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5 ways the smartphone is conquering the tablet

1d 4h ago - After nearly five years of growth, the tablet market has officially stalled. According to resear... | Gadgets

Why the fax machine isn’t quite dead yet

1d 17h ago - The clunky fax machine has been around for longer than you might think. And it’ll be a while yet... | Services

Why Apple Can’t Sell Cars Like iPhones

2d ago - Apple makes its money selling affordable luxury, but an Apple car would likely be luxury—period.... | Industry

Your Kid’s School Is Missing the Tech Revolution, and It’s All Your Fault

2d ago - Jason Tanz of Wired: A few months ago, I got an email from a parent at my son’s San Francisco... | Culture

Oscar Prediction Contest

Now - Join us on Filmwatch as we again celebrate the Oscars with our annual prediction contest. Check here for details. | Promoted post

Six awesome Android apps to get your creative juices flowing

2d ago - From virtual pottery throwing to music making, these Android apps do wonders to get you out of yo... | Software

Living on Other Planets: What Would It Be Like?

2d ago - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on the moon? What about Mars, or Venus or Me... | Culture

Should Humanity Try to Contact Alien Civilizations?

3d ago - Is it time to take the search for intelligent aliens to the next level? | Culture

The World's Most Idiotic Copyright Complaint

4d ago - A music group's anti-piracy system has just sent Google the most staggeringly ridiculous DMCA not... | Industry

PS4 vs Xbox One; iOS vs Android – Brand power and marketing schemes

5d ago - " You may have noticed a similar scenario when it comes to the already classic iOS vs Android dis... | Software

Twitter’s Dilemma

5d ago - Twitter is two things. It is a concept — everyone in the world connected in real time — that’s so... | Industry

Did dark matter kill the dinosaurs?

5d ago - Every so often, the fossil record shows, ecological disasters wipe large numbers of species off t... | Culture

We must bulldoze what’s left of the nerdy white men’s Internet

5d ago - Internet demographics change every few years. Computers get better and new social networks bring... | Web

HTC One M9 vs Galaxy S6: which will steal the limelight at MWC 2015?

5d ago - Will the HTC One M9 be better than the Samsung Galaxy S6? Check out what we know about the flagsh... | Phones

Are Driverless Cars Really A Threat To For-Hire Car Services?

5d ago - It seems as if everyone with a screwdriver is working on their own version of the self-driving ca... | Hi-tech

Time is running out for ethicists to tackle very real robot quandaries

6d ago - By its nature, the Open Roboethics Initiative is easy to dismiss — until you read anything they’v... | Culture

My First Time - The Story Of An iPhone 6 Plus In The Hands Of A First-Time iPhone User

6d ago - An Android user's honest feedback on his first time using an iPhone... 6 Plus. | Phones

Sony is no longer an electronics company

7d ago - Sony announced last night that it's spinning off its audio and video divisions, much like it spun... | Industry

Lenovo's Superfish blunder makes it harder for you to love Windows

7d ago - Microsoft wants to make customers love Windows, CEO Satya Nadella said at the Windows 10 event in... | Software

Kitchen gadgets that come from the future

8d ago - A look at some gadgets that will change the way you cook and keep food in your kitchen. | Gadgets

Microsoft Is The New Google, Google Is The Old Microsoft

9d ago - Gordon Kelly of Forbes: A year is a long time in technology, but the past 12 months has seen o... | Industry

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Data Will Save Music

9d ago - The writing is on the wall.The music industry is dying. Nobody buys music. It’s the Wild West. Th... | Industry

10 Wonderful Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Spotify

10d ago - The day Spotify entered this world was the day we saw our friends for who they really were. Sudde... | Culture

5 Future Technologies Poised to Revolutionize the Auto Industry

10d ago - Although North American auto sales totaled 16.5 million for 2014, and are likely to exceed that n... | Hi-tech

Smart TVs Are a Great Idea - Too Bad TV Makers Are Ruining Them

10d ago - Smart TVs are such a good idea. No, really! They can make it easier for us to find the gems wi... | Gadgets

Is Google Fading from Mobile Hardware Development?

10d ago - Tech~Nificant: Have there been subtle hints from Google that they're departing from mobile hardwa... | Industry
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