Watch As Former Astronaut Experiences The Apollo 11 Mission In Virtual Reality

3d ago - In 1972 General Charlie Duke set foot on the moon. He served on two notable missions, firstly as... | Video

Pluto Has Been Flown By! Closet Approach Celebration Video

14d ago - The New Horizons' team and a room full to capacity at the mission's control center out... | Culture

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

Neuro VR Experience Trailer Revealed

17d ago - VRFocus reports on a new trailer released by General Electric and AMD for a virtual reality (VR)... | Culture

'The Wait' Is Nearly Over: New Video Highlights July 14 Pluto Flyby

20d ago - NASA is doing its best to make sure everyone knows that a historic spaceflight event i... | Culture

Microsoft Release HoloLens Video on Future Medical Training

20d ago - VRFocus Reports on the recent Microsoft release of a HoloLens video on Future Medical Training in... | Gadgets

Undiscovered Country - How Many More Pluto's Are There?

20d ago - Pluto may only be the beginning of NASA New Horizons' exploration of the Edgeworth-Kui... | Hi-tech

11+ Years of Mars Roving in 8 Minutes | Time-Lapse Video

21d ago - NASA's Opportunity rover has 'run' a science marathon (and then some!) on the Red P... | Hi-tech

This app promises to use your heartbeat to find the perfect match on Tinder

21d ago - If the idea of swiping all day on Tinder seems exhausting and depressing, a new feature that desi... | Software

Neptune's Spidery, Swirly Magnetic Field Finally Understood | Video

21d ago - Neptune's rotational axis (28.3°) is a little more tilted than Earth's (23.5°) and,... | Services

8 Years Later, Universal Music Still Defending Takedown Of “Dancing Baby” YouTube Video

21d ago - Back in February 2007, a mother of a young boy posted a short, grainy video of her baby “dancing”... | Culture

5 Pieces of Star Wars Technology That Are Now Real

23d ago - Rebel Base takes a look at what technology Star Wars successfully predicated, from laser canons t... | Culture

Japan responds to giant robot duel: Let's do it

23d ago - Cnet: Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry hurled a few insults at the American team upon accepti... | Hi-tech

Here’s a video of an AK-47 bullet blast through 5 iPhones, because why not

23d ago - Have you ever wondered how many iPhones it takes a to stop an AK-47 bullet? Well, like most peopl... | Phones

Watch a robot 'sculpt' in 3D with nothing but light

23d ago - Wired: The 4 July weekend is traditionally the time in America that millions of people use li... | Hi-tech

Saab's advanced stealth submarine is 'effectively invisible'

23d ago - Wired: Saab has unveiled a very cool and slightly terrifying advanced stealth submarine with a... | Industry

A Look Inside Silicon Valley’s Wild Biotech Accelerator IndieBio

23d ago - TechCrunch: Biotechnology is now taking shape alongside those other big ideas, thanks to reduc... | Industry

Journey Into The Sun's Guts With Benedict Cumberbatch As Your Guide [Video]

24d ago - The actor narrates an awesome documentary about solar storms that could take out Earth’s technology | Culture

Watch Ars try out E3’s virtual reality rigs—and see how dizzy we got

24d ago - Ars Technica: Some VR rigs worked wonderfully, to be fair, but the worst ones left us reeling. | Hi-tech

Paralysed soldier learns to walk with exoskeleton

25d ago - BBC: A former British soldier who was paralysed in Afghanistan is learning how to walk again w... | Hi-tech

Deeper Drill Destined For Red Planet - ExoMars 2018 | Video

26d ago - The European Space Agency’s ExoMars Rover will drill up to 2 meters (6 ft. 7 in.) into the surfac... | Culture

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

'Spit of Satan' Solar Flare Seen In Extreme Ultraviolet Light | Video

26d ago - Over about 4 hours on June 18th 2015, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a developing fla... | Culture

Pluto Has Strange 'Finger Print-Like' Marks In New Color Imagery

26d ago - The latest New Horizons' data pouring into NASA servers on Earth has returned color... | Hi-tech

Bionic breakthrough for paralysed patients

26d ago - BBC Inside Out reports on the bionic breakthrough which gives new hope to people who have been pa... | Hi-tech

Why SpaceX Didn't Stick The Landing – But Soon Will

30d ago - A previously unreleased company video shows how challenging landing a Falcon 9 on a... | Hi-tech

Mood-altering wearables: is this the future of getting high?

33d ago - The Guardian: If there was an electronic device that claimed it could make you feel relaxed (e... | Gadgets
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