An early sneak peak at the new Microsoft Store in downtown Toronto

19h ago - managed to get a sneak peak and general tour earlier this morning and... | Industry

Build a $7,000 'sky's the limit' PC

19h ago - Let's say you threw out the old couch and before taking it to the dump you found $7,000 in loose... | PC hardware

How To Get Cydia Reinstalled or Updated without Re-Jailbreaking

1d 12h ago - Great tutorial on how to reinstall cydia without the need of jailbreaking. | Gadgets

The web is alive and well

3d ago - Rumors of the web’s death are being greatly exaggerated, again. Wired famously put an obituary o... | Web

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Breaking Down the Language Barrier with Technology

3d ago - We take a look at mobile technologies to see how they are currently helping people learn language... | Services

I learned to type using only my thoughts

3d ago - I always wanted to control a computer with my mind, and this week I got to do just that. I was at... | Hi-tech

Our devices are listening to us all the time -- but do we care?

3d ago - Once a thing dreamed about in sci-fi, voice-controlled computers are a reality. But consumers may... | PC hardware

Playstation 4 Continues To Outpace PS2, Challenging Wii For Fastest-selling Console

4d ago - In a conversation with IGN, Sony Computer Entertainment America's President and CEO Shawn Layden... | Gaming

Why The Comcast Internet Plus TV Packages Are Bad Deals For Cord Cutters

4d ago - Cord Cutters News: Comcast has been heavily pushing their Internet Plus plans to offer some TV ch... | Industry

Net Neutrality Finally Marches Forward, But You Still Need To Take Action

4d ago - GamersNexus: "Whether or not you agree with his choices on healthcare or Iran or what color tie h... | Industry

iPhone 8 Rendered by Steel Drake! I’m In Love!

6d ago - After so many identical Xperia and iPhone concepts, today this iPhone 8 blew my mind. So much so,... | Phones

Microsoft Wasn't Lying About Battery Life For Their New Smart Band

7d ago - One of the vexing aspects of modern wearable electronics is that they are electronic. Hence, they... | Gadgets

How to sync your iTunes library with Android

7d ago - If you are yet to fully immerse yourself in Google’s media ecosystem or have a few classic tracks... | Software

How you (yes you!) can get around Uber’s surge pricing

7d ago - As Uber continues to expand worldwide (and has run-ins with local regulators), it’s become famous... | Software

Apple A8X’s GPU - GXA6850, Even Better Than I Thought

8d ago - Working on analyzing various Apple SoCs over the years has become a process of delightful frustra... | Gadgets

Light-Based Computers Will Be Here Within 10 Years

9d ago - Computers process information based on electrons—particles representing binary bits via their res... | PC hardware

Researchers connect two brains to enable mind communication

9d ago - If you had to come up with a crazy plot for a science fiction movie, a team of researchers trying... | Culture

5 of the most mesmerizing drone videos on the internet

9d ago - Looking to for some of the best drone videos out there on the internet? Look no further, KnowTech... | Culture

This is what your favorite websites would look like in the 80’s

11d ago - Have you ever wondered what your favorite websites would look like in the 80's? Here's your chanc... | Culture

Our terrifying reliance on GPS, and the need to develop a ground-based alternative

11d ago - The Global Positioning System, or GPS, has — somewhat surprisingly — found itself at the heart of... | Hi-tech

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Feds haven't actually busted 400+ Darknet sites

12d ago - Recently many websites have reported that the FBI and Operation Onymous (clever name) have seized... | Industry

Gold-Plated USB Connectors are Marketing Myths - There is No Advantage

12d ago - GamersNexus: "Marketing speak comes in fad-like waves of bombastic claims that are often not foun... | PC hardware

What does a CPU do when it’s doing nothing?

12d ago - Your CPU spends the vast majority of its time doing absolutely nothing. This is a fact that most... | PC hardware

Destroying online freedom in the name of counter-terrorism will make the world a dangerous place

12d ago - Robert Hannigan, the new head of GCHQ, announced his arrival this week with a call for “greater c... | Web

The Pros and Cons of Nanotechnology

12d ago - Nanotechnology is often viewed as a form of pseudoscience with no practical application in the mo... | Industry
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