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Serato's new iPhone app will automatically DJ your party

22h ago - Serato is best known inside the DJ world for making some of the most popular mixing software out... | Software

This Bostonian shipped snow as a joke but quickly found it to be a profitable business

1d 7h ago - Ship Snow, Yo started as a joke, but has grown into a profitable business with a number of celebr... | Web

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Where Are The Largest Data Centers In The World Located ?

3d ago - Chillopedia: At this point, even larger companies, with their own private data centers or in-hous... | Culture

Flash-Free Video in 2016

3d ago - At the beginning of this year, we officially turned off Flash support for VHS, the New York Times... | Video

How to Improve Moto G3 Battery Life

3d ago - TechTeria: How to Improve Moto G3 (3rd-gen) Battery Life without any App | Phones

These super-cheap flash drives have the capability of connecting to your Android devices

3d ago - It’s no secret, we spend a lot of our computing time on tablets and phones these days, so why sho... | PC hardware

Before iRobot conquered the living room, its bots roamed the battlefield

4d ago - iRobot may be best known for its cute cleaning bots, but the company's origins are as much about... | Gadgets

Watching Technology Trends Emerge In Africa

4d ago - With so much happening in the African tech market these days, it's hard to keep track. Here's a h... | Industry

X projects: Alphabet's 'moonshot' ventures that could change the world

4d ago - Google makes the money but Alphabet’s other companies are wildly ambitious, from ‘curing’ ageing... | Hi-tech

So, my Gmail inbox started getting these weird emails

4d ago - My Gmail inbox is a clean, spam-free place, and I like to keep it that way. Like many of you, I u... | Web

Why India matters to Silicon Valley

4d ago - India added 100 million new users to the Internet in 2015, taking the country to more than 400 mi... | Industry

This is probably the greatest custom PC build of all time

4d ago - Artisanal PSU. Locally sourced GPU. Organic X-shape chassis. Made entirely of Lego. | Culture

After 100 years, scientists are finally closing in on Einstein’s ripples

4d ago - Ars goes inside ground zero of the search for gravitational waves. | Hi-tech

Super Bowl special effects: New cameras power 'Matrix'-style replays

4d ago - The broadcast will use a record number of cameras to capture angles that put viewers in the middl... | Camera

There's Something Fishy About This App

4d ago - It's not your average social network. | Web

Who Will Win at This Year's Crunchies?

4d ago - TechCrunch's annual award show, the Crunchies, will reveal its winners Monday, February 8 in San... | TechCrunch

Breaking the Code in Electronic Healthcare Data

4d ago - The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) has recently (October 2015) been implemented i... | Health

3D printing hands on: How to design your first 3D project without tears

4d ago - ZDNet: Most people are intimidated by the idea of designing their own 3D objects, but it turns ou... | 3D Printing

Photos: Android through the ages

4d ago - How Google's operating system has evolved over the years, from Cupcake to Marshmallow. | Android

4 Reasons Tribal Lands Lack Better Access To The Internet

4d ago - Both the FCC and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture independently run several programs intended to aid... | Culture

How Facebook updated 'six degrees of separation' (it's now 3.57)

4d ago - If you pick any two Facebook users, it's been calculated there's an average of 3.57 "degrees of s... | Culture

When Will The Machines Wake Up?

5d ago - "Machines matter to people. But, they “matter” only because they affect people. It’s widely suppo... | Hi-tech

Don't Get Snowed: New Car Technology Could Save Your Life

5d ago - In an average February, 21.5 inches of snow falls on Rochester, NY. Weather service research dat... | Software

3 ways to make it easier to search for photos on your PC

5d ago - You probably have thousands of photos in your PC. Use folders, tags, and handy utilities to sift... | PC

Tested: VLC vs. Windows 10 video player. The winner may surprise you.

5d ago - PC World We tested six video players on Windows 10 to see which gives you the best battery life.... | VLC
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