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-Mezzo-  +   1181d ago
Captain Tuttle  +   1180d ago
sovietsoldier  +   1180d ago
jihad mail fail!
-Mezzo-  +   1180d ago
Do you even know what "Jihad" means my misinformed friend.
sovietsoldier  +   1180d ago
you might want to take a look your self.
-Mezzo-  +   1180d ago
Would i be calling you 'Misinformed' if i hadn't looked it up or knew what's the true meaning of 'Jihad'.
BiggCMan  +   1180d ago
Mezzo is right, you have used the word WAY out of context.
Speed-Racer  +   1180d ago
@sovietsoldier - I can see American TV has heavily influenced you by painting the wrong picture about terrorism.
Ranma1  +   1180d ago

Some Muslims falsely say that jihad is only "inner struggle" and that this is the "greater form". Those who claim that jihad only means "struggle" are wrong according to muslim scholars:

"This is a very twisted concept of Jihad via Western propagation albeit it is true from a linguistic point of view. However, the overall Islamic connotation of Jihad is fighting for the sake of Allah (Jihad fe Sabeelillah).Before Islam, the word Salat was used by the Arabs; it meant supplication. But when Islam came, it changed the meaning of the word to the prayer we know of, although, linguistically it remains as supplication. The same is applied to Jihad. Before, it had nothing to do with fighting for the sake of Allah; and when Islam came, it became very apparent that Islam changed its meaning."
[Shaykh al Uyayree , Constants on The Path of Jihad, p. 4]

Heres a list of Muhammad's 100 OFFENSIVE miltiary expeditions, he considered Jihad:
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FEARprototype  +   1180d ago
why do you have to spread lies that you find on the internet?
if your an anti-muslim, please keep it to yourself because your not doing any good.
your a gamer for god sake and you should be better then this .....
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-Mezzo-  +   1180d ago
Muslim Scholar/s My A@@.

For 100's of years, these "Scholars" have been twisting & creating their own Descriptions of everything for their own gain.

"Struggle', that is the meaning of the Word Jihad 'Religiously & As a dictionary Word'.

The Holy Quran refers to jihad as an internal, individual, spiritual struggle toward self-improvement, moral cleansing and intellectual effort.

The Holy Quran does also call for "jihad" as a military struggle, again "A Military Struggle", as in fighting a war, 'Not Taking A Plane And Raming It Into Some Buildings, Killing Innocents'.

If the meaning was indeed Killing Innocents or Kidnapping People and posting video/s of slaughtering them online ( As You Say It Is ), then trust me their won't be any need for the Media to spoon feed you propaganda about how the Sh!t hit the fan and thus this War was/is important. Sh!t would've actually hit the Fan.

Some Points.

+ Never link Wikipedia.

+ Do not believe everything a Scholar/Internet says & judge a Religion based on that, It's like saying all Christians are the same because i saw that video of a Christian Priest where he had a basket around his neck and was asking for Donation while on his Knee's & Barking like a dog. Same goes for the stupid Sh!t some Jewish Rabbi's do.

+ Do not make Television & Internet your main source of Religious & Cultural Learnings.
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Legion  +   1180d ago
The point is this has little to do with true religion or culture as it does about the modern use of the word Jihad. Regardless of what anyone might try and spin their version of Jihad.

It has now come to be used as a fanatical method for terrorists to spread their propaganda by labeling everything they do as a Jihadist rebellion as such against the Western people and all those not affiliated with their religion.

Words and their meanings are changed every day. And for those that use Jihad as their cry prior to blowing up buildings, people and societies are the ones that are misrepresenting the meaning of the word. Not the Western minds that report said incidents.

Just today I blew up another Jihad Jeep in BF3. Jihad and terrorist type explosions have become one and the same. You can thank the terrorists for that... don't blame the Western media or the people watching such news stories. Blame the cretins that use the word for the wrongs they do.
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-Mezzo-  +   1180d ago
@RacerX replying to Sovietsoldier
Exactly, but we always jump and blame the American Media for promoting propaganda, which is extremely unfair. All the Media everywhere promotes hatred & false propaganda whenever it's profitable.

I apologize to the Mods (RacerX & Syko) for unintentionally taking this Story off track.

Won't Happen Again. =]
Walker  +   1180d ago
Holy LOL !

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