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Top 5 custom roms for S3

5h ago - Ever wanted to customize your phone and make it run faster and better well thats what custom roms... | Phones

Smouldering smartphones: a brief history of mobile phone fires and how to avoid them

15h ago - Smartphones are a mixture of electronic circuitry and potentially volatile substances, or at leas... | Culture

Surf Smartly : 5 must have Chrome extensions

15h ago - Google Chrome has become on of the most successful browsers since its launch in September,2008.Mo... | Software

The Robot Uprising is more Pixar than Terminator

15h ago - Sam Volkering writes on the future of Robotics, "Jibo is the kind of robot we can expect to se... | Hi-tech

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

There's nothing wrong with the GameStop credit card

20h ago - GameZone's Lance Liebl writes, "The internet is having a stupid reaction to news that GameStop is... | Gaming

Amazon Fire Phone Costs $205 To Build, Teardown Shows

1d 5h ago - The components used to assemble the Amazon Fire phone cost a combined $205, a teardown analysis b... | Phones

How to Charge Your Phone in 15 Minutes

1d 5h ago - Say you’ve got 15 minutes in an airport between flights and your phone is nearly dead. What do yo... | Phones

Top 5 Android Apps

1d 5h ago - The best and free top 5 android apps for android.Get them now and enjoy | Gadgets

Verizon slows down data speeds, but it’s not throttling, it’s “optimisation”

1d 6h ago - When is data throttling not data throttling? When it’s network optimisation. At least it is accor... | Services

8 Ways Technology Makes You Stupid

1d 23h ago - People assume that iPhones, laptops and Netflix are evidence of progress. In some ways, that's tr... | Culture

Google should leave Samsung alone until it can do a better job

1d 23h ago - Remember back in the days of Android Gingerbread when ambitious OEMs started pumping out Android-... | Industry

Best water-resistant smartphones

1d 23h ago - Most smartphone users seem to agree that water-resistance is a very important feature, or at leas... | Phones

People Aren't Using Microsoft's Yammer - But Why?

1d 23h ago - This is not the first time we have come across problems with SharePoint, Yammer and user adoption... | Software

Airplanes may have evolved like birds: Applying law of physics to evolution

2d ago - Airplanes may have developed through many of the same forces that drove the evolution of birds an... | Culture

The flash and the furious: 11 of the internet’s greatest custom computers

2d ago - There are few things in this world more entertaining than stripping a device of its guts, just to... | Gadgets

The top 11 laptops you can buy right now

2d ago - If comparisons have to be made, we'll go ahead and say it: If you like the MacBook Pro, but prefe... | Gadgets

10 Reasons That Will Help You Decide Whether Or Not To Buy Xiaomi Mi3

3d ago - Xiaomi has entered the market in India with a bang, everyone is talking about the ‘Apple of China... | Phones

10 best Android tablets in the world

3d ago - If you're looking for a tablet and don't fancy an iPad, then Android is currently the way to go.... | Gadgets

Why Google isn’t afraid to kill your favorite products

4d ago - In addition to explaining why Google actually needs the gorgeous new Material Design deployed on... | Industry

What developers must do to make in-app purchases morally responsible

4d ago - In-app purchases (IAPs) aren’t popular with parents. Cases of children racking up hundreds of dol... | Industry

Here’s why the Internet of things just became very interesting

4d ago - While we won’t refute these arguments, a focus on shareholder positioning will help us better und... | Industry

Google Opinion Rewards App – Free Google Play Credit

4d ago - Google Opinion Rewards app is a great way to earn free Google Play Store Credit. You can spend th... | Software

The Five Greatest Space Hacks Of All Time

4d ago - BBC “Houston, we have a problem.” Immortal words that have become a by-word for an emergency,... | Culture

All You Need To Know About the 10% Brain Myth, in 60 Seconds

5d ago - The new Luc Besson movie Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson, opens in theatres countrywide tomorro... | Hi-tech

Is a Smartwatch Right For You?

5d ago - Wearable technology is a step in the right direction for a more personal technology that is tailo... | Gadgets
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