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NASA’s Webb Space Telescope Receives First Mirror Installation

1d 19h ago - NASA NASA has successfully installed the first of 18 flight mirrors onto the James Webb Space... | Hi-tech

Dell Responds to Root Certificate Concerns

1d 21h ago - Maximum PC: Dell has issued an apology for the presence of a root level certificate that some lap... | Industry

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Investigating Sleep states in Windows 10

1d 23h ago - What exactly happens when your system takes a snooze? Gain more insight into Windows 10 energy us... | Software

Amazon resets passwords that might have been 'exposed'

2d ago - Did you recently get a notice that Amazon changed your password? You're not alone. Numerous reade... | Web

Google Made a Secret Prototype That Works Like the Star Trek Communicator

2d ago - The wearable device let users search by talking out loud Google developed a prototype wearable... | Gadgets

iPad Pro sales to rake in billions, at least $200 profit per unit

2d ago - "Apple’s new iPad Pro is once again surprising everyone with its popularity and hype. Launched in... | Gadgets

Best Full HD Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras Under $150

2d ago - Ranking Squad writes: "If you ask most experts and especially those who really know nothing about... | Photo

KnowTechie Giveaway: Win 1 of 10 iPhone 6s battery cases just in time for the holiday from 1byOne

2d ago - We have a special promotion going on for this week that can land you a brand new iPhone 6s batter... | Phones

This Ingestible Sensor Wants To Measure Your Heart And Breathing Rates

2d ago - An indigestible sensor that can monitor vital signs in the body has been developed by a team of M... | Hi-tech

Xiaomi Mi5 launch still a mystery, but we’ve a new phone and a Windows 10 tablet to gawk at

2d ago - "Xiaomi held a massively hyped event today in Beijing, at which we had been hoping the Xiaomi Mi5... | Phones

Stop neighbours from stealing your Internet

2d ago - Perhaps your Internet connection hit a temporary speed bump or is it something else? Could your n... | Gadgets

Microsoft adds live traffic cam feeds to its Bing Search App

2d ago - Microsoft have added a very useful new feature to its Bing App, that will prove incredibly useful... | Software

Ad blocking is a reality, but is it unethical?

2d ago - MWEB writes: "If there’s one place to debate just about anything with a stranger you’ve never met... | Culture

Alphabet wants its startups to behave like companies

2d ago - A report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that Alphabet wants its startup-like subsidiaries... | Industry

Naver to challenge YouTube dominance in South Korea

2d ago - The internet company laid out its future global strategy at Connect 2015 in Seoul last Tuesday --... | Web

8 tech deals before, during and after Black Friday: GoPro, Tronsmart, Samsung and more

2d ago - "I’m scared and appalled about Black Friday at the same time, but the shopping spree is inevitabl... | Gadgets

Google Counsel Sees Problems With ‘Take Down, Stay Down’

2d ago - When content is taken down in response to a DMCA notice, should service providers be required to... | Web

VR vs. Gear VR for Note 4 - Time to Say Goodbye?

2d ago - VRFocus delivers another entry in its weekly 'VR vs.' series, this time looking at the Gear VR fo... | Gadgets

A full work day on Pluto would be a killer

2d ago - TheVerge : The next time you experience the day that just won't end, be thankful you're not exper... | Hi-tech

Dell is shipping laptops with a free Superfish-like problem

3d ago - The Inquirer: Dell has been accused of shipping laptops that come installed with a rogue piece of... | Software

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Xiaomi Mi 4 Unboxing, Video & First Impression

3d ago - Xiaomi is finally in Africa. Mobile In Africa, MIA, won the rights to distribute the phone, the c... | Phones

Twitter Cats to the Rescue in Brussels Lockdown

3d ago - Engadget As the hunt for terrorism suspects intensified in Brussels, the authorities requested... | Web

Chrome for everyone: Google announces new products for their OS ecosystem

3d ago - The Chrome ecosystem is alive and growing, despite some speculation to the contrary. This week... | Industry

Google+ gets the pivot of the year

3d ago - Google's forced integration of everything with Google+ failed. So in the past year, the company h... | Web

Microsoft explains disappearance of the Windows 10 November Update from Media tool

3d ago - WinBeta: Earlier today, we reported that the Windows 10 November Update had been pulled from Wind... | Software