peanut butter and jelly or rum... | PC hardware

Amiko launches wearable device for medicine bottles, asthma inhalers

2h ago - Amiko lauches a new type of wearable -- a wearable for medicine bottles. | Culture

Scientists Consider Repurposing Robots for Ebola

2h ago - Robotics scientists nationwide are pondering an intriguing possibility: Might robotic technologie... | Culture

Verizon’s ‘Perma-Cookie’ Is a Privacy-Killing Machine

2h ago - Verizon Wireless has been subtly altering the web traffic of its wireless customers for the past... | Web

Taco Bell unveils mobile ordering

2h ago - Taco Bell went way outside the bun to unveil an advanced mobile app that lets folks order and pay... | Phones

Meet The Microsoft Band - Microsoft's Cross-Platform Cortana-enabled SmartWatch

2h ago - We've heard many rumors about it and witnessed FCC filings detailing Microsoft's wearable health... | Industry

Nexus 6 can’t be pre-ordered anymore because it’s already out of stock

5h ago - "Although the Nexus 6 was only put on the Google Play Store earlier today, the device sold like h... | Phones

OnePlus One will be available for pre-order again next month

6h ago - "Manufacturer OnePlus will be opening the flood gates once again on November 17 in the hopes that... | Phones

Slovakia's AeroMobil 3.0 flying Car unveiled at Pioneers Festival

9h ago - TechPrezz: Cars? Oh yea you have heard about sports cars, SUVs, hatchback and cars that may run a... | Hi-tech

Oh hey, look, another anonymous confession platform

20h ago - Seems like there's hundreds of anonymous confession sites. Well Confessium is no different. | Culture

Asus Posts Detailed DIY Upgrade Guides for G551 and G771 Laptops

20h ago - Maximum PC: Working on a laptop might seem like it's a daunting task if you've never done it befo... | PC hardware

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Windows Phone 8.1 has finally overtaken Windows Phone 8.0 – Report

20h ago - It's that time of the month again when we take a look at Ad Duplex, which claims to be the larges... | Software

Alienware 13: Packing Core i5 and GTX 860M combo at a price tag of only $999 onwards

21h ago - Alienware 13 is equipped with a Core i5 processor and GTX 860M graphics card, memory is DDR3 -160... | Hi-tech

Verizon introduces Droid Turbo with two-day battery life

21h ago - The official countdown clock may still be running down on Verizon’s Droid Does web portal, but th... | Phones

Oppo N3 announced along with the Oppo R5, the world’s thinnest smartphone

21h ago - "Oppo announced two very interesting smartphones at a press event held in Singapore earlier today." | Phones

HP Sprout All-in-One PC scans real-world objects; Specs and Price

21h ago - TechPrezz: you may have seen innovative PCs, but you can't have seen anything like the HP Sprout.... | Gadgets
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