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Top 6 Mobile Applications you are not Currently Using but Should

1d 1h ago - Chances are, your smartphone is already loaded with numerous apps like Facebook, Twitter, Angry B... | Industry

VR vs HoloLens

3d ago - VRFocus- It’s rare for a company to catch both press and fans alike off-guard with a hardware ann... | Industry

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Trying to Hack Your iPhone

5d ago - FEE: The FBI wants to search through your electronic life. You may think it’s a given that the go... | Culture

The End of Religion: Technology and the Future

6d ago - IEET: History is littered with dead gods. The Greek and Roman gods, and thousands of others have... | Culture

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Ring in the new year with gift cards. Check out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Why Your Smartphone Needs an Infrared Sensor

6d ago - Dan Dubno of Popular Mechanics: It was in an M1A2 Abrams main battle tank that I first discove... | Gadgets

Eight Reasons to Own a PS4 Now

8d ago - TK: Sony has celebrated one year of the PS4 and it seems that all the kinks have been fixed. We d... | Gadgets

10 Material Design Android Apps You Should Be Using Right Now

8d ago - TheVerge Last year, Google unveiled its design vision for the future. Called Material Design,... | Phones

HoloLens Apps: Exploring the Potential of Netflix, Facebook and More

9d ago - VRFocus- Microsoft’s Windows 10 briefing yesterday unveiled its new hologram-based augmented real... | Industry

Microsoft’s HoloLens – Kinect 3.0 or the future of gaming?

10d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Microsoft has unveiled their Augmented Reality (AR) ‘Hologram’ headset yes... | Gaming

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade from Windows 7 & 8.1, here is why it’s a big deal

10d ago - This move is significant in that it would give Windows 10 the fastest ever adoption rate in the h... | Software

Windows 10 Looks Promising, but Skepticism Still Remains

10d ago - Editor-in-Chief at Current Digital Magazine Gabe Carey goes as far as saying, "Windows 10 looks m... | Software

Microsoft’s HoloLens looks better than Google Glass, but can it escape the same fate?

10d ago - Stuart writes: "Microsoft pulled a fast one during its Windows 10 event by showing off a prototyp... | Gadgets

Which is the best free antivirus, AVG or Avira?

11d ago - GeekSnack writes: "Free antivirus software is not hard to come by, but until you test them all ou... | Software

The Man Cave Cinema : Are Video Streaming Companies the Broadcasters of the Future?

11d ago - The Man Cave Cinema writes; With the latest announcement from Amazon releasing 12 movies a year a... | Industry

High Five: Top Five Gaming Consoles

11d ago - PYB: A look back at five of the best game consoles released in history. If you beg to differ, ple... | Gadgets

Totally Top Tech For 2015 – What Will Be Hot This Year?

12d ago - 2014 was another great year for technology, with products like the Amazon Fire TV, iPhone 6 and 6... | Gadgets

Ten ridiculous smart devices that are being marketed as “must-have”

12d ago - GeekSnack writes: "With that in mid, I’ve compiled a list of ten ridiculous smart devices that ar... | Culture

15 programming languages you need to know in 2015

12d ago - If you're a programmer, these are good times. Jobs in the segment are projected to grow 8% over t... | Industry

Texting Is Familial Glue For The 21st Century

13d ago - TechCrunch Communication is one of the bedrocks of human civilization. The tools we use – voic... | Phones

Best Android Wear Smart Watch Apps

13d ago - Android Wear is a great extension to Android Smartphones and proves to be a great gadget for ever... | Gadgets

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Top 5 Recommended Mobile Phones For Gaming In 2015

14d ago - Love gaming on Smartphone all time? Gamesmech have a list of top 5 recommended phones for gaming... | Culture

Top 10 Best Web Browsers for Mac (2015)

15d ago - The popularity of computers has continued to grow throughout the world in recent years. Different... | Industry

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumor roundup: Everything we think we know about the Samsung's next flagship phone

16d ago - CES 2015 is behind us, which means it's time to start looking forward to the next technology smor... | Gadgets

5 Things the PS4 can do better than the PS3

17d ago - TK: There are a lot of awesome things that the PS4 can do that we were unable to do on the PS3. W... | Gadgets

CES 2015: Meet The Worst Tech Of The Show

19d ago - ZDNet The biggest tech expo of the year drew to an end with some remarkably strange, weird, an... | Gadgets
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