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The Internet is more gullible than ever

2d ago - In an age where we are at the height of learning, it’s sometimes shocking to see how gullible the... | Culture

An Android tablet for $39 - Ematic HD 7

2d ago - Ematic HD 7 for just $39 is a tablet for everyone! There is nothing to lose with this tablet for... | Gadgets

iPhone 6 charges in Microwave – 7% in 3 seconds

6d ago - A guy on Youtube was able to charge his iPhone 6 from 31% battery to 38% in just 3 seconds, in a... | Gadgets

Tim Cook: The iPhone 6 Plus Is Too Beautiful For Your Pocket

7d ago - Tech Analyzer "Sadly, Apple would only be able to celebrate their new iPhone record for a tota... | Phones


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Microsoft’s Dying Windows Phone Can Be Saved by Gaming

7d ago - Twinfinite: "2.5 percent. 2.5 percent of all smartphones bear the Windows logo, nearly 12 percent... | Phones

Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: And The Winner is…

8d ago - The Web Graffiti: "Since the release of the iPhone in 2007, Apple has kept its screen size to fou... | Gadgets

Top 5 reasons I don’t like the new iPhone 6

9d ago - iPhone 6, the fancy new addition to apple's line of smartphones. I'll be honest with you, there a... | Software

8 Common Myths to Avoid While Start Testing

11d ago - Mobile App Testing is the process of finding bugs and provide reliable feedback on them. It is us... | Industry

The iPhone 6 Plus Isn't "Too Big" For Women

12d ago - Brittany Vincent of Modojo writes: "The iPhone 6 Plus is making waves everywhere with how larg... | Phones

25 Things You Can Do On IOS 8 That You Couldn't Do On IOS 7

12d ago - Load up iOS 8 and you might not notice the difference straight away, but there are plenty of litt... | Software

Why You Don’t Need an Expensive Smartphone Anymore

13d ago - Until recently, you needed to spend hundreds of dollars — often $649 or “$199 with a two year con... | Phones

What Happened To Mobile Innovation?

13d ago - Last week saw the launch of Apple’s new larger series of iPhone’s introducing the iPhone 6 and iP... | Phones

Why T-Mobile needs Wi-Fi calling: its network can’t match AT&T and Verizon

13d ago - T-Mobile US’ latest “Un-carrier” move is just about the most amazing thing ever, CEO John Legere... | Industry

Top 5 recommended University Apps for Android

13d ago - From the plethora of apps available in the play store, here are recommended ones that will undoub... | Software

Satya Nadella is playing the smart card!?!?!?

13d ago - Mr. Charles Scharf is the CEO of VISA, and one app gap that Windows phone still has to overcome... | Software

2 Best Music Player Apps for Android Wear

14d ago - You got a new Android Wear, but won't able to play music on it? No Problem! In this article I'm g... | Gadgets

Top 5 Best Apple Watch / iWatch Alternatives

14d ago - Ranking Squad writes: "The announcement of the Apple Watch aka the iWatch took the world by storm... | Gadgets

Apple Watch Edition might end up costing $5,000 according to analyst

14d ago - Analysts speculates that Apple will launch an Apple Watch Edition smartwatch that will cost $5,000. | Gadgets

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Didn't Break Meaningful Records

14d ago - Tech Analyzer: "One could easily dismiss my entire argument by claiming that the iPhone 6 and... | Phones

Mobile Payment Solutions For Small Businesses - TechOven

15d ago - Accepting payments for your services is always a key requirement for a small business, and increa... | Gadgets

Get paid to review products

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Moto X (2014) vs Moto X – Ready for an upgrade?

16d ago - Is it worth upgrading the Moto X to the Moto X (2014)? We're comparing the two handsets in the ho... | Phones

6 interesting Snapdragon-powered smartphones that most people don't know about

16d ago - If you go out and randomly buy a high-end, mid-range, or low-end smartphone that runs Android or... | Phones

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch for $60

16d ago - BestBuy is selling a brand new Galaxy Gear Smart Watch for just $60. The watch is compatible with... | Gadgets

Top 35 Websites Must Check Daily To Keep Your Knowledge Update

16d ago - Geeker Magazine-The world has become a global village by the grace of World Wide Web. Internet ha... | Web

iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha - Progress vs Stagnation

16d ago - The Samsung Galaxy Alpha was designed as an alternative to the iPhone 6, but can it deliver? That... | Phones
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