‘Cymatics’ is the badass science of visualizing audio frequenices

7d ago - 'Cymatics' is the science of visualizing audio frequencies. All of the experiments are real. | Hi-tech

Amazing 4K video of the sun is perfect for your 5K iMac

9d ago - If you got one of those amazing new iMacs with the crazy 5K pixel resolution, you’d be crazy not... | Culture

Man embeds computer chips in hands to store Bitcoin

11d ago - By implanting 12mm glass computer chips in his flesh Martijn Wismeijer has been able to store Bit... | Hi-tech

Apple said ‘Bendgate’ affected 9 iPhone 6 units – here’s a video of 300 bent iPhones

18d ago - Every iPhone launch in recent history has been accompanied by some kind of scandal, and it all st... | Industry

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Microsoft Attacks the MacBook Air in New Yoga 3 Pro Ad

19d ago - Microsoft has published a new ad for Lenovo’s latest Yoga 3 Pro notebook, and the software giant... | Gadgets

Video shows off advantages to using BBM as your messaging app

20d ago - Imagine this scenario. You're having a bad day and because you're pissed off, you send a nasty te... | Software

Samsung Shares Human Butt Testing Details in Wake of Bendgate

50d ago - Maximum PC: The issue of Apple's iPhone 6 Plus being prone to bending out of shape may be blown o... | Phones

The Obligatory iPhone 6 Unboxing

64d ago - Happy iPhone 6 day! We already reviewed the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus earlier this week. Sti... | Phones

First iPhone 6 buyer drops phone during live interview

66d ago - Nope! It’s not a drop test. Jack took the title of being the first person globally to pick up the... | Phones

Watch Apple show off the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in their first official video

72d ago - Miss Apple’s big presentation on Tuesday? Don’t worry, you can now catch up on one of the most im... | Phones

Watch Today's Teenagers Experience the Original Nintendo (NES) for the First Time

74d ago - Maximum PC: We don't know whether to laugh or cry at the collective reactions of a group of a tee... | Video

Hidden security cameras, Defender ST300-SD covert DVR spy camera

76d ago - Review of the Defender ST300-SD Covert Fully Functional Alarm Clock Security DVR with Surveillanc... | Services

Sony Xperia Z3 vs LG G3 (video)

77d ago - Regardless of which side you’re on — whether you believe that the Xperia Z3 is a small incrementa... | Phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S5 (video)

77d ago - When we told you, one post earlier, that a hot (hotter) comparison is on its way, we weren’t just... | Phones

Samsung Galaxy Alpha hands-on (Video)

78d ago - One of the best parts of going to expos like IFA is getting to see all a manufacturer’s recent ha... | Phones

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung's New Phones and Wearables

78d ago - In roughly five minutes during its IFA 2014 event in Berlin on Wednesday, Samsung announced four... | Industry

Sony Xperia E3 hands-on (Video)

79d ago - Sony helped start-off our IFA 2014 coverage with a bang, announcing new flagship-level models lik... | Phones

Here's why a dead battery bounces

79d ago - Dead batteries are always a pain to determine if their good or not, especially when they're all m... | Culture

10-minute video brutally explains why Google Glass is ‘the worst product of all time’

80d ago - We’ve seen a lot of people express their disillusion with Google Glass over the last year — Googl... | Gadgets

Sony Xperia Z3 Range Will be the First to Support Awesome PS4 Remote Play

81d ago - Clickonline writes: "So far, this tech has been confirmed for the new Sony Xperia Z3, X3 compact... | Phones

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Sony Xperia Z3 Hands on Video - IFA 2014

81d ago - Clickonline writes: "The Sony Xperia Z3 features a 5.2 inch full HD screen and its also one of th... | Video

Dyson video teases mystery tech

86d ago - Cnet - Dyson has made quite a name for itself in the field of innovative tech, first inventing th... | Gadgets

The 6 best tablets for getting work done in 2014

91d ago - PC World - A few years ago, it was easy to scoff at the idea of using tablets for productivity. T... | Gadgets

New Samsung promo teases the one Galaxy Note 4 feature you’ll never see on any iPhone

92d ago - Samsung is getting ready to announce the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA 2014 in Germany early next month, a... | Phones

EGMR | Successfully Baking A Graphics Card

95d ago - EGMR author: "We’ve all experienced the agonising sadness; the sadness that fills our soul when w... | Hi-tech
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