'Spit of Satan' Solar Flare Seen In Extreme Ultraviolet Light | Video

2h ago - Over about 4 hours on June 18th 2015, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a developing fla... | Culture

Pluto Has Strange 'Finger Print-Like' Marks In New Color Imagery

6h ago - The latest New Horizons' data pouring into NASA servers on Earth has returned color... | Hi-tech

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Bionic breakthrough for paralysed patients

6h ago - BBC Inside Out reports on the bionic breakthrough which gives new hope to people who have been pa... | Hi-tech

Why SpaceX Didn't Stick The Landing – But Soon Will

4d ago - A previously unreleased company video shows how challenging landing a Falcon 9 on a... | Hi-tech

Mood-altering wearables: is this the future of getting high?

7d ago - The Guardian: If there was an electronic device that claimed it could make you feel relaxed (e... | Gadgets

The lab hoping to make stronger metals

7d ago - BBC: Scientists at the BP International Centre for Advanced Materials in Manchester have been... | Industry

Blue Origin Offers Tantalizing Preview of Private Space Trips (Video)

8d ago - A video released last week by the private spaceflight company Blue Origin offers a tantalizing l... | Culture

Holographic pyramid creates a world on your table

10d ago - BBC: An interactive holographic display that can create 3D digital worlds inside a special pyr... | Gadgets

Crytek Explains How They Use LiquidVR Technology In New AMD Video

11d ago - VRFocus hosts another AMD Liquid VR video, this one featuring Crytek who explain how they use the... | Software

E3: Insomniac Games Boss Ted Price Discusses Edge of Nowhere [Video]

12d ago - Maximum PC: The promise of VR has been around for a long time, but it wasn't until the Oculus Rif... | Gaming

3D-Printed Platinum Spacecraft Thruster Passes Hot-Fire Tests

13d ago - Reaching a a maximum throat temperature of 1253°C, an additively manufactured combustion camber a... | Hi-tech

One Big Black Hole - 140 Million Times Our Sun’s Mass! | Video

13d ago - Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile ‘weighed’ a a... | Culture

London, Boston, Barcelona: The World’s First Full-Color HD Videos Of Earth From Space

13d ago - Today, UrtheCast released the world’s first, full-color HD videos of Earth, filmed from the Inter... | Culture

E3: Probing Alienware's Steam Machine and Steam Controller [Video]

14d ago - Maximum PC: Valve finally finished tweaking its Steam Controller and certifying is Steam OS, and... | PC hardware

E3: Getting Up Close with Razer's Wireless Mamba Mouse [Video]

14d ago - Maximum PC: Razer got our attention the other day when it announced its new and rebooted Mamba mo... | PC hardware

100GB of NASA space photos turned into epic 4K time-lapse

14d ago - It took over 95,600 NASA photo files taken from the International Space Station and a month of me... | Culture

E3: Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda Talks HoloLens, PC Gaming, and More [Video]

14d ago - Maximum PC: When you get a chance to sit down with someone like Kudo Tsunoda, you jump at the opp... | PC hardware

E3: Microsoft Details Its Modular $150 Xbox One Elite Controller [Video]

14d ago - Maximum PC: Microsoft made the most out of E3 with several different announcements, one of which... | PC hardware

AMD Explain The Benefits Multiple GPU’s In Second LiquidVR Video

16d ago - VRFocus hosts the second video in AMD's series explaining the technology behind its research and... | Gadgets

Cyberith Virtualizer Showcase Video

18d ago - Cyberith Virtualizer omni-directional treadmill for virtual reality, head-mounted displays, showc... | Gadgets

Indie Game Month Contest Details

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Oculus Rift Reveal - Step Into The Rift

21d ago - Oculus VR show new Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) reveal trailer to the public at pre-E3... | Gadgets

South Korea's robot champion is impressive, but robots falling over are funnier

24d ago - A South Korean robot named DRC-Hubo has won the Darpa Robotics Challenge, beating 22 competitors... | Culture

Computex 2015 Day 4: Examining Antec's Bold S10 Tower Case [Video]

26d ago - Maximum PC: We've seen chambered cases before, but none like Antec's new Signature S10. The case... | PC hardware

This robot ninja is even more accurate and deadly than you'd expect

27d ago - Teaching a robot how to use a sword seems like a terrible idea, given the inevitable robot uprisi... | Culture

Computex 2015 Day 4: Cougar Crashes the Party with a Splash Resistant Keyboard [Video]

27d ago - Maximum PC: Ever heard of Cougar? The German company has only been on the seen since 2007, which... | PC hardware
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